Les Aeroplanes Voisin

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n 1908 Neighbor and America the Wright were the only ones to build machines that really flew. In 1910 Voisin was still at the same level as Blériot, REP, Saulnier, and even above. Then lost in the Duck adventure and overtaken by Blériot, Farman, Breguet, he bounced back with the Type L which, with its derivatives, will be built in large quantities from the beginning until the end of the Great War. But the multiple prototypes inspired by his imagination, which are on the fringes, do not meet the success and Gabriel Voisin abandons from 1919 aviation to focus primarily on the automobile. And incidentally we can mention prefabricated houses, inflatable hangars, motorized bicycles, armored ..., but his heart remained attached to the aviation for which until his death, he draws some projects more or less utopian. On 176 pages, with more than 450 photos and a hundred shots 3 views and diagrams.
AUTHOR Henri Lacaze
BINDING Hardback
ILLUSTRATIONS Colour, B&W photos. Illustrations.
Product Code 80187AVI
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