Flightcraft 18 British Military Test and Evaluation Aircraft-The Golden Years 1945-75

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It could be argued that the heyday of British military aircraft flight testing began in the 1940s, and continued throughout the three decades that followed, during the so-called Cold War period. The Golden Years, 1945 to 1975 as this was arguably the most exciting period with many wonderful and new types rubbing shoulders with wartime and immediate post-war designs that were utilised for development purposes, making for an eclectic mix of shapes and colour schemes. Alongside the technical aspects of military testing and development, are the many and varied colour schemes and markings carried by the aircraft themselves - not only by the brand-new experimental designs, but by existing production machines, suitably modified, to greater or lesser degrees, to develop the technical advances in systems and weaponry. Scores of different aircraft types are covered. With over 65 rarely seen contemporary photographs from private collections and differing slightly from previous Flightcraft book formats, over 50 pages of specially commissioned full colour profiles and plan views, visually chronicling the diverse range of colour schemes and markings applied to these fascinating aeroplanes.
BINDING Softback
ILLUSTRATIONS Colour, B&W photos and illustrations.
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