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Military Aviation Bi-Plane Era 1903-35

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Encyklopedie Ceskeho a Sloveskeho Letectvi Volume 2

Product code:  07337AVI
Continuation of volume 1 of this Encyclopedia of aircraft found in the Czech Republic bringing the reader up to date with modern military aircraft, helicopters and gliders. Contains technical detail. Lavishly illustrated. CZECH LANGUAGE ONLY.

Pure Luck. The authorised biography of Sir Thomas Sopwith

Product code:  9105XAVI
This book traces the remarkable history of Sir Thomas Sopwith, and narrates the moments of triumph and tragedy during his early life and describes the events leading to his 80-year involvement in aeronautics - ballooning, early days at Brooklands and the founding of Sopwith Aviation.

Wright Brothers and the Birth of Aviation

Product code:  67304AVI
This book guides the reader through the successes and setbacks of the Wright brothers with the aid of photographs, diagrams and graphs. By reconstructing the Wright Brother's own thinking and calculations, the road to eventual success is made more easily understandable than ever before, shedding light on the most exciting and momentous of twentieth century achievements.

British Aviation Squadron Markings of World War I RFC, RAF, RNAS

Product code:  12847AVI
This book covers the wide variety of markings used by British avition units in WWI. Organized numerically by squadron number, the book includes textual and photographic examples for nearly all RFC,RAF and RNAS squadrons.