Shackleton Boys: Vol 1: True Stories from the Home Based 'Kipper Fleet' Squadrons

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Essentially a development of the Avro Lancaster via the later Lincoln, the Avro Shackleton was the RAF's first line of defence in the maritime role from 1951 for twenty years. The `Old Grey Lady', the `Growler', `20,000 rivets in loose formation', but mostly known simply as the `Shack', it is viewed with great affection by those who flew and maintained it. In addition to its traditional sub-hunting role, it was also used extensively for search and rescue operations. Operating around the world with squadrons based in the UK, the Mediterranean, Middle East and Far East, `Shacks' were also used to support the blockade of oil supplies to Rhodesia during the UDI crisis in the '60s and '70s, and searching for gun-running boats during the Indonesian Confrontation. Original photographs and extensive appendices.
AUTHOR Steve Bond
BINDING Hardback
Product Code 21126AVI
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