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Military Aviation Jet Era 1946 to Present Day

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Modellers Datafile 35 The Grumman F-14 Tomcat

Product code:  61694AVI
An in-depth detailed and photographic look at the The Gruman F-14 Tomcat. Including modelling, painting, photos and technical diagrams.

Latin America@War 16: Skyhawks Over the South Atlantic The Argentine Skyhawks in the Malvinas/Falklands War 1982

Product code:  66397AVI
By 1982, the backbone of the Argentine combat aviation, both on the Air Force and the Navy, was formed by three batches of Douglas A-4 Skyhawks, with the A-4B and C of the Air Force and the A-4Qs of the Navy. Despite their age, being a model almost 30 years old at the time of the war, and lacking protection, they took on the overwhelming struggle to fight the British Task Force that opposed the Argentine forces on the Malvinas/Falkland Islands. The Skyhawks were responsible for inflicting the gr...

Letecka Vojenska Akademie Hradec Kralove 1945-51

Product code:  80032AVI
Czech language book. This book looks to cover the historical background of the aircraft. It includes a detailed analysis, scaled drawings, tables and liveries of the aircraft. Plus features numerous colour, black & white photos.

Middle East @ War 23: The Iran-Iraq War Vol 1 - The Battle for Khuzestan Sep 1980 - May 1982

Product code:  18525AVI
The first volume looks at the background and describes in detail how Saddam Hussein decided to invade but hamstrung the Iraqi Army to restrict its greatest success to a narrow strip of territory in Iran's southern province of Khuzestan. This left the Iraqis unable either to advance or withdraw and exposed them to ever greater and more successful Iranian counter-strokes which drove them out in May 1982 in the ferocious Battle of Khorramshahr.

Middle East @ War 24: The Iran-Iraq War Vol 2 - Iran Strikes Back Jun 1982 - Dec 1986

Product code:  18532AVI
Volume 2 takes up the account after Iraq withdrew from Khuzestan and is based upon material from both sides, from US Intelligence data, British Government documents and secret Iraqi files. Iraq's withdrawal exposed the great southern city of Basra to Iranian attack but it was shielded by fortifications based upon a huge anti-tank ditch, the so-called Fish Lake, which the Iranians tried to storm in the summer of 1982. This bloody failure left Tehran in a position where prestige prevented a withdr...

Africa@War 44: Showdown in western Sahara Vol 2 Air fare Over The Last African Colony 1975-91

Product code:  66298AVI
Warfare in Western Sahara has in many ways become exemplary for modern-day counter-insurgency efforts in Africa and elsewhere. This conflict has been falsely declared as a part of some larger, external conflict - the Cold War; in regards of the concept of an insurgency applying motorized forces to deliver often spectacular 'hit-and-run' attacks; and in regards of a conventional military reacting with a combination of earth berms and air power. Illustrated by over 100 photograph as, a dozen maps ...

Per Ardua: Training an RAF Phantom Crew

Product code:  57129AVI
Flying the McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom was a young man's dream but the path from "Civvy Street" to operational on a fighter squadron was long, arduous and beset with obstacles. To succeed meant the chance to fly one of the most iconic combat aircraft that ever took to the air but not every fledgling aviator who began the journey fulfilled their ambition to wear the coveted "Op. badge". "Per Ardua--Training an RAF Phantom Crew" describes how Cold War aircrew assimilated the skills needed to fly...

Enemy at the Gates: Panic Fighters of the Second World War

Product code:  57662AVI
When the Nazis started to threaten the world with their efficient machine of propaganda, the main concern of European governments was the overwhelming reaction of panic that the expected bombing of the Luftwaffe might cause within the civil population. During the Munich Agreement in 1938, the democracies were defended by old biplanes and a bunch of modern fighters: 50 Hurricanes, 20 Morane-405 and 5 Fokker D.XXI. France and Great Britain took up the production of USA airplanes and cancelled expo...

Storm Over Europe: Allied Bombing Missions in the Second World War

Product code:  40984AVI
Following the Battle of France in 1940, British Bomber Command launched its response to the then-almighty Wehrmacht. Sadly, its beginnings were not at all promising: its resources were limited and the twin-engined aircraft in service had a very limited load capacity, as well as being vulnerable to the Luftwaffe. The progressive entry into service of the great four-engined planes would change the situation, but the great problem of night time raids, such as correctly identifying targets and a pre...

MiG Alley: The US Air Force in Korea 1950-53

Product code:  36083AVI
Of the many myths that emerged following the end of the Korean War, the prevailing one in the West was that of the absolute supremacy of US Air Force pilots and aircraft over their Soviet-supplied opponents. The claims of the 10:1 victory-loss ratio achieved by the US Air Force fighter pilots flying the North American F-86 Sabre against their communist adversaries, amongst other such fabrications, went unchallenged until the end of the Cold War, when Soviet records of the conflict were finally o...

Italian Aviation Series Br. 1150 Atlantic

Product code:  93036AVI
Looks at origins and developments, in service with the Italian Air Force, Br.1150 Atlantic, profile drawings, notes, technical data and serial numbers.

Chinese Air Power in the 20th Century: Rise of the Red Dragon

Product code:  94005AVI
Chinese Air Power in the 20th Century examines the different periods, explains the political events behind them and they connect to military developments, individual structure and capabilities. The title also includes an assessment of how the political climate influenced the design and development of the country's major military aircraft including the fighters, attack aircraft and bombers created by the Chinese aviation industry after World War II. This also includes a number of design proposals...