Modelling British World War II Armoured Vehicles

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This new book will be an essential reference for modellers and wargamers who build and paint World War II British armoured fighting vehicles. It provides extensive information on different types of vehicles, describing when they were used, by whom and for what purpose. In addition, the many modifications made to vehicles during the war are included, with guidance on how to create these for models. Step-by-step building and painting guides illustrate vehicles in 1/35, 1/72 and 1/76 scale. This book features models, often with a comparison of models from different manufacturers, M3 Grant Mk1, including a North African version Cromwell Mk IV Royal Marine Centaur Cavalier Observation Post Sherman M4A1 and Crab Crusader III AA Mk 1 Matilda Morris and Guy Quads, Bedford QLs, Scammell Pioneer Heavy Artillery tractor conversion, Anti-tank guns, e.g. the 'Pheasant', field guns, anti-aircraft guns, etc.
BINDING Softback
ILLUSTRATIONS Colour Photographs and illustrations.
Product Code 05473MIL
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