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Civil Aviation

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The Aviation Art of Roy Huxley

Product code:  92868AVI
Following on from the great success of Roy Huxley’s first book of paintings The Golden Age of Matchbox Art, this second book features more of Roy’s very distinctive artwork which has appeared on box-art, collectors’ plates and calendars over the past 40 years. Ranging from biplanes to fifth generation fighters, this book is a glorious album of aviation art at its finest. It is also an exclusive limited edition with only 500 copies being printed.

De Havilland Canada - Beaver to Bash 8

Product code:  22458AVI
Over the years, de Havilland Canada has manufactured a number of remarkable commercial aircraft: the Beaver (considered the ultimate bush plane, against which every other bush plane is measured), Otter, Twin Otter, Dash 7 and Dash 8. It also developed the unique Buffalo and Caribou military transports, some of which ended up in airline operations. From floatplane operations in Canada, Alaska and the Pacific and up-country flying in Twin Otters in Africa and elsewhere, to glacier operations with ...


Product code:  23752AVI
The desire for airliners that could fly faster and higher than all that had gone before them was ingrained into the commercial aviation world from the end of the Second World War. The STAC - Supersonic Transport Advisory Committee was formed in October 1956 and would be in charge of development of and responsible for the many manufacturers that would be needed to build an aircraft named Concorde. Bearing in mind the complexity of the aircraft, Concorde was one of the world's safest considering t...

A Century of British Aeroplanes in Old Photographs

Product code:  39338AVI
So what we have here is really looking at British aeroplanes in the 20th century, except that some of them despite not being British have been included as they are interesting and have associations with Britain. Think of this book as a curated and highly annotated collection of photographs that the author has compiled to illustrate how aviation has developed over the last hundred years. The book is jam-packed with over 300 photos all accompanied by lengthy detailed captions.

British Light Aviation – A Shifting Emphasis: Vol.2

Product code:  39246AVI
Devoted to British Light Aircraft 1946-1970 it sure is in detail. Including projects and designs unfulfilled. Includes things like the radical Essex Aero Sprite an ahead of its time plane, with a name that suggested it was made from pure sugar, but never built. These might have beens are examined individually and accompanied by profile drawings and specifications. The book ends with two appendices, one on light aircraft manufacturing tools and the other on the Rollason Midget Racer Competition o...

British Light Aviation – A Shifting Emphasis: Vol.1

Product code:  39239AVI
For readers familiar with Arthur’s work this book and its companion volume are typical – an eight page preface and a sixteen page introduction! The first two chapters deal with the period up to the war then chapter three asks, Is Britain Really an Air-Minded Nation. The remaining chapters deal exclusively with the post-war period, including chapter six on the intriguing subject of the chicken and egg subject of engines. This volume finishes with a chronology of light aircraft and engines and a d...

The General Aviation Handbook - A Guide to Millennial General Aviation Manufacturers and their Aircraft

Product code:  05622AVI
From Business Jets and Turboprops to Light Sports and Ultralights 2000-2021. The General Aviation Handbook was last published in 2005 by Midland Counties Publishing as a quick reference to private aircraft built from 1945. Since then there has been a huge expansion in the number of types of new light aircraft, particularly in the Light Sport and Ultralight categories. General Aviation 2022 follows the same format as the earlier General Aviation Handbook for all fixed wing aircraft manufactur...

Airliners of the 2000s

Product code:  22564AVI
All decades of aviation have important developments and changes. In the 2000s, the European Airbus consortium finally overtook Boeing as the major producer of airliners, with a full range from the smallest, the A318, to the largest of all passenger aircraft, the A380. It saw the early jets either disappear or get converted to haul freight. The old piston-powered props still served in remote parts of the world but in declining numbers. On a sad note, the 2000s saw the final Concorde services, bri...

LOT Polish Airlines - Wings of Central Europe

Product code:  22601AVI
The first traces of Polish aviation can be found in 1910. However, one of the first fully domestic airlines, under the name of Aerolloyd, was formed in 1922 by Polish oil barons and operated from the Free City of Danzig, with the help of German investors. Aerolloyd, or Aerolot in Polish, initiated a merger with some smaller competing Polish airlines in 1927 to form LOT Polish Airlines, which was owned by the Polish state. During World War Two, when Poland was occupied by German troops, the airli...

Finnair: A Century of Nordic Aviation

Product code:  21949AVI
Aero Oy, which was later rebranded as Finnair, is one of the oldest surviving airlines in the world. The airline was established in 1923 and started up domestic flights alongside routes to the Nordic and Baltic regions. During World War Two, Aero Oy managed to continue its operations. After the war, thanks to its geographic location, Finnair was able to start up several routes to the Soviet Union. Later, the airline was the first carrier in the world to connect Europe with Asia via a polar route...

Varig - Star of Brazil

Product code:  22502AVI
Founded in 1927 by German immigrant Otto Ernst Meyer, Varig was one of Brazil’s earliest airlines. Serving a domestic network that covered an area roughly the size of the US, and an international network that travelled to four continents, Varig was a leader in the Brazilian travel industry. Its Air Bridge service linking Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo helped connect the country and made travel for its citizens

De Havilland Enterprises - A History

Product code:  85175AVI
Captain Sir Geoffrey de Havilland was one of the world's true pioneers of powered flight, a man as important to Britain in aviation terms as the Wright brothers were to America. From humble beginnings, he went on to develop some of the finest aircraft to see action during the First World War, before going on to create the illustrious company that bore his name. All of this began in his youth when, without experience, plans or instructions, he embarked on the ambitious task of not only building h...