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Military Aviation Jet Era 1946 to Present Day

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Legends of Warfare: C-141 Starlifter, Lockheed's Cold War Strategic Airlifter

Product code:  61722AVI
The Lockheed C-141 Starlifter was a new-build design by Lockheed and proved adaptable to many roles, from carrying outsized cargo to dropping paratroops. The C-141 was used in difficult environmental conditions, such as the heat and extreme humidity of Vietnam, the deserts of the Middle East, and the frozen ice pack of Antarctica. Modification programs enabled the C-141 to make full use of its capabilities, by adding in-flight re-fueling plus extending the length of the fuselage.

Modern Taiwanese Air Power: The Republic of China Air Force Today

Product code:  94036AVI
The sovereign status of Taiwan - or the Republic of China - has been a source of instability in the Asia-Pacific region for much of the last 70 years. While Taiwan aspires to be an independent and democratic nation, the communist-led People's Republic of China sees it as a breakaway province. With Beijing flexing its muscles in recent years amid rising tensions between China and the US, the potential for a military flashpoint along the narrow Taiwan Strait cannot be overstated.

Africa@War 53: The CIA and British Mercenaries in Angola 1975-76, From Operation Ia/Feature to Massacre at Maquela

Product code:  59063AVI
As United Nations armed forces found themselves struggling to quell a series of armed rebellions, towards the end of 1962 the United States increased its military role in the Congo Crisis by providing the Congolese government with a small air force. Unarmed, and used firstly as a show of strength, this air force grew rapidly in size and power and provided air cover to government forces in operations against anti-government forces up to 1967. Recognising that a threat existed in the east of the C...

American Secret Projects 4: Bombers, Attack and Anti-Submarine Aircraft 1945-74

Product code:  09907AVI
This first revised book describes the design and development of American bomber and attack aircraft from the end of World War II to the mid-1970s, both for the Air Force and the Navy. Once again the emphasis is placed on designs that were never built, particularly within the context of competitions between the various manufacturers against official requirements.

Test Pilots of the Jet Age: Men Who Heralded a New Era in Aviation

Product code:  47754AVI
Today, as we board our flights to Adelaide, Zurich, and all points in between, we give little thought to the jet power that will take us there. But, this is only possible because just over 70 years ago a select band of British test pilots was prepared to risk all in the quest to fly further, faster and higher than ever before. Their quest was fraught with danger; disaster and death were never far away. This book captures eleven of those stories as told by the pilots themselves - their words as t...

Latin America@War 23: All for One, One for All - Argentine Navy Operations During the Falklands/Malvinas War

Product code:  59193AVI
An Island Too Far provides a contemporary perspective of the baptism of fire of one of the oldest, most resourceful and well-trained war fighting institutions in Latin America: The Argentine Navy. It offers a rare insight into the relationship between institutional culture and modern warfare, with specific reference to the Falklands/Malvinas War of 1982, and is a case study of how a very modest navy with very few naval platforms engaged in a limited war against a major naval power and neverthele...

The RAF at 100: A Century in Photographs

Product code:  94774AVI
THE ROYAL AIR FORCE was formed in 1918 to defend the skies over Britain during the First World War and made a major contribution to winning one of the largest and most devastating conflicts of the twentieth century. Yet, when the war ended, its existence as an independent air service came under threat from severe defence cuts and intense scrutiny from some quarters as to whether it was needed at all. The Second World War put paid to all the uncertainty and sealed the RAF's place in the armed ser...

Asia@War 21: The Sino-Soviet Border War of 1969

Product code:  59230AVI
Inasmuch as the present state policies in Russia and China are aimed not only at keeping silent about the 1969 events, but also opposing any attempts to study what happened in detail, the authors have relied on finding veterans of the battles and obtaining from them documentary evidence of those distant events. The authors believe that this study is the most detailed and objective work on the theme of the 1969 Sino-Soviet border war.

Middle East@War 34: The War in Northern Oman, Muscat and The Sultanate of Oman 1954-62

Product code:  36332AVI
The war fought in northern Oman from 1954 until the mid-1960s is almost completely forgotten. Even amongst contemporary military historians, it is considered less frequently than the subsequent - and widely published - Dhofar War. Though 'small', it was a conflict of crucial importance for the nation on the south-eastern side of the Arab Peninsula.

Combat Aircraft 138: RAF Tornado Units of Gulf War I

Product code:  45115AVI
Publishing 30 years after the conflict to free Kuwait, provides detailed first-hand accounts of the missions undertaken by the Tornado crews. It is illustrated by photographs taken by aircrew involved in the operation and includes 30 newly commissioned profile artworks and detailed nose art views of the aircraft ranged against Iraq.

Chinese Air Power

Product code:  09464AVI
By the turn of the century China had reaffirmed its position as one of the world’s leading military powers. With much importance attached to fleet renewal the People’s Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) and the Naval Aviation are fielding new types, emphasis shifting from local derivatives of Russian or western types to indigenously developed aircraft and helicopters. The book focuses on the current PLAAF/PLANAF order of battle and describes the most advanced aircraft types currently in service o...

The Modern Super Hornet Guide 2nd Edition F/A-1BE/F & EA-1BG Exposed

Product code:  52990AVI
This book in The Modern Guide series includes full-color images and features in-depth descriptions of the photos that detail the systems, upgrades, and modernization programs incorporated in the jet that kept it current right up to its retirement. No part of the jet is left uncovered in this exhaustive look at this iconic aircraft.