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General Aviation & Helicopters

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Restoration Force: Grass Roots Preservation of Civilian and Military Aircraft by Enthusiasts Worldwide

Product code:  67131AVI
Walk into any of the myriad aircraft museums dotted across the world and you can appreciate the wonderfully restored and preserved exhibits on display. But what about the many gems lovingly brought back to life and hiding away in peoples garages, sheds, barns and gardens. With Gavin Hoffen's book you become a privileged spectator into a dedicated but often secretive world - to protect their security, names, projects and locations.

Vietnam War Army Helicopter Nose Art Vol.2

Product code:  57808AVI
In Volume 2 you will find equally astonishing photos, together with some self-help and researched info for sure to tease and delight the aficionado or veteran to unknown degrees. Besides the 165 images, there are search aids for locating former in-country Army helicopter. A listing is available of American sites where Huey & Cobra rides are available.

UH-60 Black Hawk - The US Army's Tactical Transport Helicopter

Product code:  23402AVI
The Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk was designed to replace the ageing Bell UH-1 Huey during the 1970s. It made its combat debut in 1983 during Operation Urgent Fury, the invasion of Grenada. Black Hawk has participated in every major US Army campaign since. Upgrades have included the UH-60L, UH-60A and UH-60M, all detailed in this book.

WWP B020 Early Hips Mi-17/Mi-8MT First 20 Years of Service

Product code:  09807AVI
Contains a plethora of colour photos. Content covers history, walkaround, interior-detail, engine detail and chassis detail.

Ronny Bar Profiles: British Two-Seaters of the Great War

Product code:  58436AVI
Artist Ronny Bar, a member of director Sir Peter Jackson’s New Zealand-based Wingnut Wings team, presents the first collection of his astonishingly detailed First World War aircraft profiles – British Two-Seaters of the Great War. Two-seater aircraft were the workhorses of the Royal Flying Corps and from 1918 the Royal Air Force, operated in a wide variety of roles such as training, artillery spotting, reconnaissance, communications, coastal patrol and even bombing. Some, such as the B.E.2c and ...

Helicopters and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles of Russia

Product code:  RUS108AVI
RUSSIAN/ENGLISH LANGUAGE BOOK. This book looks at helicopters and unmanned aerial vehicles. Throughout the book you will find photos, illustrations, documentation and tables.

Gunship Ace: The Wars of Neall Ellis, Helicopter Pilot and Mercenary

Product code:  09438AVI
The days of Congo and Angola when you had the image of mercenaries as drunken guys going around shooting up the place has gone - the people you find now, are well-trained, professional soldiers, special forces trained. Neall Ellis Praise for Al J. Venter. A disturbing insight into the ever growing world of unconventional private armies. Like it or not, Venter tells it to us the way it is. A former South African Air Force pilot who saw action throughout the region from the 1970s, Neall Ellis is ...

British Special Projects: Flying Wings, Deltas and Tailless Designs

Product code:  58058AVI
This book takes a carefully considered look at the history of many lesser known but nevertheless advanced British flying wing, delta and tailless aircraft that stretch across much of the last century. The emphasis is on classified projects considered for research or military purposes, but also includes those aircraft that were built, flown and entered service.

The Strongest Link - A Pictorial History of Biggin Hill Aerodrome Through Two World Wars & Beyond

Product code:  69866AVI
AUTHOR SIGNED COPY - Established during the latter part of the First World War, then afterwards the build-up of the aerodrome during the 1920 and 1930 which saw advances in technology and aircraft. The Second World War period forms the largest section covering the five years of war, when the aerodrome played significant roles during Dunkirk, the Battle of Britain and when the squadrons took the fight back across the Channel against the Nazis and finally brought freedom to an occupied Europe. Im...

Dorset Aviation Through Time

Product code:  98489AVI
Often regarded as a quiet holiday county, in fact Dorset has many aviation connections. As early as 1908 Bleriots were being built by a Bournemouth businessmen, the Royal Navy undertook first landing on a warship at Weymouth in 1910, the Schneider Race was held at Bournemouth in 1913, Dorset was at the front line of the early days of the Battle of Britain with attacks on Portland Naval Base, the Dam Busters bouncing bomb was tested on Dorset ranges in 1943, and aircraft production factories at C...

Saving Israel: The Unknown Story of Smuggling Weapons and Winning a Nation's Independence

Product code:  37265AVI2
At the opening of its war for independence in 1948, Israel needed weapons, aircraft in particular and with a US ban on arms sales, it needed a creative solution. Enter Al Schwimmer, who feared a repeat of the Holocaust, and Charlie Winters, the Boston son of Irish immigrants two Americans with experience of purchasing and flying planes in World War II and with sympathy to the Jewish state. Connected to both the aviation industry and the Jewish underground, they arranged to smuggle weapons to Isr...

Fly Navy: View From the Cockpit

Product code:  82304AVI
The Fleet Air Arm has always had an elite status and an image of living on the edge. To mark the Millennium, 95 members of the Fleet Air Arm Officers Association have recalled their experiences of over 55 years of post war naval flying. These first person accounts pull no punishes.