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Civil Aviation

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The Marvels of Flying : Air Travel Before 1950

Product code:  43716AVI
This book explores all aspects of air travel (not just aircraft) including airport architecture and advertising together with its influence on popular culture focusing on the golden age of flying from 1920 to 1950

Aircraft and Aerospace Manufacturing in Northern Ireland. An Illustrated History - 1909 to the Present Day

Product code:  30608AVI
With a focus on aircraft manufacturing from the first pioneering steps by Lilian Bland, Joseph Cordner and a young Harry Ferguson, through a century of developments in production and research, this book highlights that history and the people who played a part in it. Aircraft from both military and civil backgrounds are featured including the early experiments, licensed military production, flying boats, conversions, fascinating research designs, jet and missile developments, and successful trans...

Frontier Airlines A History of the Former Frontier Airlines 1950-1986

Product code:  40406AVI
The story of the former Frontier Airlines from its founding just after World War II to its eventual demise in the 1980s. The book is supplemented with a large number of historical photographs showing aircraft, crews, airports, and memorabilia.

The Lympne Trials Searching for an Ideal Light Plane

Product code:  35736AVI
Aviation photo album of light planes. Contains a 23 page introduction and introduces Lympne in Kent as the town that played its part hosting the various trials to find the ideal light plane design. Contains hundreds of archive photos, facsimile illustrations, tables etc.

Air2 Aviation photos & Flight reports

Product code:  18651AVI
English language, this book is a colour pictorial album featuring aviation photo 'galleries' from Sudan, Bangladesh, Dubai, China, Los Angeles and more. Trip reports include China Southern A380; Saudi Arabia Airlines, DC8-62 Classic Jet Tours, the last Singapore Airlines B747 flight, L1011 Thai Sky airlines plus many more.

Douglas DC-1, 2, 3 75 years Celebration Edition 3

Product code:  04298AVI
Looks at the DC-3 in the Antarctic; the Lisunov Li-2 in worldwide service,the Ryan Field C-47s, Transair and Dakmaster in addition to extensive details of modifications and conversions to the basic airframe. Illustrated with over 250 black & white photographs from the 1930s to the present of a wide range of aircraft in both civil and military markings, most published for the first time, plus memorabilia. Includes a complete registration/serial-constructor’s number cross-reference to all the n...

Boeing B-47 Stratojet A Photographic History

Product code:  37581AVI
The Boeing B-47 Stratojet was produced in larger numbers than any post World War II American bomber. A total of 2,042 aircraft were built by the Boeing, Douglas and Lockheed aircraft companies. With more than 25 variants, the B-47 was the backbone of the Strategic Air Command throughout the 1950s. In “The Boeing B-47 Stratojet in Pictures”. The author takes the reader from the development of the first XB-47 through the final YB-47C and B-47Z concept aircraft

Imperial Airways From Early Days to BOAC

Product code:  35149AVI
Photographic history of Imperial Airways containing a plethora of black and white photos with lengthy captions. Contains a lengthy introduction, facsimile documents and illustrations

From Props to Jets. Commercial Aviations' Transition to the Jet Age 1952-1962

Product code:  71468AVI
Detailed history of commercial flight, from propeller driven airlines to the dawn of the jet engine. Contains accurate technical data and photos of rare memorabilia and original artwork.

Heathrow 2000 Years of History

Product code:  50862AVI
Revised and updated history of Heathrow which tells the extraordinary story of how this small isolated hamlet, once surrounded by fields and market gardens, has now been transformed into the largest international airport in the world. The book recalls the earliest recorded human activity in the area over 2000 years ago and uses maps, plans and historic photos to illustrate the slow development of this rural district from medieval times.

100 Years of Advertising in British Aviation

Product code:  45274AVI
Lavishly illustrated book which brings together the various artworks (posters, advertising material etc), used by various aviation organisations, flying schools and manufacturers in Britain to promote their services and products over the past century. Traces the development of this art form from pre-WWI to the present day.