Classic Gatwick Propliners

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Back in the 1960s and '70s Gatwick became a hub for aircraft enthusiasts and photographers who, thanks to the viewing decks, could get up close to the aircraft and enjoy the eclectic mix of new jetliners and old propeller airliners. Tom Singfield, author and a fan of all classic airliners, has long dreamt of a book showcasing the glory days of Gatwick's classic airliners. After thirty years of searching out the very best colour images of that time, he is now able to publish the results of his searches in this book. These stunning pictures celebrate those wonderful times and the amazing and much missed `propliners' that operated from Gatwick for the first twenty years after its reopening in 1958.
AUTHOR Tom Singfield
BINDING Softback
ILLUSTRATIONS Colour Photographs
Product Code 89220AVI
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