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General Aviation & Helicopters

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Invasion Airfields Then and Now

Product code:  67911AVI
This book tells the story of every airfield that became operational by D+90 explaining the methods used to construct them and the units that flew from them. The vast majority of the temporary airstrips have now been returned to the farmland from which they came, but by using engineers' plans from the period and modern aerial photographs, the author has managed to portray the sites as they were then and as they are today.

AH-64 DHA Apache 10 years 2nd Attack Helicopter Battallion

Product code:  37688AVI
The ultimate reference guide featuring hundreds of new and previously published action-packed colour photos in addition to a well documented history of the Brigade.

Gator On The Rise Kamov's Hokum Attack Helicopter Story 1977-2015

Product code:  96450AVI
The Kamov Ka-50 (NATO codename Hokum) was developed as a new-generation heavily-armoured attack helicopter - originally conceived as a one-to-one replacement of the Mi-24 Hind. This book details the service of the Kamov Ka 50 attack helicopter. With colour images and various accounts from pilots, the book offers the reader a complete overview of technical specifics as well as accounts of the helicopter in action.

The Royal Navy Lynx An Operational History

Product code:  62517AVI
This book, based primarily on the words of those who flew and maintained it, tells the story of this very capable aircraft. Beginning with the Lynx's entry into service in 1976, it goes on to discuss its performance in the Falklands War including its primary roles of anti-submarine and anti-surface warfare, as well as several others for which it had never been designed, such as Airborne Early Warning and anti-Exocet missile counter measures. Also included are accounts of operations conducted aro...

Warpaint 110 Westland Scout & Wasp

Product code:  WP110AVI
Detailed history of the Westland Scout and Wasp which includes history and development, camouflage schemes, line drawings, in detail and a list of available kits.

The Apache in European Service

Product code:  54449AVI
A detailed insight in to the Apache attack helicopter, the author explores the immense flying capabilities and the weaponry systems of the Apache that serves with the British, Greek and Royal Netherlands forces.

Flightcraft 10 MIL Mi-6/-26 Heavy-Lift Helicopters

Product code:  23891AVI
The book describes the history, variants and service career and contains detailed overview of the scale model kits currently available on the market.

Photosniper 24 Mi-28 Night Hunter and the others

Product code:  37136AVI
Lavishly illustrated, this book covers the history and design behind Mil's development of the Mi-28 which became the first mass produced soviet helicopter with a wide variety of special variants for both civil and military use.

Warpaint 106 Sikorsky S-55/H-19 Chicasaw and Westland Whirlwind

Product code:  WP106AVI
Detailed history of the Sikorsky S-55/H-19 Chickasaw and Westland Whirlwind design and development, use in foreign service, civilian operators, RAF use, colour schemes, kits and decals.

Photosniper 21 Ka-50 & Ka-52

Product code:  96865AVI
Lavishly illustrated, this book features the Werewolf, Black Shark, Erdogan, Alligator and other attack helicopters. Well illustrated with dozens of colour in-action photos plus close-up walkaround views

Haynes Manual Westland SAR Sea King 1988 onwards (HU Mk.5 SAR model)

Product code:  35050AVI
An insight into the design, construction, operation and maintenance of the Royal Navy's life-saving Search and Rescue helicopter

Flightcraft 2 Russian Gunship Helicopters

Product code:  92823AVI
Focuses on iconic types of helicopters including the Mil Mi-24 Hind, Mil-28 and Ka-52 Alligator. The book includes well illustrated histories and structural analyses in addition to detailed descriptions of previously released kits, colour profiles, line drawings, and a plethora of photos