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Civil Aviation

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Fabulous Flying Boats A History of the World's Passenger Flying Boats

Product code:  39698AVI
The author describes what it was like to be aboard one of these huge passenger flying boats, as air crew and as a passenger covering the globe-trotting air routes, from Europe to the Far East and to the Americas

The Vickers Viscount The World's First Turboprop Airliner

Product code:  01954AVI
This book tells the full story of the world's first turboprop airliner, from its Brabazon Committee beginnings, through its early flight trials program and entry into service, to its almost unassailable position as the world's number one medium-haul turboprop, including its astonishing breakthrough in the USA, where it single-handedly broke the big American manufacturers' stranglehold on the airliner market.

I Have Control A pilot's view of changing airliner technology

Product code:  03974AVI
The author, a fully qualified jet captain, went on to become an experienced pilot trainer and examiner, ultimately flying ten different types with nine different airlines. In this book he tells his story and that of the changing face of airline development

Gone but not Forgotten Defunct British Airlines Since 1945

Product code:  56276AVI
This book covers a large number of British airlines that have ceased operating since 1946. Some collapsed due to financial difficulties and others were taken over by larger airlines or ceased operating altogether

Haynes Manual Airbus A380 2005 to present

Product code:  11089AVI
The author looks at the A380’s design and construction, its high-tech cockpit and innovative cabin design, the remarkable engineering behind its 22-wheel undercarriage, and the complex nature of the A380’s operation.

Boeing 737 The World’s Jetliner

Product code:  53253AVI
First launched in 1965, the Boeing 737 by many measures, is the most successful and long-standing jetliner in the history of aviation. This book provides and an in-depth look into the story of this extremely significant jetliner and the environment that has contributed to its success. Includes a technical chapter that defines the systems in addition to a detailed walk-around section.

VC10 An Icon of the Skies : Boac, Boeing and a Jet Age Battle

Product code:  75326AVI
This book blends the story of the VC10 in airline life and also asks the question 'what lay behind the sales failure of the VC10?' Key players in the story include Tony Benn and Brian Trubshaw.

The Avro 748 The Full Story of the 748, Andover & ATP

Product code:  04922AVI
Describes the development history of each type including the Hindustan Aeronautics 748, providing performance and dimensional data and highly detailed individual histories of all the aircraft built. Details every operator of each type and utilisation of each aircraft. Contains detailed line drawings and photos, in addition to a CD of histories and operator histories.

From the Flightdeck

Product code:  36826AVI
The author recounts with honesty and passion his experiences 'from the flightdeck' and conveys the reality of flying aeroplanes for a living.

De Havilland Drover - Australia's Outback Workhorse

Product code:  04915AVI
This book tells the story of the De Havilland Australia Drover and demonstrates that it most definitely was not a Dove with an extra engine. The author explains the genesis and design of the Drover as a replacement for the pre-war Dragon; the issue with the variable pitch propellers, which arguably sealed the commercial fate of the aircraft along with the attempts to solve this and the subsequent fitting of Lycoming engines

Heathrow Airport An Illustrated History

Product code:  55118AVI
A pictorial history of one of the busiest international airports in the world, Heathrow celebrates its 70th birthday in 2016 and this book charts the story of the airport through photos and a written history of the airport

The Pictorial History of BOAC and Associated Airlines

Product code:  36148AVI
The illustrated history of the B.O.A.C. and associated airlines, covering the fascinating story of the UK's long-range carrier from its formation in 1939 until the creation of British Airways in 1974.