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Military Aviation Bi-Plane Era 1903-35

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The Lafayette Escadrille A Photo History of the First American Fighter Squadron

Product code:  03504AVI
The Lafayette Escadrille was an all-volunteer squadron of Americans who flew for France during World War I. This is a visual history blending a photographic collection along with expert text revealing air-combat experiences as well as life at the front during the Great War.

Oswald Boelcke Germany's First Fighter Ace and Father of Air Combat

Product code:  90239AVI
Biography of Oswald Boelkce the German WWI ace which also covers early German Military aviation in general and details elements of the German influence of The Great War

German Night Fighter Force 1917-1945

Product code:  55033AVI
A highly detailed analysis with numerous appendices which provides comprehensive account of the Luftwaffe s thoroughness right up to the end when the hunters became the hunted.

Eyes All Over the Sky Aerial Reconnaissance in the First World War

Product code:  03672AVI
This book explores all the aspects of aerial reconnaissance, and its previously under-appreciated significance. The story involves the early American Lafayette Escadrille pilots who were looking for heroic deeds and romantic adventure in aerial combat, as well as the German, British and French aces of popular imagination.

Mushroom Orange Series The Fairey Flycatcher

Product code:  78920AVI
A comprehensive book on the Fairey Flycatcher which numerous photographs of the aircraft in service (several of which have never been published before), walkaround photographs of the replica built by John Fairey, illustrations from contemporary manuals, and colour artwork.

The Last Flight of the L31

Product code:  98475AVI
The true story of the Potters Bar Zeppelin. The L31 - one of two modern Zeppelins lost in Essex on the night of 23/24 September 1916. This companion volume to the Last Flight of the L32 looks at the history of this Zeppelin shot down at Potters Bar in October 2016

Bloody Paralyser. The Giant Handley Page Bombers of the First World War

Product code:  50809AVI
This book tells the story of the largest British bomber of the First World War and the men who flew them. In 1915, the biggest plane ever seen in Britain took flight for the first time, a twin-engine monster with a 100-foot wingspan, designed to be a ‘Bloody Paralyser’ to the Germans. Operating mainly at night, the Handley Page bombers attacked German and German-occupied towns and cities, disrupting the enemy’s industry and crippling its war effort. This is the story of the men who flew her.

Sopwith Dove A Sporting Biplane with Fighter Forebears

Product code:  04786AVI
This detailed history includes the unique single-seater which Bert Hinkler planned to fly to Australia, the Doves exported to Canada, Australia and Sweden, and the reproduction Dove now to be based with the Shuttleworth Collection at Old Warden. Includes a set of scale drawings

The Royal Naval Air Service in the First World War : Aircraft and Events as Recorded in Official Documents

Product code:  28193AVI
This book combines five original documents relating to the work of Britain's Royal Naval Air Service (RNAS) during the First World War to which has been added a large collection of photographs, many previously unpublished. The five documents concerned are the Diary of Important Operations, Flanders, 1916; Disposition of Aircraft, 24 February, 1917; Royal Naval Air Service Communiques Nos 1 to 14; Truing-up of Aeroplanes: Issued by the Air Department on 1 September 1916; and The Grain drawings, a...

Hansa Brandenburg Aircraft Of WWI Volume 2 Biplane Seaplanes

Product code:  81322AVI
This book describes and illustrates the development of Brandenburg biplane seaplanes in WWI with extensive historical text, colour profiles, 3-view drawings, production quantities and aircraft serial numbers, aircraft dimensions and performance spec. Includes 15 Brandenburg biplane seaplanes are illustrated in 6 x 1:72 scale and 9 x 1:48 scale drawings

Warpaint 105 Sopwith Pup

Product code:  WP105AVI
Complete and detailed history of the Sopwith Pup including tables of Sopwith Pup specifications and kits,decals and accessories. With archive black and white photos and colour walk-around photos from the Shuttleworth collection in addition to numerous colour profiles