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General Aviation & Helicopters

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Real Colors of WWII-Aircraft

Product code:  00385AVI2
The Real Colours for aircraft models could not be introduced without releasing a special book devoted to this subject. Renowned researchers Maciej Góralczyk, Gerald T. Högl, Jürgen Kiroff, Nicholas Millman and Mikhail V. Orlov teamed up in order to produce the most up-to-date reference book on the aircraft colours of the main WWII adversaries: Germany, United States, Great Britain and Soviet Union. The resulting study is a comprehensive guide to the colours and camouflage schemes, presented on 2...

Junkers Ju 52/3m Success beyond the Luftwaffe

Product code:  74430AVI
The three-engined Ju 52/3m is one of few aircraft that can lay claim to 50 years of active service, with a few still flying, demonstrating not only its longevity, but also the soundness of its design and construction. While fulfilling the Luftwaffe's operational strategies it also served major commercial air routes in many parts of the world and was also adapted for many other missions. Production was re-activated after the war in France and Spain, and a total of almost 5,400 were built. This bo...

London City Airport

Product code:  38070AVI
On Thursday, 5 November 1987, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II officially opened London City Airport, Britain’s only entirely new airport since World War Two. It was a momentous occasion. In its first full year London City Airport moved 133,000 passengers. In 2017 it is expected to reach five million. The author takes the reader through the history of the London Docklands, once the busiest port in the world, the controversial birth of the airport and with it the development of Canary Wharf and ot...

US Air Force Bases in the UK

Product code:  79655AVI
Nowhere is the `special relationship' more evident than in the scores of airfields used by the United States Army Air Forces during the Second World War. Today, just a handful remain in active service. US Air Force Bases in the UK examines the history and continuing use of modern-day British airfields by the US Air Force. It also chronicles the many others that survived the Second World War, but not the passage of time. While most have been reclaimed by agriculture. This book retraces its concr...

The Admiralty and the Helicopter

Product code:  95142AVI
Lavishly illustrated, this book charts the development of the Admiralty's pioneering requirements and numerous projects, from the 1950's to present. Looking at Bristol Type 191, Westland Wasp, Wessex & Sea King, Lynx, EHI Merlin and Leonardo Wildcat. We also look at the weapons fitted to these helicopters.

100 Years Of The RAF : Official Guide - Blue Cover

Product code:  70542AVI
A comprehensive look at the RAF over its first 100 years. Containing lavish photographs and illustrations.

Spider Zero Seven a Life

Product code:  38966AVI
Silver Cross recipient, Mike Borlace is considered to be one of the most experienced combat helicopter pilots of recent times. Now he collates his experiences in this compelling wartime memoir set against the backdrop of the civil war fought in Rhodesia during the 1970s. Helicopters were a vital component of the small Rhodesian Defence Force and as part of special forces, Borlace and his fellow aircrew soon became key weapons in the counterinsurgency operations. Adopting new flexible tactics and...

Finland at War, 1939-45 : History in Models

Product code:  57636AVI
A study of scale plastic models built by both semi-professional and amateur modellers, inspired by the three wars that Finland fought between 1939 and 1945, all related to ongoing hostilities between Finland and the expansionist Soviet Union: The Winter War, 1939-1940; The Continuation War, 1941-1944; The Lapland War, 1944-45.

Helicopter Boys True Tales from Operators of Military and Civilian Rotorcraft

Product code:  90550AVI
The author explores the roles of helicopters in military and civilian situations thanks to more than 14 contributors who recount the diverse nature of helicopter operations. Includes war scenes during the Indo/Pakistani war, experience of Chinook pilots on board the Atlantic Conveyor during the Falklands War, rescue missions in the Outer Hebrides as well as experiences in Kosovo distributing emergency humanitarian aid.

Haynes Owner's Workshop Manual Westland Wessex 1958 onwards (all models)

Product code:  11171AVI
Insight into the design, construction, operation and maintenance of an anti-submarine, trooping. SAR and WIP helicopter.

SS10251 SH-60 Seahawk in action

Product code:  SS10251
A detailed look at the U.S. Navy’s Sikorsky SH-60 Seahawk helicopter. The author includes the SH-60F Ocean Hawk with its AQS-13F dunking sonar for detecting submerged vessels, the HH-60H “Rescue Hawk” that can fly 250 nautical miles from base to perform a rescue and then return to base and which also serves in sea-air-land (SEAL) team operations, the MH-60R 'Strikehawk' loaded with sophisticated avionics that facilitate undersea warfare and surface warfare operations in shallow littoral regions ...

SS10248 CH-47 Chinook in action

Product code:  SS10248
Part of the Squadron Signals series, this book contains numerous photos and drawings taking an in-depth look at the subject matter.