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Civil Aviation

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An-124 The Age of Ruslan

Product code:  RUS103AVI
This is book takes a in-depth look at the history of this iconic Russian Aircraft An-124. Contains colour photos, equipment specifications and its various rolls during service. In RUSSIAN LANGUAGE.

Soviet and Russian Ekranoplans - Expanded Edition

Product code:  09365AVI
One of the more unusual strands in aviation history has been the development of wing-in ground effect vehicles or known by their Russian name Ekranoplans. this book takes a look at their history.

Pan American Clippers: The Golden Age of Flying Boats - Revised 2nd Edition

Product code:  02304AVI
The photographs and artwork will enable readers to grasp the magnificence of the transoceanic flying boats...The accurate, authoritative text will provide information that is new to all but the exceptionally well-informed aviation buff and nonspecialist historian." -Choice. This edition has an additional 16 pages to add more historical and current information and provide additional detail and context to the historical importance of the flying boats, including: Pan Am's Art Deco terminals; the fa...

Flying in Post-War Skies Private & Club Aviation 1946-80

Product code:  38706AVI2
A detailed account of private aviation and clubs from aroundfor the period 1946 to 1980.

BOAC and the Golden Age of Flying: Britain's Iconic Global Airline

Product code:  16105AVI
The relatively short period during which BOAC existed, 1940 to 1974, coincided with what is sometimes known as the Golden Age of Flying. Not so much a history of BOAC, although history obviously comes into it, but more a celebration of an era which will never return. In our times air travel has become much safer, much cheaper, but infinitely less glamorous. This book recalls the days when flying was thought to be so exotic that major Hollywood movies were set entirely in airport departure lounges.

The Fokker Fours

Product code:  50054AVI
In September 1929, Anthony Fokker presented his first four-engine aircraft in the United States of America: the Fokker F-32. It could carry up to 32 passengers and was at its time the largest and most luxurious aircraft in the world. Then, unexpectedly, came the Black Thursday at the New York stock exchange and the world changed… Ten aircraft were either completed or in various stages of assembly, before the production was stopped. The idea of a four-engine aircraft caught on with KLM Royal Dutc...

Ty-144 Tupolev Supersonic Jet Aircraft

Product code:  40240AVI
This is book takes a in-depth look at the history of this iconic Russian Aircraft Ty-144. Contains colour photos, equipment specifications and its various rolls during service. In RUSSIAN LANGUAGE.

Short Brothers: The Rochester Years

Product code:  57303AVI
Short Brothers was established in 1908, the first British aircraft manufacturer, with the company moving to Rochester during the early years of the First World War. At Rochester Shorts produced some of their most famous aircraft, beginning with a number of designs for the Royal Naval Air Service. During the inter-war years the company specialised in large flying boats, these undertaking pioneering flights while establishing a series of regular over water air routes operated by Imperial Airways.

The Story of the McDonnell Douglas MD-11

Product code:  60452AVI
After creating the successful but controversial DC-10 jetliner in the 1970s, McDonnell Douglas updated the type to create the MD-11 in the early 1990s. A lack of resources and time meant the MD-11 became much less - a sales flop with a questionable safety record - and much more - a unique three-engines machine in the twin-jet era that went on to have a long and interesting career both in passenger operations and freight hauling. This book shows the development of the aircraft with a detailed loo...


Product code:  60445AVI
Christiaan Van Heijst is a 747 pilot and one of the world's leading aviation photographers. Cargopilot is a heavyweight luxury coffee table volume bringing together over 200 of his photos from the cockpit and from the ramp on six continents, from technically fascinating views of the operation of the Boeing 747 to evocative earthscapes and the rare sight of other aircraft in flight. Christiaan was also witness to a unique phenomenon, which lit up the floor of the Pacific Ocean at night as his car...

The Flying Boat That Fell to Earth: A Lost World of Air Travel and Africa

Product code:  91166AVI
Half boat, half aeroplane, taking off in a thrilling tumult of spray, the flying boat was the journey of a lifetime, Imperial Airways' legendary Empire boats flying up the Nile in nightly hops and alighting on lakes and in harbours all the way down to South Africa. But in 1939 the Empire boat Corsair came down in fog on a tiny river in the Belgian Congo and, through an epic salvage operation, gave its name to a new village in an obscure backwater of Central Africa. The Flying Boat That Fell to E...

Race Across the Atlantic : Alcock and Brown's Record-Breaking Non-Stop Flight

Product code:  47839AVI
It was Tuesday, 15 July 1919 and for the residents of Clifden on Ireland's west coast this was not to be a normal day. Just before 08.40 hours, descending out of the gloom, came a large, twin-engine aeroplane lining up for final approach. One or two on-lookers recognised the danger straight away for this was an area of soft bog, but their attempts to alert the pilot were in vain. The aircraft began to sink and, with a squelch, came to a sudden stop, the tail rearing up in the air. Dazed and with...