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Military Aviation Bi-Plane Era 1903-35

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Images of War. Sopwith Camels Over Italy, 1917-1918

Product code:  23086AVI
Black and white photo album showing the men and machines that saw action during the battle of Caporetto

The Defeat of the Zeppelins Zeppelin Raids and Anti-Airship Operations 1916-18

Product code:  02494AVI
The author describes the threat posed to the British war effort by the raids of German airships and the struggle to develop effective defences against them

The Lost Pilots : The Spectacular Rise and Scandalous Fall of Aviation's Golden Couple

Product code:  28494AVI
The Sahara Desert, February 1962: the wreckage of a plane emerges from the sands revealing, too, the body of the plane's long-dead pilot. But who was he? And what had happened to him? This is the true story of Jessie Miller and Bill Lancaster who flew from London to Melbourne, the Wall Street Crash, a shocking crime and the trial that followed

Magyar repülok, repülo magyarok

Product code:  07757AVI
Hungarian Text. Looks at the history of Hungarian planes and pilots covering the period 1911-1999

Les Avions RENARD - 1922-1970

Product code:  00345AVI
The authors have traced the unusual saga of one of the most talented men in the history of Belgian aviation. Many photos and plans. French text.

Polskie konstrukcje lotnicze (Tom I)

Product code:  32788AVI
Volume I presents over 170 constructions starting from pioneer aircraft through gliders created in the pre-war period to RWD, Lublin and PWS planes. Polish text.

Library of Armed Conflicts 4. Special Edition. Austro-Hungarian Aviation in the First Campaigns of the Great War. Vol. I The Habsburg's Wings 1914 From the Balkans and the Adriatic to Galicia

Product code:  37792AVI
Begins with the birth of the Austro-Hungarian Air Force including the emergence and development of military aviation until 1914; The rise and development of naval aviation of the Austro-Hungarian Navy to 1914 then focuses on the order of Battle of military aviation of Austra-Hungary in 1914 followed by a conclusion of Volume 1

Building the Wingnut Wings 6: Junkers D.I

Product code:  BWWJDI
Special edition modeller's guide to building the Wingnut Wings Junkers D.I with archive photos and contemporary drawings all accompanying a detailed stage by stage build.

Aviation and Airplane Historical Development and Technical Evolution

Product code:  92661AVI
This book covers the development of aviation and airplanes from their 19th century roots to present day, examining how these phenomena thoroughly changed the world we live in. Split into various sections they include: Aviation and the airplane in WWI; Aviation between two world wars; Aviation in World War II; Aviation in the Cold War Era; Aviation after the Cold War Era. It describes the technical development and evolution of airplanes during the period in terms of warfare, commerce, passenger t...

The Naval Aviation in the Adriatic 1918-1991

Product code:  92500AVI
Bi-lingual English/Croatian text. This book describes the history of naval aviation in the Adriatic region, starting from the Austro-Hungarian Empire up until 1991 and the breakup of Yugoslavia. The authors trace the origins and development of the naval aviation in the region from their humble post-WW1 beginnings, their growth in the interwar period to the aerial operations during World War Two and focus on the unknown yet fascinating information on the 1941 April War, the operations of the Yugo...

Eagle of Trieste Gottfried von Trieste and the Naval Air War over the Northern Atlantic in WW1 Volume 2 Adriatic Air War

Product code:  81612AVI
Volume 2 supplements the detailed, heavily-illustrated biography of the leading Austro-Hungarian naval ace of the war with additional information about the air war over the Adriatic that covers specific people, events, and aircraft in detail.