Aircraft Pictorial 9: Aircraft Painting Guide Vol 1

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Aircraft Pictorial 9 covers the interwar development of temporary camouflages, the creation of Dark Olive Drab and Neutral Gray paints, and the combination and standardization of the two colours as the Army Air Forces' basic camouflage scheme of World War II. The book includes:- 72 pages with 71 colour images, 46 Black and White images, and 8 contemporary drawings Manufacturing variations of standard paints Army-Navy camouflage agreements Desert camouflages Snow camouflages Anti-submarine camouflages Night camouflages Abandonment and reintroduction of camouflage Gray pathfinders and grey-bellied bombers Other forces' colours Aircraft Painting Guide Vol 1 will be a valuable addition to the library of any modeller, restorer, or aviation enthusiast.
AUTHOR Dana Bell
BINDING Softback
ILLUSTRATIONS Colour, B&W photos and illustrations.
Product Code 19920AVI
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