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Military Aviation Jet Era 1946 to Present Day

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Dutch Profile Fokker G.1 'Jachtkruiser'

Product code:  20724AVI
Dutch/English language – this book looks at the history and use of aircraft in the Dutch Air Force. With detailed camouflage and marking profiles.

Coccarde Tricolori 2019

Product code:  11158AVI
Among the subjects of this edition: exclusive interview to the Italian Army Chief of Staff, reports on new Italian Joint Cyber Command as well as the Italian Air Force Tornado fleet update, including an in-flight report; reports on the Italian Army Academy, the 4th Rgt. Rangers, the Italian Navy 1st Division, the new LHD ship, and the Italian Police anti-terrorism unit, and much, much more!

Strategic Air Command in the UK: SAC Operations 1946-1992

Product code:  09565AVI
Throughout its 46-year history, Strategic Air Command (SAC) was inextricably linked to the United Kingdom. Early SAC bombers such as B-29s and B-36s deployed routinely to England in order to reach their targets in the Soviet Union and SAC B-47s became regular fixtures at British bases. SAC tankers ranging from the KB-29 and KC-10 to the ubiquitous KC-135 provided refuelling support not only to SAC bombers but fighters and transports from dozens of NATO and European nations, including the Royal A...

Aircraft in detail 009 Lockheed-Martin C-130 Hercules: Flying with Air Forces around the world

Product code:  AID009
The C-130 Hercules has had a long career with service in numerous air forces around the world. Photos show this aircraft in action, in detail and in maintenance.

German Fighter Aircraft in World War 1

Product code:  06192AVI
Fighter aircraft were developed by during World War I at an unprecedented rate, as nascent air forces sought to achieve and maintain air supremacy. German manufacturers innovated at top speed, while constantly scrutinizing the development of new enemy aircraft. The Germans also utilized the concept of systematic production or modular engineering during the war-Fokker capitalized on this aspect with all his aircraft built in a similar fashion-wooden wings with welded steel fuselages.

Airplanes and Helicopters of the Austrian Armed Forces from 1955 to Today

Product code:  62579AVI
With the signing of the Austrian State Treaty on 15 May 1955, which restored the sovereignty of Austria and fixed the withdrawal of the Allied occupying forces until the end of the same year, the immediate establishment of the new Austrian Air Force began. Thus, on 15 July 1955, the Office of National Defence was established in the Federal Chancellery. The actual birth of the Austrian Air Force was the 9 December 1955. For the first time from Airbase Brumowski in Langenlebarn in Lower Austria w...

Jagdbombergeschwader 35 JG73 JaboG42 LeKG42 JG73(F-4F)

Product code:  87966AVI
The complete unit history of FBW 35 at Pferdsfeld AB. Both of our books ADL 011 and 012 collected and perfect bound in a single publication covering the JaboG 35 from its establishment in 1959 as JG 73, equipped with Sabre Mk.6, via the Fiat G.91 years, designated LeKG 42, and finally the F-4F Phantom era, ending with the base closure and movement of the unit to Laage AB in 1997.

TaktLwG 73 Steinhoff - JaboG 35-JG73 (F-4F)

Product code:  87249AVI
This volume depicts the introduction of the F-4F Phantom Il and the redesignation of LeKG 42 to JaboG 35. Full of hithertoe unpublished Phantom images, our book ends with the change of JaboG 35 to JG 73 (F-4 Detachment), the closure of Pferdsfeld air base in 1997 and the move of the unit to Laage AB.

Assaltatori ed aerei da attacco al suolo russi e sovietici. Progetti, prototipi ed aerei operativi

Product code:  54221AVI
This book describes the entire evolution of Russian and Soviet ground attack planes, from the early years of the Russian Imperial Air Service to the '90s. With detailed profile drawings, photos and colour profiles. Italian Language book.

Images of War: Early Jet Bombers 1944-1954 : Rare Photographs from Wartime Archives

Product code:  53892AVI
In a companion volume to his Early Jet Fighters: British and American 1944-1954, Leo Marriott describes, using over 200 archive photographs, the first decade in the development of the jet bomber. This was a time of intense technical innovation which transformed the design and capabilities of the bomber and gave birth to a range of classic military aircraft in the USA, Great Britain, France and the Soviet Union. The photographs take the story from the earliest jet bombers constructed in Germany t...

Combat Aircraft 130: B-58 Hustler Units

Product code:  36403AVI
One of the most dramatic bombers of its day, the Convair B-58 came to epitomise the Cold War power of Strategic Air Command. Introduced only 12 years after the sound barrier was first broken, this iconic plane became the first large long-range supersonic bomber to take to the skies, a feat which had seemed far-fetched only a few years previously. Outstripping its contemporaries in terms of speed, and agile enough to escape most interceptors, the B-58 was a remarkable feat of engineering, setting...

X Planes 12 Douglas D-558 - D-558-1 Skystreak and D-558-2 Skyrocket

Product code:  36212AVI
The six Douglas D-558 research aircraft, built as two variants, were produced for a US Navy and NACA collaborative project to investigate flight in the high subsonic and supersonic regimes and to develop means of coping with the dangerous phenomena of compressibility and pitch-up which had caused many accidents to early jets. Wind tunnels could not provide the necessary data so pilots had to risk their safety in experimental aircraft which, for their time, achieved phenomenal performance. Both s...