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Military Aviation Jet Era 1946 to Present Day

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Combat Aircraft 133: Vickers Wellington Units of Bomber Command

Product code:  40752AVI
The Vickers Wellington was one of very few aircraft types to have been in production and frontline service throughout World War II, and more than 10,000 Wellingtons were built in the period. They took part in the first RAF bombing mission of the conflict when, on 4 September 1939, 14 examples from Nos 9 and 149 Sqns undertook a daring daylight attack on the Kiel Canal. However, after suffering high losses on follow-up raids, Wellingtons were withdrawn from daytime missions and began to operate a...

Europe@War 4: Tito's Underground Air Base - Bihac (Zeljava) Underground Yugoslav Air Force Base, 1964-92

Product code:  18679AVI
The air force of Tito Yugoslavia has had many different peculiarities - from a unique Cold War position of having operated a mix of US, Soviet, and indigenous aircraft and equipment, to the changeable strategies in case of war. One such feature was an entire underground air base constructed inside a hill near the town of Bihac, in western Bosnia. The Object was the core, the heart, of this air base it housed four MiG-21 squadrons for nearly 25 years, until the civil war tore Yugoslavia apart. Th...

Flightcraft 20 Vickers VC10 & Super VC10

Product code:  60067AVI
Designed and manufactured by the men who would make Concorde, the Rolls-Royce powered Vickers VC10, and its larger variant, the Super VC10, represented the ultimate in 1960s subsonic airliners. The VC10 was Britain's answer to the Boeing 707 and the Douglas DC-8. The VC10 was a second-generation jetliner designed in the 1960s and manufactured into the 1970s. It incorporated advanced engineering, new aerodynamics, and design features, to produce a swept, sculpted machine easily identifiable by it...

Warpaint 127 Cessna T-37 A/B/C Tweet and the A-37 A/B Dragonfly

Product code:  WP127AVI
Detailed history of this aircraft which includes history and development, photos, camouflage schemes, line drawings in detail.

Aircraft in detail 014 Douglas Skyhawk A-4 M/N/AR/AF-1

Product code:  AID014
A complete portrait of this iconic airoplane and its variants containing photos of all the features including action shots, Cockpit views, Fuselage, Weapons and Maintenance in addition to up-to-date information.

Aircraft in detail 013 Dassault Mirage III/5/50

Product code:  AID013
A complete portrait of this iconic airoplane and its variants containing photos of all the features including action shots, Cockpit views, Fuselage, Weapons and Maintenance in addition to up-to-date information.

Middle East @ War 27 Wings of Iraq Vol.1 The Iraqi Air Force 1931-70

Product code:  18747AVI
Officially established on 22 April 1931, around a core of 5 pilots and 32 aircraft mechanics, the Royal Iraqi Air Force was the first military flying service in any Arab country. Coming into being with the task of supporting the Iraqi armed forces and the British against revolts by local tribes, it saw extensive combat and gradually grew into a potent force. During the Anglo-Iraqi War of 1941, it became involved in its first conventional campaign in support of an anti-British coup but was destro...

Harrier 809: Britains Legendary Jump Jet and the Untold Story of the Falklands War

Product code:  31588AVI2
Argentina invades the Falkland Islands. In response, Britain despatches a naval Task Force. Eight thousand miles from home, its fate hinges on just twenty Sea Harriers against the two hundred-strong might of the Argentine Air Force. The odds against them are overwhelming. The MoDs own estimates suggest that half the Harriers will be lost within a week. Against this background, 809 Naval Air Squadron is reformed, trained and sent south to fight. Not since WWII had so much been expected of such a...

USAFE in the 1980s

Product code:  98540AVI
On the front line of the Cold War, during a decade that saw East-West tensions - and budgets - rise considerably, the United States Air Forces in Europe reached the peak of their power during the 1980s. Not only did USAFE expand, but it introduced a generation of advanced new types, developed to counter perceived Soviet advances and often in light of America's still recent, and often bitter, experiences in Vietnam. Eagles, Fighting Falcons and Warthogs joined the ranks in increasing numbers, sup...

The Nimrod

Product code:  98045AVI
With its roots dating back to the late 1940s and the de Havilland Comet airliner, the Nimrod already had pedigree when it first appeared in the late 1960s in place of the Avro Shackleton in the Maritime Reconnaissance role. Fewer than fifty were built for the RAF, the type being steadily upgraded throughout its career right up to its retirement in 2011. Compared to the Shackleton, the Nimrod brought comfort and reliability to its multi-role long-range activities, including anti-submarine warfare...

Haynes Manual Convair B-36 Peacemaker 1949-59

Product code:  11935AVI
An unrivalled insight into Convair B-36, America's 'Big Stick' nuclear-capable intercontinental bomber that held the line against the growing Soviet threat during the opening decade of the Cold War. He lifts the lid on the 'Peacemaker', bringing together several decades of research and investigation into an aircraft that bridges the piston-engine era and the age of the all-jet bomber. With the aid of more than 300 photographs and detailed performance charts, he describes the design, development,...

Hawker's Secret Cold War Airfield: Dunsfold - Home of the Hunter & Harrier

Product code:  71759AVI
In 1948, Hawker Aircraft, faced with new jet projects that could not use their existing airfield at Langley, began the process of searching for alternative accommodation for their flight testing requirements. It would, however, take three hard years before Dunsfold Aerodrome would be made available by a reluctant Air Ministry and the company was able to launch its first jet aircraft design, the Sea Hawk, into series production for the Royal Navy, closely followed by the superlative Hunter. Hawke...