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Civil Aviation

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Lockheed Model 9B Orion - The Swiss Revolution

Product code:  50153AVI
The Few - will be a series of titles where the focus will be on airliners that were only built or operated in a few numbers and flew for a particular airline. This book about the Lockheed Model 9B Orion operated by Swissair is the first title in this series. At the time of the introduction in Europe of the Lockheed Model 9B Orion, most airliners in service flew at an easy pace of 140km/h. Swissair, the national airline of Switzerland, introduced now an aircraft that could fly at a speed of maxi...

Turkish Airlines

Product code:  21314AVI
Turkish Airlines origins go back to 1933, when the Turkish government established the State Airlines Administration with a fleet of just five aircraft and a staff of 24 people. Initially, the route network only included domestic destinations, but nearby international cities were soon added. In 1956, the airline was restructured into the current Turkish Airlines and began to rapidly expand internationally. Of course, the airline has faced many challenges, such as the Turkish deregulation of air t...

Water Bombers

Product code:  21468AVI
As the climate changes it is even more vital to protect the world’s forests. This book looks at both the past and the current selection of aircraft tasked with protecting our natural environment from fire. Covering America, Canada, Russia, southern Europe and others, the operators of these fleets are looked at, along with their aircraft, as they go about their dangerous task. With over 230 images, this book covers all the aircraft types used – World War Two fighters and bombers, piston-powered a...

Interflug: East Germany's Airline

Product code:  39636AVI
Interflug was the airline of communist East Germany. Their route map was flown by exotic Soviet-built airliners and shaped by political alliances, with trips into war zones in some of the most obscure corners of the planet, all under the constant surveillance of an ever-present police state. This beautiful book, the first on Interflug in the English language, tells the fascinating story of this unusual airline, its mission, its fleet, and what it was like to fly it, to work there, and to live in...

British Midland Airways

Product code:  20362AVI
British Midland Airways existed under different identities for over 70 years, during which time it grew from a flying training school into a scheduled transatlantic airline. With the prime routes dominated by British Airways (BA) and its predecessors, it had to diversify, and one product of this was its ‘instant-airline’ concept, which saw its Boeing 707 aircraft flying in the liveries of many African and Middle Eastern companies. Lufthansa acquired a major financial stake in 2009, but even they...

The Comet Racers Uncovered

Product code:  95429AVI
Detailed research with photos and tables of the D Havilland DH88 Comet.

Lockheed TriStar: The Most Technologically Advanced Commercial Jet of Its Time

Product code:  58828AVI
In April 1972, after six gruelling years of design and development, the then Lockheed California Company delivered the most technologically advanced commercial jet of its era, the L-1011 TriStar, to its first client, Eastern Airlines. To mark the moment, Lockheed decided to make an impressive statement about the capabilities of its new medium-to-long-range, wide-body trijet airliner. It did so in spectacular fashion.

Flightcraft 24: Boeing 747

Product code:  60029AVI
From early, difficult days designing and proving the world's biggest-ever airliner, the 747 has grown into a 400-ton leviathan capable of encircling the world. Boeing took a massive billion-dollar gamble and won. Taking its maiden flight in February 1969, designing and building the 747 was a huge challenge and involved new fields of aerospace technology.

Airliners of the 1990's

Product code:  20232AVI
The 1990s brought with it many important developments for the aviation world. The early jetliners found themselves hauling cargo, and the new wide-bodies became the normal mode of passenger transport for long-haul travel, along with the creation of a whole new generation of types for short-haul. With over 300 colour photographs and informative captions, this book reflects the many ways in which the industry changed during the 1990s. Taking the reader on a visual journey, this book explores some ...

Pioneering Spirit - The Story of Air France and Predecessors

Product code:  50191AVI
Now one of the world’s leading airlines, Air France had its origins in the major restructuring of the French air transport industry through the merger of Air-Orient, Air Union, Société Générale de Transports Aérien (SGTA) and Compagnie Internationale de Navigation Aérienne (CIDNA), which became the Société Central pour l’Exploitation de Lignes Aériennes (SCELA). This was renamed Air France on 30 August 1933, following the takeover of the assets of the bankrupt Aéropostale. The above airlines the...

Boeing 747 - 50 Years of an Aviation Icon

Product code:  58528AVI
Lavishly illustrated and meticulously researched, aviation specialist Ingo Bauernfeind new Boeing 747 history celebrates more than half a century of an enduring aviation icon that has changed commercial aviation since its maiden flight in 1969. With personal accounts written by former pilots and crew members, it covers the aircraft’s early history and development, its ground breaking technology and systems, its remarkable and distinguished commercial career and the numerous variants that have ex...

The Schneider Trophy Air Races: The Development of Flight from 1909 to the Spitfire

Product code:  70011AVI
When Jacques Schneider devised and inaugurated the Coupe d'Aviation Maritime race for seaplanes in 1913, no-one could have predicted the profound effect the Series would have on aircraft design and aeronautical development, not to mention world history. Howard Pixton's 1914 victory in a Sopwith Tabloid biplane surprisingly surpassed the performance of monoplanes and other manufacturers turned back to biplanes. During The Great War aerial combat was almost entirely conducted by biplanes, with the...