Cold War 1945-1991 Iran-Iraq War : The Lion of Babylon, 1980-1988

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An account of a conflict fuelled by festering regional rivalries, the Cold War and the emerging threat posed by militant Shia Islam Fought on land, at sea and in the air using some of the most modern weapons money could buy, Western-backed Saddam Hussein's Sunni Iraq and Shia Iran under the ayatollahs fought themselves to a standstill. Once Saddam's armoured blitzkrieg had been halted and Iran's human-wave counterattacks fought off, it became a war of attrition with major battles fought for the possession of Khorramshahr and Basra.
AUTHOR Anthony Tucker-Jones
BINDING Softback
ILLUSTRATIONS 20 colour & 60 black and white illustrations
Product Code 28579MIL
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