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Military Aviation Bi-Plane Era 1903-35

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Famous Airplanes: PZL P.11c

Product code:  73649AVI
If you were to ask about the symbolic aircraft of the desperate defence of Polish sky during the tragic September 39, without any doubt the answer should be one – the PZL P.11c. Although older machines fought next to it, the mentioned variant was a true backbone of the defence force. Pilots liked P.11c but in all publications it is described by an adjective obsolete. It was the penultimate stage in the evolution of a long line of fighter planes, no longer having the disadvantages of the infant p...

British Aircraft of World War One

Product code:  20003AVI
A photographic guide to modern survivors, replicas and reproductions. During the course of the World War One, the role of the aeroplane evolved from a stable, lumbering observation platform to a more agile fighter, capable of shooting down another aircraft, and rapid developments in aeroplane technology led to an incredible array of ever-advancing aircraft seeing service during this time. This book features a potted history of the British aircraft that were involved in World War One. It include...

Middle East@War 35: Air Power and the Arab World Vol.4, The First Arab Air Forces 1918-36

Product code:  59278AVI
Volume 4 of Air Power and the Arab World continues the story of the men and machines of the first half century of military aviation in the Arab world. The earliest of the Arab air forces to be established trace their histories back to the 1920s and 1930s when the overwhelming majority of Arab countries, and an even larger majority of the Arabic-speaking people, were ruled or dominated by four European powers.

The Thomas-Morse MB-3: America's First Indigenous Fighter

Product code:  01232AVI
The Thomas-Morse MB-3 | America’s First Indigenous Fighter, tells the story of the first American-designed production fighter. Designed during The Great War, it first flew in February 1919, after the Armistice. Later it starred in ‘Wings’, the first movie to win an Oscar for Best Picture. Historian Jan Forsgren tells the story with authoritative text, 93 photos, 24 drawings, 14 colour profiles, and 1/48 scale drawings of the MB-3 and MB-3A.

Fokker Aircraft of WWI: Vol.2 Eindeckers

Product code:  01065AVI
Fokker Aircraft of WWI Volume 2 is the second volume in a 6-volume set that details all Fokker aircraft of the war. Volume 2 tells the story of the first purpose-built fighter aircraft, the Fokker E.I to E.IV, that were the aircraft that made Fokker famous. This story is told in text, specifications, more than 700 rare photos, 24 colour profiles, and 4 1/48 scale drawings of the aircraft in its 402 pages.

Paul Biber and the Seeflugzeug Versuchs Kommando Warnemunde 1916-18

Product code:  01249AVI
Paul Biber and the Seeflugzeug-Versuchs-Kommando Warnemünde 1916–1918 is the author’s story of his father, a talented precision mechanic, at Germany’s seaplane test command the last two years of the war. In addition to the author’s personal story, the book gives an in depth look into the SVK and its operations that has never been presented before. This unique story is heavily illustrated with 357 photos, many previously unpublished, 45 colour profiles, 47 drawings, and dozens of miscellaneous gr...

Aerial Foreign Legion: Volunteer Foreign Airmen in French Escadrille Service

Product code:  01140AVI
Aerial Foreign Legion: Volunteer Foreign Airmen in French Escadrille Service by noted historian Jon Guttman tells the fascinating story of these international airmen who volunteered to serve in the French air service in WWI via extensive text, 235 photos, and 100 color profiles totaling 218 pages. In addition to the main text there are appendices on foreign airmen in Italian service and French airmen in the Russian Imperial Military Air Fleet, and several sidebars on special topics such as a Ven...

Jasta 14 - The History of Jagdstaffel 14 1916-18

Product code:  37463AVI2
This history of Royal Prussian Jagdstaffel 14 is our first publication covering a subject from the period of the First World War. In addition to detailed texts, the book contains more than 250 photos, 21 colour aircraft profiles and nine maps. Its layout and design clearly distinguish it from other books on this subject. This unit history is of particular interest, because until now Jasta 14’s record has not been described in depth. Created in 1916, this Jagdstaffel was never among the foremost ...

British Fighter Aircraft in World War I

Product code:  08813AVI
World War I witnessed unprecedented growth and innovation in aircraft design, construction, and as the war progressed - mass production. Each country generated its own innovations sometimes in surprising ways - Albatros Fokker, Pfalz, and Junkers in Germany and Nieuport, Spad, Sopwith and Bristol in France and Britain. This book focuses on the British approach to fighter design, construction, and mass production.

British Aircraft of WWI Vol.3 Fairey Aircraft

Product code:  01164AVI
British Aircraft of WWI, Volume 3, Fairey Aircraft, is the story of these little-known aircraft by noted historian Colin Owers. The story is told in extensive text, specifications, photos and colour profiles.

German Aircraft of Minor Manufacturers Vol.1 Alter to Korn

Product code:  81858AVI
German Aircraft of Minor Manufacturers in WWI tells the story of the rare aircraft that minor German manufacturers built and flew during the war. These include prototype fighters, bombers and trainers built for companies and associated flight schools.

Fokker Aircraft of WWI Vol.1 Spine M.10 & Watercraft

Product code:  01058AVI
Fokker Aircraft of WWI Volume 1 is the first volume in a 6-volume set that details all Fokker aircraft of the war. Volume 1 tells the story of the first Fokker aircraft through the M.10, including the A.I, A.II, A.III, B.I, and B.II. This story is told in text, specifications, 316 rare photos, 9 colour profiles.