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Civil Aviation

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Docavia Concorde La Veritable Histoire

Product code:  0111XAVI
Lavishly illustrated reference work covering the history of Concorde. The author retraces almost half a century of Concorde's history. FRENCH TEXT ONLY

Docavia Du Comet a l'A380 Histoire des avions de ligne a reaction

Product code:  00474AVI
Lavishly illustrated reference work covering airliners from the Comet to the A380. Covers the evolution of the commercial airline industry and featuers more than 50 aircraft from the de Havilland Comet (27th June 1949) to the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. FRENCH TEXT ONLY.

Evolution of the Airliner

Product code:  68709AVI
This book offers an insight into the way that the airliner has evolved, and how each new breakthrough and refinement has affected the industry and the future path of development.

Take-Off to Touchdown. The Invicta Airlines Story

Product code:  29527AVI
This book charts the history of Invicta commencing with its origin in 1964, its tour years from Manston as Invicta Airways, its merger with British Midland and the formation of Invicta Air Cargo. Includes a number of anecdotes from a distance, stories and reminiscences.

British Airways. An Airline and its Aircraft. Volume 1 1919-1939 The Imperial Years

Product code:  62240AVI
This book follows the relationship that led to the formation of Imperial Airways and later to the formation of British Airways. The text is illustrated with profile drawings, paintings and photos showing the progress made from open cockpit single engined planes to flying boats of the 1920s and 1930s.

Piedmont Flight of the Pacemaker

Product code:  95618AVI
The story of Piedmont Airlines which documents the airline's various milestones based on research and stories shared by former employees.

The Flying Cowboy. Samuel Cody, Britain's First Airman

Product code:  36597AVI
The story of Samuel Cody, whose life straddled two continents and two eras and who became a pioneer of early aviation leading to the foundation of today's aviation industry.

Time Flies. Heathrow at 60

Product code:  38404AVI
The author chronicles Heathrow Airports first 60 years, exploring how a small agricultural community on the outskirts of London became the site of the world's leading international airport. Bringing together Heathrow's human and commercial histories, the book includes stories from all of the airport's six decades, told by the people who were there.

Power to Fly

Product code:  52006AVI
This autobiography tells of a young English boy who endured the horrors of WWII in London and went on to become the Chairman of one of the World's greatest aircraft engine manufacturers - General Electric. Relates from his early beginnings as an apprentice at de Havilland in Elstree through to his career in the USA working on major new advances in jet-engine technology for both military and civil applications.

Airports of Prague 2001-2005

Product code:  24094AVI
Czech/English language title covering the airports of Prague beginning with the Ruzyne Airport, the Czech Airport Authority and Air Traffic Control in 1999 through to the Czech aeronautical industry as it is today.

IONA Ireland's First Commercial Airline

Product code:  19408AVI
The story of the Cahill family's commercial aviation business from its first site in Baldonnel in 1930 through the 1980s when the airline was second only to Aer Lingus in numbers of aircraft to its closure in 1995.

Wings Over Nazeing 1945 to 1954

Product code:  00007AVI
This book, volume 2, traces the history of the airfield post-war from 1945 to its closure in March 1954. An extrememly well-researched history using many archive photos original documents. Full listings of known club members, pilots, staff and employees are also included.