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Colour photo album containing an extensive collection of previously unpublished photographs which chart the following derivatives of the Puma. Contains some 180 Colour photos, drawings and charts
Price: £29.50
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PUMA Heavy APC Centurion Based APC in IDF Service Part 3 With Carpet, Nochri & Dozer.
Leopard Turkish in Syria; Content includes: Commander’s Display Unit; Diopark's Rocket Launcher truck build review; Remote Thermal Sight: Takom's FV-432; Turkish Leopard 2A4: The first in Syria; Tiran 5 APC: Under 5 flags; IDF PUMA Carpet; New 8x8 for Australia: Boxer CRV and Patria AMD35 58 plus more.
Price: £9.99
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Abrams Squad The Modern Modelling Magazine 21
Expanded and revised edition of the original book first published in 2001 - this is the most comprehensive study of the Sherman Tank in IDF service. Contains a general description of the basic M4 series as built, the book looks in detail at the very first Sherman built in 1948. In addition to the gun tanks, there is also coverage of specialised vehicles, such as ARVs, dozers and mine clearing vehicles. Features images from official Israeli government sources as well as IDF veterans. The book also contains some never previously published photos of the APC developed by Lebanese engineers and used by the South Lebanon Army.
Price: £60.00
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Israeli Shermans Second Edition
Photo album containing colour full-view and walkaround captioned photos of the exterior of Denmark's main battle tank
Price: £23.50
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Danish Leopard 2A5DK and QRF
Limited edition issue celebrating the first 20 issues, this contains an index and summary of the best articles including: T-72/90; T-80/64; T-55/62; Leopard ; MRAP; 4 Wheels; 8 Wheels; Artillery; A/A Systems; APC; Battles; Building ; Wheels; Tracks; Mud; Dust; Chipping ; Rust; Diorama;  Accessories plus much more.
Price: £9.99
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Abrams Squad Commander's Edition
First in a new series devoted to the hardware of the Red Army, this book provides in-depth information in addition to a large number of photos, many never previously published before. This volume looks at the T-60 small tank which was the third most popular in terms of production numbers during 1941-45.
Price: £27.99
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Red Machines 1: T-60 Small Tank & Variants
FRENCH TEXT. Lavishly illustrated, this special covers  Soviet, English and French tanks included T-26; T-34; T-60/70; T-37/38/40; A12 Mk.II Matilda II/ Vickers Mk.III Valentine; Universal Carrier; Renault R35; Tracteur Lorraine 37L; Somua S35/ Panhard 178 plus much more.
Price: £14.50
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TNT Trucks & Tanks Hors Serie 26 Les bricolages de la Wehrmacht
Begins with a brief introduction and continues with a plethora of line drawings in various scales as well as colour profiles and masking foils
Price: £17.99
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Kagero Top Drawings 7034 Sd.Kfz.171 Panzer V 'Panther' Ausf A/D/G
Superbly illustrated volume that pays tribute to the 315 personnel who lost their lives while serving at 22 OTU during WWII. This volume chronicles events from January 1943 onwards which includes other eras of the airfield's history circa 1950/60, when Wellesbourne was host to the RAFs number 3 Glider Training School, School of Photography and Education, the Airfield Construction Branch and the Number 9 advanced Flying Training School in addition to the official re-opening of the airfield on 13 March 1981.

Volume 1 also available - product code 00425AVI
Price: £15.00
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Wings over Wellesbourne Volume Two 1943-2013
Photo reference album which focuses on the history of the First Jet Squadron Mirage 111C/B from 1962-79. It includes dozens of captioned photos of the aircraft, the pilots and crew, tables of kills and losses and a selection of colour profiles
Price: £20.99
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The First Jet Squadron Mirage 111C/B 1962-1979
This is a fully revised, updated and expanded edition with some 80 additional pages and 150 rare photos. The definitive guide to the Dornier Do 335, the all weather heavy fighter which was the fastest piston engine aircraft produced by Germany in WWII.
Price: £50.00
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Dornier Do 335 Pfeil/Arrow
The book examines the origins of the design, the prototypes and experimental aircraft and goes on to explain the modifications that were made to the last of the breed. The author has access to many previously unpublished photographs and experimental design plans
Price: £19.99
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The Avro Type 698 Vulcan Design & Development
Contains hundreds of photos of the Electric Bats (also known as the Rangers) to complement the historical content. The authors were able to use official (declassified) documents as well as first-hand accounts to five both a comprehensive photographic record but a history of the US Navy Electronic Intelligence gathering activities going back to WWII, beginning with the creation of the Cast Mike (Counter Measures) Project in 1942 and the deployment of early XARD receivers aboard aircraft like the Consolidated PBY Catalina and PB4Y Liberator.
Price: £53.99
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From Bats to Rangers A Pictorial History of Electronic Countermeasures Squadron Two (ECMRON-2) Fleet Air Reconnaissance Squadron Two (VQ-2)
This revised, expanded edition chronicles the development and career of the worlds predominant military airlifter, from its origins in the depths of the Cold War through the present day. It includes new information and pictures on current variants, along with updated appendices with present day units and active aircraft. Coverage includes gunships, electronic warfare and reconnaissance models, test-bed and special use aircraft, and Navy models.
Price: £28.99
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Lockheed C-130 and its Variants
Revised and updated 2017. Detailed book covering the A-10 Warthog including full coverage of the early A-10 and extensive coverage of the modern A-10A, A-10A+, and the "glass cockpit" A-10C.  Covers modern upgrade programs (Night Vision, LASTE, EGI-INS, Precision Engagement, etc.), along with modern weapons platforms (LITENING AT and Sniper targeting pods, GBU-38 JDAM, GBU-12, etc).
Price: £39.99
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The Modern Hog Guide The A-10 Warthog Exposed
The ultimate reference guide featuring hundreds of new and previously published action-packed colour photos in addition to a well documented history of the 2nd Attack Helicopter Battalion under which the type operates
Price: £24.99
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AH-64DHA Apache 10 years 2nd Attack Helicopter Battallion
This book gives an overview of the SR-71 Blackbird beginning with Cold War paranoia, Lockheed U-2 development and the concurrent SR-71 design. Also covered are the numerous technical problems and the sometimes radical solutions encountered in the SR-71's development
Price: £18.99
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Blackbird The Untouchable Spy Plane
On 1 April 2018 the RAF celebrates its centenary, marking 100 years since its creation in 1918 out of the merger of the Royal Flying Corps and Royal Naval Air Service. This book showcases a top 100 technical innovations that have been used and/or devised by the Service over the past century, ranging from heated flying suits to radar; and from panel fasteners to the VTOL Harrier.
Price: £25.00
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Royal Air Force 100 1918-2-18 Technical Innovations Manual
This book traces the development of French battleships from 1890 to 1922, and also covers the extensive modifications made to the survivors during the interwar period.  Illustrated throughout with line drawings and labelled schematics, plus many previously unseen photographs from Philippe Caresse's collection.
Price: £40.00
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French Battleships of World War One
Content includes The Sankt Georg-The Rebel Cruiser; Konigsberg-The Story of a Cruiser; Tragedy at Mers -el- kebir;The U-Bootwaffe in WWII; Navy of the Peoples Republic of China- Maritime Power of the Red Dragon
Price: £14.99
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Naval Archives Vol.6 (92006)

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