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Civil Aviation

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Victor Boys: True Stories from Forty Memorable Years of the Last V Bomber

Product code:  21256AVI
The Handley Page Victor was the third of the three V Bombers and the most long lasting, serving in the RAF until 1993, and still doing invaluable service in the first Iraq war. Moreover, in 1982 it was only the Victor tanker fleet based on Ascension Island that made possible the Vulcan Black Buck bombing of Port Stanley airfield and the long-range reconnaissance of Argentina by Nimrods. Victor Boys tells the story of all the great things that were achieved, recounted first hand by the operators ...

Valiant Boys: True Tales from the Operators of the UK's First Four-Jet Bomber

Product code:  21249AVI
There are tales of testing atom bombs in the Australian desert, dropping hydrogen bombs in the middle of the Pacific and, as a complete contrast, attacking airfields with conventional bombs in Egypt during the very brief and abortive Suez campaign. We are reminded of how the Valiant provided the UKs first nuclear deterrent by always having some armed aircraft on stand-by twenty-four hours a day, supported by their air and ground crews, ready to be flown at a moments notice on a one-way trip to l...

Jaguar Boys: True Tales from the Operators of the Big Cat in Peace and War

Product code:  21232AVI
Originally intended as a trainer, the Anglo-French Sepecat jet, equipped with the very latest in weapon-aiming and navigational equipment, eventually became the backbone of the RAFs tactical strike-attack and recce forces for a decade from the mid-1970s. In these pages, the Jaguar Boys pilots, engineer and ground crew tell of the aircrafts drawbacks and joys, their sadness at losses, and their pleasure at its development into a readily-deployable and outstandingly-capable fighter-bomber for the ...

Vulcan Boys : From the Cold War to the Falklands: True Tales of the Iconic Delta V Bomber

Product code:  21263AVI
The Vulcan, the second of the three V bombers built to guard the UK during the Cold War, has become an aviation icon like the Spitfire, its delta shape instantly recognisable as is the howling noise it makes when the engines are opened for take-off. Vulcan Boys is the first Vulcan book recounted completely first hand by the operators themselves. It tells the story of the aircraft from its design conception through the Cold War when it played out its most important job as Britains nuclear deterre...

The Curtiss-Wright AT-9: The Other Jeep

Product code:  58303AVI
he Curtiss-Wright AT-9 was a twin-engined advanced trainer aircraft used by the United States during World War II to bridge the gap between single-engined trainers and twin-engined combat aircraft. It became known as the ""Jeep"" in the United States Army Air Force (USAAF). This book by the senior curator with the Museum of Flight at Boeing Field in Seattle examines the genesis of the AT-9 design, its competitors and, eventually, comrades-in-arms, with whom AT-9s were always the best and the bri...

Laker: The Glory Years of Sir Freddie Laker

Product code:  48609AVI
Sir Freddie Laker one of Britian's most renowned entrepreneurs. The author looks at Sir Freddie early career including the Berlin airlift and Aviation traders. Onto Laker Airways and his battles with governments both in the UK and USA for the licences to fly his revolutionary Skytrain service. Looking at his brilliant and sometimes over ambitous business ventures and also looking at his turbulent personal life.

The Javelin

Product code:  81139AVI
The Javelin experienced a protracted development period and did not enter RAF service until 1956. Progressing through nine operational marks, the Javelin proved to be more than capable of intercepting the Canberra at altitude. To keep pace with increasingly better performing Soviet bombers, the fighter's engines were progressively upgraded from 8,000 lb each in the Mk 1 to 12,300 lbs of thrust in the Mk 8. The Javelin remained the RAF's sole all-weather fighter until the arrival of the English E...

Olympic Airways: A History

Product code:  83536AVI
The Olympic Airways story has a fascinating history. It is a story of evolution, conflict, personality and politics, all set against a backdrop of world and civil wars, coups and counter-coups. Although almost everyone had heard of the towering, controversial, leading figurehead who oversaw much of the central part of the story: Aristotle Socrates Onassis. His colourful life is threaded through this history, lending it drama and multiple levels of intrigue. The airline's story cannot be told in ...

Aircraft: Past and Present

Product code:  09522AVI
From the day when a machine made it possible to challenge Earth's gravitational force, aeronautics and later astronautics have fascinated humanity. This book features classic and little-known photographs of the planes that have marked the history of the sky's conquest, of the 20th-century's military conflicts, and the development of commercial air transport. Discover in over 300 photographs the heroes and pioneers that conquered the sky and the technology that permitted humans to fly.

The British Overseas Airways Corporation-A History

Product code:  83574AVI
history of The British Overseas Airways Company, from its origin in 1940 to its closure in 1974. The scope of the book takes in the history of the Second World War, examining the ways in which this conflict shaped the development of the airline. BOAC kept wartime Britain connected with its colonies and the allied world, often under enemy fire, and initially with desperate shortages of long-range aircraft. It played an important role in the transportation of passengers during an incredibly fraugh...

Planely Schmitz : An Airline Anthology

Product code:  60414AVI
"Schmitz's fascinating essays and articles provide a unique and enthralling perspective on the global commercial aviation scene."Craig West, Airliner World magazineSebastian Schmitz has been writing for the world's top aviation magazines for many years, including Airliner World, Airways, Air International among others, sharing with readers his tales of flying on some of the world's most colourful and exotic airlines to some of the most remote corners of the globe.For the first time, Astral Horiz...

Yellow Series 6140: Messerschmitt Bf 109 G with DB 605 A Engine

Product code:  81685AVI
The Messerschmitt Bf 109 was the German World War II fighter aircraft that was the backbone of the Luftwaffe's fighter force. The G series, was introduced in mid-1942 and benefited from the powerful 1,455 horsepower DB 605 engine. This book describes and illustrates all the famous Bf 109 G variants with the DB 605 A engine. It explains in detail the technical aspects of all the different variants and is lavishly illustrated by specially commissioned colour artwork profiles, 1/72 scale plans for ...