L’attaque silencieuse La capture des ponts belges de Veldwezelt, Vroenhoven et Kanne par les paras allemands, le 10 mai 1940

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French Text. This book focuses entirely on the planning, capture and defence of the three bridges over the Albert Canal at Veldwezelt, Vroenhoven and Kanne (10 May 1940) by the Sturmabteilung Koch with several stormgroups of German paratroopers. These battles for the bridges were eclipsed by the spectacular capture of the Belgian fortress of Eben-Emael and the Goebbels’s propaganda effects. The operation, carried out in a few hours, swept aside a defensive position which had been intended to delay an entire army for weeks. Contains over 600 photos, first-hand accounts and the complete list of those who took part (French update in 2017)
AUTHOR Oscar Gonzalez, Thomas Steinke, Ian Tannahill
BINDING Hardback
ILLUSTRATIONS Lavishly illustrated with 600 black and white photos and documents.
Product Code 49925MIL
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