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Limited Edition Reprint. This is a truly comprehensive study on the Russian T-34 Tank packed with hundreds of black and white photos, scale drawings, etc.
Price: £90.00
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T-34 Mythical Weapon
Colour photo album containing an extensive collection of previously unpublished photographs and charts of the M113 Zelda in IDF service
Price: £26.99
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M113 Zelda in IDF Service Part 2 Command & Medevac
The Scottish highlands played a pivotal role in the secret development of special service training during WWII. This book looks at the variety of special training establishments set up (mostly highland shooting lodges), and at how use was made of the landscape and coastline and of specialist civilian skills such as stalking and mountaineering
Price: £12.99
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Commando Country
The Iran-Iraq War was one of the bloodiest conflicts of the 20th century and accidentally created the current nightmare of Islamic fundamentalist terrorism.  VOLUME 2 takes up the account after Iraq withdrew from Khuzestan. VOLUME 1 still available
Price: £16.95
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Middle East @ War Volume 6 The Iran-Iraq War Iran Strikes Back, June 1982 - December 1986 Volume 2
Provides a detailed account of specialised light gun trucks produced by Italian industry in response to a specific request of the Regio Esercito between mid-1942 and mid-1943 and known as the Autocarro Speciale/Automezzo Speciale AS42 and AS43. Black and white photos and line drawings
Price: £15.00
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Mushroom Green Series 4122 Light Trucks of the Italian Army in WWII
This book is a modern historical interpretation of the Indian Army as a holistic organisation during WWII which looks into training in India and charting how the Indian Army developed a more comprehensive training structure than any other Commonwealth country.
Price: £29.95
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Approach to Battle Training the Indian Army During the Second World War
Well illustrated, this book covers the history and design of the Panzer II and Luchs including archive photos and colour drawings.
Price: £22.99
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Kagero Photosniper 25 Panzer II & Luchs The World War Two German Basic Light Tank
This study details the characteristics, capabilities and performance of the wide variety of armoured vehicles deployed by the SADF, from the Eland armoured car to the Ratel infantry combat vehicle and the Olifant tank
Price: £10.99
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New Vanguard 243 South African Armour of the Border War 1975–89
Contains previously unpublished scale drawings of Axis piloted bombs with historical framework and performance for each model/variant
Price: £20.00
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Axis Suicide Squads  German and Japanese Secret Projects of the Second World War
For many generations it was said to be 'every schoolboy's dream' to fly a Spitfire and this book gives the reader an insight into what is required. With the use of original wartime Air Ministry Pilot's Notes, historic flight test documents, modern flight reference cards and pilot's reports, this book details how the Spitfire was and is flown, and what the pilots thought and think of it nowadays
Price: £29.95
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Flying the Icon Spitfire
Well known modeller and author JM Villalba turns his attention to painting and weathering WWII aircraft of the United States Air Force. This DVD features Cockpit superdetailing; scratchbuiling techniques; masking; detailed paint mixtures, special markings, filters, fades, washes and decal techniques. The author has used the legendary Tamiya 1:48 P-51D Mustang to demonstrate the step by step sequences. Available in SIX Languages - English, Espanol, Deutsch, Cesky, Italiano and Francais. ALSO AVAILABLE IN NTSC FORMAT PRODUCT CODE 75287NTS
Price: £16.99
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DVD PAL FORMAT USF Detailing, Painting and Weathering United States WWII Fighters
History and development of the Northrop Grumman F-5 Tiger covering the types backgrounds, operators, colour schemes and roles. Includes Colour profiles, Modelling the F-5 in various scales plus walkarounds, list of kits, decals and accessories
Price: £14.99
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MDF Scaled Down 5 The Northrop Grumman F-5 Tiger
This book covers the history of combined aircraft designs created by Vladimir Vakhmistrov who referred to his projects as 'Zveno Aircraft' (where the Russian word 'Zveno' stands for 'Chain link' or 'Flight' combat unit), adding the names of aircraft which were included in each configuration. The book is extensively illustrated by the pictures from the author's archive, aircraft test reports, as well as specially prepared scale drawings and colour side views
Price: £21.95
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Vakhmistrov's Circus Zveno Combined Aircraft - The Projects, Developments, Testing and Combat
This study follows men such as Werner Molders, Hans-Karl Mayer and Rolf Pingel into battle, telling the stories of their victories, losses, and ultimate fate
Price: £13.99
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ACES 132 Jagdgeschwader 53 Pik-AS Bf 109 Aces of 1940
This issue is dedicated exclusively to the Mil Mi-24 Hind helicopter and features a walkaround, step by step guide on construction, painting and weathering. Also covers its history and development and includes many colour profiles and photos
Price: £14.99
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Aces High Hind Special
This issue is dedicated to modelling military helicopters and features builds of OH-58D; AH-1Z Viper; Bell UH-1H Huey; AH-64A Apache; H-34 US Marines; The swimming beetle plus much more
Price: £8.99
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Aces High Magazine 9 Modern War Horses Helicopters
Long awaited 5th volume in this series which covers the period from 1st October through to 31st December 1944 plus Operation Market Garden.
Price: £60.00
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Losses of the US 8th and 9th Air Forces Volume Five, ETO Area - October 1944 - December 1944
The author starts with the Victorian dockyard, and looks at HMS Dreadnought, which was built at the dockyard, as well as taking the reader on a tour of the yard and its naval role. Moving forward through the decades he considers the impact of the two world wars, as well as the Cold War, before finishing the story up to the present day
Price: £14.99
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Portsmouth Dockyard Through Time
Portfolio of 10, A3 (large format) light card 3d views and plans. Each board features either 3d views, scale plans and/or colour profiles. This portfolio features the German battleship Bismarck.
Price: £38.00
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The Battleship Bismarck Portfolio
First volume of a multi volume series that will cover all U Boats in German service from 1935 to 1945. This one covers in particular U1-U24 and features archive photos of the boats, the crew, colour profiles (drawings) in various scales from 1:150 to 1:35. Full English text
Price: £33.00
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UBootwaffe 1935-1945 Chronicles Victories Camouflage Markings Insignia U1-U24

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