SS10251 SH-60 Seahawk in action

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A detailed look at the U.S. Navy’s Sikorsky SH-60 Seahawk helicopter. The author includes the SH-60F Ocean Hawk with its AQS-13F dunking sonar for detecting submerged vessels, the HH-60H “Rescue Hawk” that can fly 250 nautical miles from base to perform a rescue and then return to base and which also serves in sea-air-land (SEAL) team operations, the MH-60R 'Strikehawk' loaded with sophisticated avionics that facilitate undersea warfare and surface warfare operations in shallow littoral regions as well as deep, blue water ocean environments, and finally the MH-60S Knighthawk with its two cabin doors that does everything from aeromedical evacuation and search and rescue to mine countermeasures and special operations transport.
AUTHOR John Gourley
BINDING Softback
ILLUSTRATIONS 260 colour photos.
Product Code SS10251
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