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Military Aviation Jet Era 1946 to Present Day

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Monograph 3086 Lavochkin La-5 Vol.II

Product code:  73977AVI
Detailed articles, colour photographs and profile drawings include of this iconic aircraft.

Monograph 3087 Eurofighter Typhoon

Product code:  73984AVI
Detailed articles, colour photographs and profile drawings include of this iconic aircraft.

RAF in Camera 100 Years on Display

Product code:  52185AVI
In July 2018, the nation looked skyward over Buckingham Palace in awe as the Royal Air Force celebrated its first 100 years with a spectacular parade and flypast over London. This event demonstrated a very different perspective of the RAF; well away from its operational commitments. The expertise and precision of those RAF pilots flying in some of the most famous aircraft in the world has been displayed since the very first days of military aviation.

Legends of Warfare: Heinkel He 111: Luftwaffe Medium Bomber in World War II

Product code:  63474AVI
Masquerading as a civilian airliner during the mid-1930s, the Heinkel He 111 medium-range bomber saw its first combat in 1936 with Germany's Condor Legion during the Spanish Civil War. The initial stages of World War II confirmed the design's prominent role in advancing the German blitzkrieg in Poland and France. However, it was during the 1940-41 air battles over Britain that the type's defensive shortcomings became apparent. Easily recognised with its greenhouse nose, the He 111 was one of the...

Warpaint 133 Douglas C-47 Skytrain/Dakota in Worldwide Military Service

Product code:  WP133AVI
Detailed history of this aircraft which includes history and development, photos, camouflage schemes, line drawings in detail.

Middle East@War 48: Air Power and the Arab World 1909-1955 Vol.6

Product code:  70760AVI2
Volume 6 of the Air Power and the Arab World mini-series continues the story of the men and machines of the first half century of military aviation in the Arab world. These years saw the Arab countries and their military forces caught up in the events of the Second World War. For those Arab nations which had some degree of independence, the resulting political, cultural and economic strains had a profound impact upon their military forces. In Egypt the Army generally remained quiet, continuing w...

The RAF in Cold War Germany

Product code:  58423AVI
In May 1945 with the war in Europe at an end, Britain had to play her part in the occupation of the defeated Germany. The near-bankrupt country was hard-pressed to maintain such a military presence on the continent and still manage our other out commitments across the Mediterranean, Middle and Far East. As the immediate post-war years came to pass, Britain and other western powers found themselves reviewing their relationship with the key victor in the east: the USSR.

Gnat Boys

Product code:  67261AVI
The Folland Gnat was used by the RAF mainly in the advanced training role, in the 1960s and 70s, where it proved to be an ideal lead-in trainer for high-performance aircraft such as the iconic Lightning, the first RAF supersonic fighter. It was also the aircraft used by the famous Yellowjacks formation aerobatic team, formed in 1964, the forerunner of the world-famous Red Arrows team which was equipped with the Gnat for over a decade before being replaced by the Hawk in 1980. Lesser known, the G...

Fleet Air Arm Boys: Volume Three

Product code:  67278AVI
Helicopters have been going to sea with the Royal Navy's Fleet Air Arm for over 70 years. Initially used for search and rescue (SAR) duties from aircraft carriers, the rapid development of both the helicopters and service experience resulted in them taking on the vital anti-submarine (and later anti-ship) attack roles. The 1956 Suez campaign saw the first operational use of Whirlwind helicopters for the insertion of troops by air into a battle zone, a capability which was expanded with more heli...

JASDF Photo Book: Aggressor Archives 03 2011-2021

Product code:  00620AVI
JAPANESE LANGUAGE BOOK: This Lavishly illustrated book contains an overview, scale drawings, detailed walkaround colour photos, illustrations of the airframe structure and camouflage schemes, modelling sections.

Legends of Warfare: AV-8B Harrier II - The US Marine Corps VSTOL Jet Aircraft

Product code:  63405AVI
The McDonnell Douglas AV-8B Harrier IIvertical/short takeoff and landing (VSTOL)is the US Marine Corps current frontline close-air-support aircraft. A variant of the famed British Aerospace Harrier II, the AV-8B is noted for its ability to hover in place, ideal for operating on smaller carriers and in less-than-ideal landing zones. This book provides a concise overview of VSTOL capabilities and the development of the Harrier jump jet in the UK, followed by the use of this aircraft by the US Mari...

The Boeing KC-135 Stratotanker - Third Edition

Product code:  52643AVI
The KC -135A made its maiden flight on 31 August 1956 and was still in front line service some 60 years later. What began as a jet-powered replacement for the KC -97 to refuel Strategic Air Command's growing B-47 and B-52 bomber fleet soon evolved into America's first military heavy jet transport, an airborne command post platform, a testbed that enabled scientists to study the Earth, send men to the Moon and understand the power of the atom. Other variants of the KC -135 included a reconnaissan...