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General Aviation & Helicopters

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American Ghost Bases of Eastern England: Memories of the US Army Air Corps in World War Two

Product code:  43405AVI
With photos from past and present of both the bases and the aircraft that flew from them. This book takes a look at the history of the US ghost bases of Eastern England.

Fly Navy-The View from a Jungly Cockpit

Product code:  84108AVI
Often the unsung heroes, nonetheless the pilots and crews of the Jungly helicopters are a keystone of modern integrated naval warfare. These anecdotes are funny, poignant and reveal a less well known area of military aviation. There are probably more ex-servicemen and women from the rotary wing fraternity than fixed wing, so there is a big market to be tapped.

Flight Accidents in the 21st Century U.S. Air Force : The Facts of 40 Non-Combat Events

Product code:  74025AVI
Mid-flight non-combat malfunctions, mishaps, and blunders, occur frequently in the USAF during routine training and utility flights-sometimes unfortunately with the loss of life and regularly with the destruction of a military aircraft with a value of tens of millions-of-dollars. In the most extreme case presented here a B-2 Spirit bomber crashed soon after takeoff and was destroyed with a value of $2.2 billion. The events surrounding such accidents are meticulously gathered by USAF Investigator...

The First Helicopter Boys: The Early Days of Helicopter Operations-The Malayan Emergency 1947-60

Product code:  54134AVI
The Indonesian Confrontation that raged from 1963 to 1966 stemmed from Indonesia's opposition to the creation of Malaysia. Fighting in the challenging jungle terrain of Borneo. Commonwealth forces enjoyed the advantage of vastly superior helicopter resources and better trained crews - many of which were provided by British units. This book tells the story. During the Confrontation, many of these vital helicopter assets were flown by pilots and crews who had gained their knowledge and experien...

Gliding & Soaring in Britain The History of British Gliders and Sailplanes

Product code:  38355AVI
So large and heavy it would drop like a deadweight from the clouds, this is the ultimate word on gliding, which in Britain began in earnest in 1929 when the nation’s first gliding club was formed. Experimental flights followed and within months gliding clubs had sprung up all over Britain. The first British-designed gliders were made in Guildford, but it was soon realised that glider-making was an art of its own. Flying a glider involves understanding the atmosphere, with its moving air masses, ...

Scattering Chaff: Canadian Air Power and Censorship During the Kosovo War

Product code:  50306AVI2
Most Canadians know little, if anything at all, about the role of the Canadian Air Force in the 1999 Kosovo Air War. Yet lives were at put at stake as mission dedication and military skill were pushed to the limit. Some of Canada's most prominent journalists attempted to report on the war, but came away virtually empty handed. Daily briefings given at the National Defence Headquarters provided so little information most Ottawa journalists simply stopped going. The decision of the military to ch...

SS10263 UH-60 Black Hawk in Action

Product code:  78595AVI
In January of 1972, a request for proposals, or RFP, was issued to lay out the guidelines for a new utility helicopter to replace the Bell UH-1 Iroquois type. The "Huey" had served admirably in the Vietnam conflict, but it lacked engine power, was vulnerable to small-arms fire, and was limited in lifting/transporting heavy external payloads. Under the UTTAS (Utility Tactical Transport Aircraft System) competition, the new clean-sheet design intended to rectify all of the UH-1's shortcomings, whi...

Inside Aviation Photography

Product code:  33128AVI
A Guide for Aviation Enthusiasts with Any Camera, In the Air, Airshows, and on the Ground.

The Royal Navy Wasp: An Operational & Retirement History

Product code:  21143AVI
This book tells the story of the first helicopter in the world designed from the outset to be deployed at sea, in Destroyers and Frigates. It is primarily based on the words of those who operated it. Designed from the outset to cope with the restricted space of a warship both for stowage and flight operations it proved an immediate success. Wherever the Royal Navy was deployed on operations a Wasp was there. The book has accounts of operations around the world particularly during the Cold War of...

Wreck Recovery in Britain Then and Now

Product code:  67942AVI
WRECK RECOVERY IN BRITAIN THEN AND NOWBy Peter J. MoranThe last 50 years have seen an incredible interest in the excavation of crashed aircraft. Schoolboys of the war period eagerly sought and swapped souvenirs, purloined from crashes under the eyes of the police or RAF guards but, after the surface wreckage was cleared away by Maintenance Units, no one realised that even greater treasures remained underground. Whereas on the Continent the Missing Research and Enquiry Unit left no stone unturned...

London City Airport

Product code:  38070AVI
On Thursday, 5 November 1987, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II officially opened London City Airport, Britain’s only entirely new airport since World War Two. It was a momentous occasion. In its first full year London City Airport moved 133,000 passengers. In 2017 it is expected to reach five million. The author takes the reader through the history of the London Docklands, once the busiest port in the world, the controversial birth of the airport and with it the development of Canary Wharf and ot...