Tankograd 5078 Militarfahrzeug Spezial: Biber: The bruckenlegepanzer 1 Armoured Vehicle Launched Bridge of the Modern German Army

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BIBER The Brückenlegepanzer 1 Armoured Vehicle Launched Bridge in Modern German Army Service The crossing of trenches, obstacles and small water channels always creates problems for combat forces, which eventually led to the development and fielding of special bridge-layer systems. The current Armoured Vehicle Launched Bridge (AVLB) of the Bundeswehr is the Brückenlegepanzer 1 Biber (Beaver). After the end of trials, MaK in Kiel received a contract in December 1971 for the delivery of 105 Biber bridge-layers with bridges. By April 1975, all vehicles and bridges had been handed over. This publiction shows the history and technology of the Biber in great detail using many hitherto unpublished exercise photographs and walkarounds as well as technical scale drawings.
BINDING Softback
ILLUSTRATIONS Colour photographs, black & white photographs, graphics.
Product Code 00606MIL
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