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Military Aviation Bi-Plane Era 1903-35

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Pioneering Places of British Aviation: The Early Adventures of Powered Flight in the UK

Product code:  50150AVI
From as early as the beginning of the nineteenth century, Britain was at the forefront of powered flight. Across the country many places became centres of innovation and experimentation, as increasing numbers of daring men took to the skies. It was in 1799, at Brompton Hall, that Sir George Cayley Bart put forward ideas which formed the basis of powered flight. Cayley is widely regarded as the father of aviation and his ancestral home the cradle' of British aviation. There were balloon flights a...

Wings Over Karachi

Product code:  38775AVI
From the 1920s until the start of the 1960s and the jet airliner era, Karachi’s airport was an important staging post for flights from Europe to India, the Far East and Australia. The Royal Air Force had a depot nearby from 1920 until the end of colonial rule in 1947. Karachi assumed strategic importance in the Second World War and in the post-war period was used by BOAC for its flying boat route to India.

Building the Dawn Patrol Vol.1 Spad XIII

Product code:  81599AVI
Building the Dawn Patrol, Volume 1: Spad XIII is the first book in a series about building and flying Radio Control models of WWI aircraft. The book has 172 photos, all but 12 in colour, showing how to build and fly the Spad XIII in its 66 pages. It also has colour profiles of 16 individual aircraft and factory colour schemes for four different manufacturers as well as drawings of the original aircraft from NASM and stencils to letter the aircraft built by the author.

The Blue Max Airmen Vol.12

Product code:  81704AVI
The Blue Max Airmen series is the real story of the German airmen awarded the Pour le Mérite during the Great War. Author Lance J. Bronnenkant, PhD, and Aeronaut Books are pleased to bring you the most detailed and graphically lavish account of these heroes ever produced, covering the men in context with the war’s chronology of events. For each recipient a comprehensive, well-illustrated biography of the man is given, together with photos of the aircraft he flew, followed by details of his servi...

British Aircraft of WWI Vol.2: Experimental Fighters Part 2

Product code:  81797AVI
British Airplanes of WWI, Volume 2: British Experimental Fighters Part 2 documents five interesting British experimental fighters of The Great War in more detail than ever before, complete with photos, scale drawings, and color profiles. The aircraft covered are the Austin Ball A.F.B.1, the B.A.T. fighters, and the Sopwith Snail, T.F.1, and Salamander.The book has 202 pages, 133 photographs (39 in color), 19 color profiles, 1 color plan view showing the Salamander’s camouflage pattern, and 1/48 ...

Royal Flying Corps Kitbag: Aircrew Uniforms and Equipment from the War Over the Western Front in WWI

Product code:  52994AVI
They represented, noted the Official Historian of the RFC, the first organized national [air] force to fly to a war overseas'. As the Great War raged, the developments in military aviation were profound, not only in terms of aerial warfare but, as this book reveals, the uniforms and equipment the aircrew used. All the objects that a Royal Flying Corps pilot or airman was issued with for sorties over the Western Front during the First World War are explored in this book in high-definition colour ...

Boulton Paul Aircraft Since 1915

Product code:  57518AVI
The ancient Norwich firm of Boulton & Paul were brought into aircraft construction in 1915, and quickly became one of the great innovators. They pioneered metal construction and built the frame of the largest aircraft ever built in Britain, the R.101 airship. The Overstrand, the last of their superlative medium bombers, was the first aircraft in the world to feature a power-operated gun turret, and after their move to Wolverhampton in 1936 and change of name to Boulton Paul Aircraft their gun tu...

Combat Biplanes of World War II

Product code:  66557AVI
The era of the combat biplane is usually thought to have been between 1914 and 1938. By the outbreak of World War II, most of the advanced air forces of the world had moved on to monoplane aircraft for their front-line battle forces, both in bomber and fighter capacities. Yet despite this, many biplanes did still survive, both in front-line service and in numerous subsidiary roles, and not just as training machines but as fully operational warplanes. Thus in 1939 the majority of major European p...

The Tiger Moth Story

Product code:  09440AVI
The Tiger Moth is one of the major aviation success stories in the history of British aviation. Developed by Geoffrey de Havilland and flown for the first time on October 26 1931, the biplane became the most important elementary trainer used by Commonwealth forces. More than 1,000 Tiger Moths were delivered before WWII, and subsequently around 4,000 were built in the UK with an extra 2,000 being manufactured in Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Following the end of WWII, pilots could buy and m...

Orange Series 8120: Blackburn Shark

Product code:  58310AVI
The Blackburn Shark torpedo/spotter/reconnaissance biplane was overshadowed by its competitor the Fairey Swordfish. In reality though, the Shark was more modern than the Swordfish and performed better, and had it not been bedevilled with engine trouble in its early service, might have gone on to great things. As it was, the Shark contributed greatly to the Royal Navy's preparation for war in the late 1930s, and performed valuable service for the Fleet Air Arm and Royal Canadian Air Force during ...

X Planes 13 The Wright Flyers 1899-1916

Product code:  37776AVI
Orville and Wilbur Wright, two bicycle-making brothers from Dayton, Ohio, secured their place as the most famous names in aviation history when, on December 17, 1903, they made the first powered, controlled, and sustained heavier-than-air flight. But their success over the cold and windswept Carolina dunes that day has overshadowed their many other accomplishments before and after that historic flight. The Wrights' progression from theory to analysis to ground-testing components and wing shapes,...

Building the Wingnut Wings 9: Halberstadt CL.II

Product code:  BWWHAL
Special edition modeller's guide to building the Wingnut Wings of the Halberstadt CL.II with archive photos and contemporary drawings all accompanying a detailed stage by stage build.