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Military Aviation Jet Era 1946 to Present Day

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Aircraft in detail 017 Sukhoi Su-25 Frogfoot

Product code:  AID017
A complete portrait of this iconic aeroplane and its variants containing photos of all the features including action shots, Cockpit views, Fuselage, Weapons and Maintenance in addition to up-to-date information.

Scramble - Military Serials Europe 2021

Product code:  SCRAM05
Produced by the Dutch Aviation Society this contains detailed in information for the aviation enthusiast.

Legends of Warfare: F-111 Aardvark - General Dynamics Variable-Swept Wing Attack Aircraft

Product code:  61289AVI
The General Dynamics F-111 was one of aviation history's most promising planes when it came out in the early 1960s. Despite a rocky service career, political changes in how the military acquired its weaponry, and the addition of too much new technology, the plane provided a credible frontline deterrent in the Cold War era and was used to great effect in the Vietnam War and Operation Desert Storm. Many of the challenges faced by putting the F-111with all of its new systemsinto service are now acc...

Asia@War 19: Into the Iron Triangle - Operation Attleboro and the Battles, North of Saigon 1966

Product code:  36264AVI
In early October 1966, the fresh and inexperienced 196th Light Infantry Brigade of the US Army was conducting a series of routine patrols in War Zone C. A lucky discovery of a rice cache led to the uncovering of a planned base area being established by the Viet Cong insurgents of South Vietnam - NLF, southeast of Tay Ninh City. What followed was named Operation Attleboro.

Europe@War 9: Cold War Berlin - An Island City Vol.1 - The Birth of the Cold War and the Berlin Airlift 1945-50

Product code:  59032AVI
At the end of the Second World War, the city of Berlin was located 100 miles inside the Soviet Occupation Zone of Germany. The Western Allies insisted on keeping part of the city for themselves, and so it was divided into four sectors, mimicking the rest of Germany. Stalin needed to persuade the British, French and Americans to leave so that there would be nothing in the way of him completing the strategic buffer of territory reaching from the Baltic Sea to the Adriatic, which Churchill would la...

Europe@War 8: Operation Deliberate Force - Air War over Bosnia and Herzegovina 1992-95

Product code:  36301AVI
Officially at least, NATO initiated Operation Deliberate Force on 30 August 1995, deploying as many as 400 combat aircraft, over the following two weeks it flew 3,515 sorties against 338 Bosnian Serb targets. The damage caused by this assault forced the Serbs to lift the siege of the Bosnian capital of Sarajevo, remove heavy weapons from the UN-declared exclusion zone around the city, and safeguard other UN safe areas. However, Operation Deliberate Force was only the official part of what was go...

Middle East@War 32: 75 Years of the Israeli Air Force Vol.2 The Last Half Century 1973-2023

Product code:  59001AVI
Volume 2 documents the evolution of the Israeli air force from the aftermath of the 1973 war, through the events in Lebanon and up to the present day. It stands apart from many other books in performing this examination in a more dispassionate and critical manner, without the common hyperbole. A great deal of space is devoted to description of constant shifts in its equipment - especially aircraft and other weapons - and its organisational structure over time.

Israeli Vipers : F-16 A/B Netz

Product code:  11202AVI
This aircraft in the Israel Air Force illustrates a fighter that flew from 1980 until 2016, taking part in some of the most famous action carried out by the Chel Ha'Avir. The book, which collects unpublished photos, and information, is divided into several chapters, dedicated to the introduction in service of the aircraft, its use in peace and wartime operations with all the first line squadrons, memories of the pilots, and its participation to several real operations and international exercises...

F2H Banshee Part 2: F2H-3 & F2H-4 Variants Detail & Scale 4

Product code:  12192AVI
Detail & Scale Series of military aviation publications. The F-2H Banshee is significant in the history of military aviation. This new book covers every aspect of this significant aircraft, from its developmental history through to its service years.

Magister dixit - L Histoire du Fouga et de Ses Derives.

Product code:  80361AVI
FRENCH LANGAUGE BOOK. The Fouga, Built in more than 900 units, plus about 30 for its cousin the Zephyr, this emblematic bird has trained thousands of military pilots around the world and over several generations. He also made the powder speak in various local conflicts on almost every continent. Nowadays, many copies are still flying in the hands of collectors, especially in France and the United States. But it is also, beyond being an industrial technological success in a difficult post-war per...

Black Arrows Blue Diamonds: Leading the Legendary RAF Flying Display Teams

Product code:  96813AVI2
Brian Mercer is one of the most outstanding post-war RAF fighter pilots and in this eminently readable autobiography he recaptures life as it was in the days of transition from flying piston-powered aircraft to jet power. His flying and leadership skills resulted in a long association with what was then considered as the finest aerobatic display team in the world - Treble One Squardron Black Arrows. Flying the elegant black Hawker Hunters in large formation displays was no easy task and the auth...

Korean Air War: Sabres, MiGs and Meteors, 1950-53

Product code:  44446AVI
Often overlooked, the time is now right for a new account of the Korean War 1950-53 given recent political events and, in particular, the aerial aspect. With a paucity of major accounts that go beyond one side or aspect of the conflict. The war proved a technological watershed as the piston engine aircraft of WW2 seceded to the jet aircraft of modern times, establishing tactics and doctrine that are still valid today. This wide ranging study covers the parts played by the forces of North Korea, ...