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Civil Aviation

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Shackleton Boys: Vol 1: True Stories from the Home Based 'Kipper Fleet' Squadrons

Product code:  21126AVI
Essentially a development of the Avro Lancaster via the later Lincoln, the Avro Shackleton was the RAF's first line of defence in the maritime role from 1951 for twenty years. The `Old Grey Lady', the `Growler', `20,000 rivets in loose formation', but mostly known simply as the `Shack', it is viewed with great affection by those who flew and maintained it. In addition to its traditional sub-hunting role, it was also used extensively for search and rescue operations. Operating around the world wi...

Cold War Shield-RAF Fighter Squadrons 1950-60 Vol 3

Product code:  57100AVI
In Volume 3 the author looks at the Swift, Hunter, Javelin & early Lightning squadrons. in the period 1950 to 1960. in depth research by the author with exhaustive interviews with air and ground crews who served during this period. Containing numerous photos tables and illustrations.

Vought F-8 Crusader 1955-99

Product code:  01848AVI
French Text book with captions in English. Containing high quality illustrations and various liveries.

Wrecks & Relics 26th Edition

Product code:  09150AVI2
The touring guide to the aviation museums, warbirds, collections and relics of the UK.

Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird: The Illustrated History

Product code:  55042AVI
Starting in April 1958 to the first flight thirty two months later this tell the story of SR-71 spy plane to the present day. The only operational Mach 3 aircraft, looking at all 50 aircraft built. With an abundance of photos and illustrations.

Legends of Warfare B-52 Stratofortress: Boeing's Iconic Bomber from 1952 to Present

Product code:  55875AVI
This book documents the aircraft design and development, its modifications and upgrades to present day. We look at its role in the early years of the Cold War, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Tiger 747

Product code:  60469AVI
This book tells the story of the Boeing 747 in service with the Flying Tiger Line, Seaboard World and Federal Express, with an individual history of the thirty-four jumbos operated. Covers the history of the airline including its early days of the Boeing Airplane Co through to the latest models.

50 Airliners that Changed Flying

Product code:  85833AVI
50 Airliners that Changed Flying presents the exciting airliners which can genuinely claim to have changed air travel, from the early mail planes and piston liners through the emergence of the jet age, to the sleek and ultra-modern airliners of today.

Jetliners of the Red Star

Product code:  60438AVI
This book tells the story of every jetliner produced by the Soviet Union, including the Tupolev Tu-104 (the world's first successful passenger jet), the Ilyushin Il-62 (Aeroflot's flagship) and the supersonic rival to Concorde, the Tu-144. Other chapters cover the Tu-154 workhorse, the Il-86/-96 jumbo jet and the world's first regional jet, the Yak-40 (and -42).

The Beginnings Of Norway's Airlines Prt 1: 1918-22

Product code:  50047AVI
In this book, the author presents the first airlines formed in the period up to 1922 and shows the development of commercial aviation in Norway.

Aircraft: The Jet as Art

Product code:  92856AVI
Large format photo album showing commercial airliners as they take off and land, revealing the beauty and power of these sleek but complex machines

Fabulous Flying Boats A History of the World's Passenger Flying Boats

Product code:  39698AVI
The author describes what it was like to be aboard one of these huge passenger flying boats, as air crew and as a passenger covering the globe-trotting air routes, from Europe to the Far East and to the Americas