The Naval Aviation in the Adriatic 1918-1991 Vol 2

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Bi-lingual English/Croatian text. This book describes the history of naval aviation in the Adriatic region, starting from the Austro-Hungarian Empire up until 1991 and the breakup of Yugoslavia. The authors trace the origins and development of the naval aviation in the region from their humble post-WW1 beginnings, their growth in the interwar period to the aerial operations during World War Two and focus on the unknown yet fascinating information on the 1941 April War, the operations of the Yugoslav Seaplane Squadron within the British RAF in Egypt in 1941 and 1943, and the actions of the Partisan seaplane fleet in 1943
AUTHOR Danijel Frka, Bojan Dimitrijevic
BINDING Hardback
ILLUSTRATIONS Colour, B&W photos.
Product Code 18019AVI
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