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Civil Aviation

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Driving Force - The History of Sabena Belgian Airlines and Predecessor

Product code:  74447AVI
Unusually, the beginnings and early development of Belgian aviation was not to be found in Europe, but in its colony in Central Africa, where Société Anonyme Belge d’Exploitation de la Navigation Aérienne, always known as Sabena, went on to establish an extensive network of scheduled services within the Belgian Congo, and also inaugurated the Ligne impériale between Belgium and the Congo. A limited European network was also flown, as was a North American service after the World War Two. The loss...

Avro 748

Product code:  70874AVI
The 748 was a highly successful commercial airliner, that since the 1960s had been responsible for opening new air routes in many corners of the world. In the early days, the 748 proved its worth worldwide, operating on dirt airstrips and at high elevations and temperatures. Spanning a period of almost 30 years, this book illustrates some of the operators of the type, from the Series 1 to the Series 2B. Illustrated with over 100 photographs, many of which have not previously been in the public d...

Air Atlantique

Product code:  93163AVI
In 1976 a Jersey-based air taxi operator purchased two elderly Dakota aircraft for cargo charters as Air Atlantique. Thus began the saga of an airline that would eventually operate one of the largest fleets of Dakotas in the world, acquire four-engined vintage propliners, diversify into passenger charters and pleasure flying and oil-spill response work, and take over the lease on its Coventry Airport base. From here a fleet of historic aircraft sallied forth to participate in air shows around th...

Farnborough's Military Heritage

Product code:  01616AVI
For centuries Farnborough was a small town south-west of London, but today it has transformed into a large, vibrant commercial community, synonymous worldwide with the international air show, which it has hosted since 1949, and the home of military aviation. However, the real origins of Farnborough's military heritage lie not with aviation but with the arrival of the army in 1856 and the building of a new barrack complex in South Farnborough, called North Camp. The army's presence was further ex...

Boeing 707 Boeing’s First Jetliner

Product code:  70898AVI
This book provides a fascinating portfolio of images depicting a wide range of Boeing 707 variants in service around the world, in passenger, cargo and military use, showcasing many of the aircraft’s diverse and colourful liveries.

The Constellation - Lockheed's Graceful Masterpiece

Product code:  16143AVI
The birth and history of what is often described as the most beautiful and graceful airliner of the piston-engine age - The Constellation by Lockheed.

Flightcraft 23 Airbus A380

Product code:  74064AVI
On 27 April 2005, an aircraft lifted away from the runway of Toulouse-Blagnac Airport under the power of six massive Rolls-Royce Trent 900 turbofan engines. It carried a six-man crew, it was making its first flight, and it was making history. For this was the Airbus A380, the largest passenger aircraft in the world.

Lockheed Constellation: A History

Product code:  58866AVI
Clarence 'Kelly' Johnson design for the Lockheed Constellation, known affectionately as the Connie, produced one of the worlds most iconic airliners. Lockheed had been working on the L-044 Excalibur, a four-engine, pressurised airliner, since 1937. In 1939, Trans World Airlines, at the instigation of major stockholder Howard Hughes, requested a 40-passenger transcontinental aircraft with a range of 3,500 miles, well beyond the capabilities of the Excalibur design. TWA's requirements led to the L...

Scottish Aviation Pioneers - Scotland's STOL Specialists

Product code:  05448AVI
Written by arguably the leading expert on these two types, Scottish Aviation Pioneers chronicles the development, production, and military and civil use of both types of aircraft. Best known for their impressive short take-off and landing capabilities and their docile handling qualities which enabled them to operate in some of the most challenging locations throughout the world. The single engine Pioneer was capable of operating into very short, rough airstrips and was cheaper to fly than helico...

Boeing Metamorphosis: Launching the 737 and 747 - 1965-69

Product code:  61623AVI
A unique insider look at the profound changes Boeing experienced in the 1960s as the product mix shifted from military hardware to the first generation of jet-powered airliners. The requirement for more factory space was fueled by new models and a surging worldwide demand for air travel. Massive construction projects were launched, including a newly constructed 747-sized factory on 760 acres at Paine Field in Everett, Washington. These cathedrals of airframe assembly remain vital to Boeing's on...

Britain's Aircraft Industry: Triumphs and Tragedies since 1909

Product code:  09426AVI
Britain established the world’s first aircraft factory in 1909 after the Short brothers met up with the American Wright brothers and struck a deal. The industry expanded rapidly to rise to the challenge of World War One with such thoroughbreds as the Camel and the SE.5. The post-conflict slump proved to be difficult but classics such as the Moths, the Hart family and the Gladiator maintained Britain’s leadership. Another war loomed and iconic types such as the Hurricane, Lancaster, Mosquito, Spi...

Rohrbach – German All-Metal Aircraft Pioneer

Product code:  50115AVI
German aircraft designer Adolf Rohrbach realised before others that the future in aircraft design lay in metal, rather than wood and canvas. His firm quickly grew to become one of the largest aircraft producers in Germany. His designs were pioneering, and he invented several features that are common in aircraft today, but although Rohrbach aircraft, especially the flying-boats, were successful and set world records, they were commercial failures. On the other hand, the Rohrbach Roland landplane...