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Military Aviation Jet Era 1946 to Present Day

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Spotlight On Messerschmitt Me163 Komet

Product code:  58471AVI
This book is the latest in a new reference series for aircraft modellers called "Spotlight On" and presents detailed illustrations of the famous Messerschmitt Me 163, a German World War II rocket-powered interceptor fighter aircraft. Designed by Alexander Lippisch, it is the only rocket-powered fighter aircraft ever to have been operational and the first piloted aircraft of any type to exceed 1000 kmh (621 mph) in level flight. The book contains 40 colour profile views of the colours, camouflage...

Warpaint 122 Albatros D.I - D.III

Product code:  WP122AVI
Detailed history of this aircraft which includes history and development, camouflage schemes, line drawings, in detail and a list of available kits.

Shackleton Boys: Vol 2 True Stories from Shackleton Operators Based Overseas

Product code:  21331AVI
After World War II the Royal Air Force went through a considerable downsizing, but retained an essential maritime reconnaissance role for the protection of British interests overseas. These areas were primarily the Mediterranean, Middle East, Far East to Hong Kong and all associated trade routes linking them to Britain and each other. With the arrival in service of the Shackleton from 1951, re-equipment with the new type initially concentrated on the home fleet of Coastal Command. The first over...

Middle East @ War 21 Lebanese Civil War: Vol 1 The Israeli Invasion 1982

Product code:  28200AVI
Formerly known as the `Switzerland of the Middle East', an island of economic stability and social progress, Lebanon was shattered by a civil war that raged from 1975 until 1990. Pitting the central government against different factions and alliances of Christians, Sunni and Shi'a Moslems, leftists, and Syrian armed forces, this multifaceted conflict experienced a major escalation when Israel launched an invasion with the aim of destroying the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO), in 1982. Al...

Britain and the Bomb

Product code:  53894AVI
This is a very British story from more than 50 years ago. It is a story of remarkable technological ambition from a different country than is seen today. It was an era in which the country adjusted to decolonisation and a dangerous nuclear arms race close to home. The maturing Cold War engineers of the British aviation industry sought to outdo the nationally-celebrated and frankly propagandised achievements of their fathers' generation. Meanwhile, black and white post-war austerity was being rep...

Aircraft in detail 008 Hornet - Boing F/A-18 A/B & C/D

Product code:  AID008
The F/A-18 Hornet has had a long career as the backbone of the US Navy, US Marines Corps and Air Forces around the world. With the all-round fighter jet being in its 4th decade of active service, we thought it would be a good moment to pay tribute to this formidable aircraft. Over 400 photos show the Hornet in action, in detail and in maintenance.

Famous Russian Aircraft Mikoyan MiG-23 & MiG-27

Product code:  09310AVI
Originally conceived as a replacement for the famous MiG-21, changing priorities turned the MiG-23 into a STOL fighter with variable-geometry wings that first flew in June 1967. After two years of testing, the aircraft, codename Flogger, entered service in 1969. From then on development of the Flogger proceeded along two parallel lines originally as a fighter/interceptor with a two-seat trainer variant and later as a fighter/bomber which evolved into the MiG-27 used by the Soviet Air Force. This...

Africa@War 38: Selous Scouts : Rhodesian Counter-Insurgency Specialists

Product code:  66830AVI
Formed in 1973 by the legendary Lieutenant-Colonel Ron Reid-Daly at the behest of Rhodesian military supremo General Peter Walls, the Selous Scouts were to write their name into the annals of military history as one of the finest counterinsurgency units of all time, through their innovative pseudo-guerrilla tactics, brilliant reconnaissance operations into Zambia and Botswana and daring flying-column raids into Mozambique. Feared and hated by the liberation movements ZIPRA and ZANLA, the Scouts ...

Africa@War 37: Battle for Cassinga : South Africa's Controversial Cross-Border Raid, Angola 1978

Product code:  66847AVI
Battle for Cassinga is the first-hand account by a South African paratrooper who was involved in the 1978 assault on the Angolan headquarters of PLAN, SWAPO's armed wing. The battle, although a resounding success, suffered setbacks which could have proved disastrous to the South Africans had they not maintained the initiative. The improvisations made by Colonel Jan Breytenbach ensured that a flawed jump and inadequate intelligence did not adversely affect the outcome.

X Planes 11 Jet Prototypes of World War II: Gloster, Heinkel, Caproni Campini's Wartime Jet Programmes

Product code:  35987AVI
While World War II raged, pioneering aircraft and engine designers were busy developing the world's first practical jet-powered research aircraft to test and prove the new technology. This book examines the aircraft that paved the way for Germany's Me 262 and Britain's Meteor - the world's first jet fighters. Throughout the war, Germany, Italy and Britain engaged in top-secret jet programmes as they raced to develop the airpower of the future.

Jet Fighters of the US Navy and Marine Corps Part 1: The First 10 Years

Product code:  36249AVI
Jet Fighters of the U. S. Navy and Marine Corps is a two-book series that describes the entire history of American Naval jet fighters, from the very beginning when many thought that the onset of military jets would mean the end of naval carrier-based aviation, to today when the fifth-generation stealth jet F-35B/C Lightning II has begun its service with both the Navy and Marine Corps. Both volumes will cover every jet fighter that has ever been produced for the Navy and the Marine Corps, and not...

Wingspan Volume 3 - 1:32 Aircraft Modelling

Product code:  77559AVI
Aimed at the modeller, this book features full builds with step by step instructions for 1:32 scale builds including MiG21UM, AR196a-3, P-47D Thunderbolt, Tempest M.V, F-80C Shooting Star, plus many others