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Military Aviation Bi-Plane Era 1903-35

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British Aircraft of WWI Vol.3 Fairey Aircraft

Product code:  01164AVI
British Aircraft of WWI, Volume 3, Fairey Aircraft, is the story of these little-known aircraft by noted historian Colin Owers. The story is told in extensive text, specifications, photos and colour profiles.

German Aircraft of Minor Manufacturers Vol.1 Alter to Korn

Product code:  81858AVI
German Aircraft of Minor Manufacturers in WWI tells the story of the rare aircraft that minor German manufacturers built and flew during the war. These include prototype fighters, bombers and trainers built for companies and associated flight schools.

Fokker Aircraft of WWI Vol.1 Spine M.10 & Watercraft

Product code:  01058AVI
Fokker Aircraft of WWI Volume 1 is the first volume in a 6-volume set that details all Fokker aircraft of the war. Volume 1 tells the story of the first Fokker aircraft through the M.10, including the A.I, A.II, A.III, B.I, and B.II. This story is told in text, specifications, 316 rare photos, 9 colour profiles.

Guide to German B-Types of WWI

Product code:  01034AVI
Guide to German B-types of WWI is intended for readers who want to identify aircraft from the great variety of nondescript two-seat biplanes used by Germany during the war.

Guide to German Seaplanes of WWI

Product code:  01041AVI
Guide to German Seaplanes of WWI is intended for readers who want to identify aircraft from the great variety of little-known seaplanes used by Germany during the war. There are 391 captioned photos in its 190 pages that identify all the WWI German seaplanes by manufacturer and type. There are no profiles nor scale drawings, as these are features of the main series of German aircraft by manufacturer.

Middle East@War 30: Air Power and the Arab World Vol.3 1909-55

Product code:  36325AVI
Volume 3 of the Air Power and the Arab World, 1909-1955 mini-series continues the story of the men and machines of the first half century of military aviation in the Arab World. It describes the role, organizational structure and activities of the air forces of Britain, France, Italy, and Spain which were sent to the Arab countries.

Warpaint 128 Bristol Scout

Product code:  WP128AVI
Detailed history of this aircraft which includes history and development, photos, camouflage schemes, line drawings in detail.

Bristol Fighter - Frank Barnwell's Ubiquitous Multirole Masterpiece

Product code:  05363AVI
This is the most complete book yet produced on this genuinely iconic aircraft. After a faltering introduction into Royal Flying Corps service in the spring of 1917, owing to its crews initial failure to exploit the this two-seat fighters outstanding capabilities, the Bristol Fighter rapidly gained a reputation as a formidable opponent. Such was its success in several war theatres that it became one of the few First World War types to continue in RAF service well into the interwar years. During ...

Aero tovarna letadel 1919-45 a jeji letadla

Product code:  80247AVI
Czech Language Book. Lavishly illustrated book focusing on the development, service, technical description and camouflage schemes.

Famous Airplanes: Duks in Royal Serbian Air Force

Product code:  73113AVI
An in-depth look at this fascinating subject. contains archive photos, modelling plans and colour profile drawings.

Supermarine Southampton: The Flying Boat that Made R.J. Mitchell

Product code:  84940AVI
The Supermarine Southampton was the first in a series of successful flying boats designed by Supermarine's RJ Mitchell and was the first one to be designed for the RAF after the First World War. Produced between 1924 and 1934 it entered into RAF service in 1925 and became the second longest serving (behind the Short Sunderland) and one of the most successful of the inter-war flying boats.

Latin America@War 18: The Paulista War - The Last Civil War in Brazil 1932

Product code:  66380AVI
The Year 1932 was not only the year in which the famous carnival of Rio de Janeiro was organized for the first time, or the giant statue of the Christ the Redeemer was placed on top of the Corcovado mountain ridge: tragically, it was also the year of the last civil war fought in Brazil. On 9 July 1932, about 35,000 men from two Brazilian federal states - Sao Paulo and Mato Grosso do Sul - rose in arms against the dictatorship of Getulio Vargas, demanding the return to constitutionality and democ...