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Civil Aviation

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Pan American in Norway 1935-1991

Product code:  50108AVI
The trials to open an air service between Norway and the USA. One of the worlds largest airlines with a network spanning the world: Pan American Airways. The history of this airline is without doubt very interesting. A service to the small country of Norway was just one of the air services operated, but generated some 30,000 to 50,000 passengers per year. We take a look at the history of Pan American World Airways and its routes to Norway. When we ask you the first air service to be inaugurated....

Flightcraft 21 Douglas DC-3 The Airliner that Revolutionised Air Transport

Product code:  59986AVI
No airliner in the history of commercial aviation has had a more profound effect than the Douglas DC-3. It was reliable, easy to maintain and carried passengers in greater comfort than ever before. Its origins stem from a design by the Douglas Aircraft Company of Santa Monica, California. Known as the Douglas Commercial One, or DC-1, this new aircraft was revolutionary in concept. It was quickly developed into the DC-2, an airliner that lead to Douglas domination of the domestic air routes of th...

Boeing 727: Triumph in the Skies

Product code:  60510AVI2
First flown in 1963, the Boeing 727 was skillfully designed to outclass its competitors and remained without a direct rival for nearly two decades. This jetliner was capable of being operated from short, unimproved airfields, while requiring minimal ground service equipment. In flight, it was a dream-fast, efficient, quiet, and comfortable. Although this book is about an airplane, it is as much about the people at Boeing who were undaunted and took the financial risks necessary to build a truly ...

Auster - Production Histories

Product code:  05356AVI
Detailing the histories of each and every Auster built, Auster - Production Histories is the companion volume to Auster - The Company and the Aircraft published in 2018 which told the story of Auster and the many derivatives produced over twenty-plus years. A substantial number of Austers remain active around the world and there are equally many stored airframes which enthusiasts are gradually putting back together again. It may come as a surprise to see, for example, just how many Austers are ...

Britannia Airways: The World's Largest Holiday Airline

Product code:  58781AVI
Founded in 1961 as Euravia by British businessman Ted Langton and aviation consultant J.E.D. Walker, at a time of considerable turmoil for the independent sector of the British air operators' industry, Britannia Airways went on to become the world's largest holiday airline. Just as Court Line evolved from Autair, so Britannia Airways evolved from Euravia. Both UK airlines had strong links with the travel industry, Court Line with Clarksons Holidays, and Britannia with the Thomson Group, in parti...

The Golden Age of Flying Boats: The Planes that Rivalled the Great Ocean Liners

Product code:  16181AVI
Until the 1950s, the flying boats of Pan American and Imperial Airways took passengers to the corners of the globe in luxury that rivalled the great ocean liners. Peter Pigott, Canada's foremost aviation author, has tracked the history of these extraordinary aircraft and their unrivalled levels of exclusivity and comfort.

Scottish Aerodromes of the 1920s and 1930s

Product code:  57655AVI
The end of the First World War brought with it the closure most of the military aerodromes in Scotland. It, however, retained its links with naval aviation with aircraft carriers frequently exercising off the coast. In the latter part of the decade Auxiliary Air Force squadrons were formed at Edinburgh and Glasgow manned by civilians. With the rise of the Nazis in Germany, the RAF responded by building new airfields or re-opening former First World War sites. They included armament practice camp...

Chronicles of Soviet Civil Aviation 1941-1960

Product code:  RUS107AVI
RUSSIAN LANGUAGE BOOK. This book looks at the history of the Russian civil aviation industry between 1941 to 1960. Throughout the book photos, documentation and tables.

History of Grigorovich Aircraft

Product code:  RUS106AVI
RUSSIAN LANGUAGE BOOK. This book looks at the history and airplanes Grigorovich. Throughout the book photos, documentation and technical drawings.

Safety is No Accident: From 'V' Bombers to Concorde: A Flight Test Engineer's Story

Product code:  69442AVI
Numerous books have been written by Test Pilots, but few, if any, from the perspective of an Aeronautical Engineer working as Flight Test Observer/Engineer in partnership with the Test Pilot. This book is an account of the author's flight-testing career, from the 1960s to early 1980s, at Avro and the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). During the author's time at Avro, he flew on the development and certification test flights of the Avro 748, 748MF, Shackletons, Nimrod and Handley-Page Victor tanker...

UK Airfields Past and Present - A Directory of Airfields from 1908 to 2018

Product code:  57921AVI
A great many books have been written over the years about individual airfields or those in particular counties/areas but this one covers a good proportion of them in one publication, from Abbots Bromley to Zeals. It provides brief details of over 1700 airfields from before the First World War to the present day and describes the main activities carried out, based units/operators and current status. It includes military bases, civil airports/airfields, gliding sites, microlight sites and larger f...

Royal Vikings - The Saga of Scandinavian Airlines and Predecessors

Product code:  50092AVI
Scandinavian Airlines System and its predecessors. One hundred years ago, a small Danish company, DDL, began a scheduled passenger service from a naval station in Copenhagen. Sweden with ABA, and later DNL in Norway, also developed significant air links with the rest of Europe. The occupation of Denmark and Norway, during the Second World War disrupted services for a time, but soon after peace returned, putting cultural, geographic and economic issues aside, the three airlines combined their res...