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Comprehensive reference album which offers a highly detailed walk-around of the Bundeswehr's variant of the Leopard main battle tank family. Includes a text introduction and an in depth look at the technical aspects of this tank. Aside from the hull and turret, the interior and the engine compartment are also covered in great detail.
Price: £19.99
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Tankograd in Detail Cold War Hero - Kalter Krieger Leopard 2A4
This lavishly illustrated encyclopedia contains technical and historical descriptions highlighting the key features and main differences between versions, technical datasheets, name changes introduced by the german engineers during WWII and 4 view colour drawings. Features Neubaufahrzeugh, Panzers I, II, III, IV, 35 (t), 38(t), Panther, Tiger I and Tiger II from 1933 to 1945
Price: £38.00
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WWII Arsenal. Panzer The German Tanks Encyclopedia
Lavishly illustrated with colour photos throughout, this is a how-to- guide focusing on painting and weathering a further 9 models in extensive detail including Tiger II, Grille Ausf. M, Nashorn PanzerJaeger, Sturm 33B, Char B1 bis in captured Beutepanzer form. Technique chapters are focused on Technique Proficiency, and Winter Whitewash finishes as it relates to German armour.
Price: £25.99
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Tank Art Volume 4 A Comprehensive Guide to building, painting and weathering German Armor
This is the story of the Brandenburg” Panther Battalion and its prior history as I Battalion of Panzer-Regiment 26 played out against the background of the collapsing fronts of the final year and a half of the war
Price: £56.00
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The Panther Battalion Brandenburg 1945 and its prehistory as I./Pz.Rgt.26
This book contains a plethora of photos that have not yet been published or have only appeared in hard to find unit histories and cover events in the ETO, from the Normand breakout until the end of the war. These photos were captured by trained cameramen and in most cases were taken under enemy fire as enemy shells landed nearby.
Price: £32.99
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The Forgotten Archives The Lost Signal Corps Photos 1
TWO VOLUME BOXED SET. The story of US Dodge trucks used by the US Military from 1940-1975. Illustrated over 1000 pages with 1750 photos, this book covers their early beginnings as modified civilian trucks to their development into some of the world’s finest tactical vehicles. Book One includes full coverage of the development of the VC series and continues with coverage of the WC series of ½, ¾-ton and 1½-ton trucks in all their wartime incarnations. Volume two contains five additional chapters detailing the development of the post-WWII Dodge tactical trucks such as the M37 and the M601 Power Wagon, and nine more chapters showing the Dodge trucks in use all over the globe with the U.S. Military. All major WWII theatres are covered, as well as extensive coverage of the Dodge in Korea, Asia, Europe and Vietnam.
Price: £99.00
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The Military Machine U.S. Dodge The development and deployment of Dodge military trucks 1940-1975. TWO VOLUME SET
With dual language captions (Hungarian/English) this photo album contains rare large format photos of the Su-85 and Su-100.
Price: £23.99
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Su-85 and Su-100 on the Battlefield
The story of the Jerrycan container which includes numerous documents, charts and profiles. With French and English text this book contains 150 models from the most common to the rarest examples. Content includes Krafstoff and Wasser Models, Accessories, Liveries and Paint markings, Exports, Post-war period, the 10 litre ABP, Derivatives of the canister, the chain of fuel distribution plus more.
Price: £34.00
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Wehrmacht Kanister 20 Liter The Jerrycan: A German Invention
Colour photo album containing 240 images with photo captions of this modern Soviet 203mm Self-Propelled Atomic Gun
Price: £18.99
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WWP Pion S27 in Detail (G43)
This publication describes the development history, the technology, variants and the only eight year long in-service life of the Conqueror heavy gun tank. Also covered is the Conqueror armoured recovery vehicle.
Price: £13.99
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Tankograd British Special 9023 Conqueror Heavy Gun Tank Britain's Cold War Heavy Tank
Insight into owning, restoring, servicing and flying Britain's first all-metal monoplane light bomber. Focusing mainly on the rebuild and return to flight of Blenheim Duxford Ltd's Blenheim Mk I, G-BPIV, by the Aircraft Restoration Company at Duxford, the author has been given exclusive access to all stages of the rebuild which has been photographed and documented.
Price: £25.00
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Haynes Owners' Workshop Manual Bristol Blenheim 1935 to 1944 all marks
Complete and detailed history of the Avro Manchester with many colour and black and white photos, with tables listing Squadrons, Units and representative aircraft, technical drawings, colour profiles and archive photos.
Price: £15.00
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Warpaint 103 Avro Manchester
Comprehensive history of the Lockheed F-94 Starfire beginning with prototypes and variants, this book takes a very detailed look at the aircraft itself and the squadrons that flew her
Price: £33.99
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Air Force Legends 218 Lockheed F-94 Starfire
In depth definitive reference work which covers the history of the Douglas A-20 Havoc. It looks at the Douglas Company, its founder Donald Douglas, and its designer, Ed Heinemann in addition to extensive coverage of production, interior and exterior aircraft sections, camouflage and markings, flying the A-20 and Post-war Disposal and Survivors.
Price: £66.99
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The Douglas A-20 Havoc : From Drawing Board to Peerless Allied Light Bomber
This book records the contests and, in considerable detail, the design, development and achievements of the participating aircraft in this  international seaplane contest in addition to those which failed to take part and aircraft projects which proved unrealistic
Price: £40.00
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Schneider Trophy Aircraft 1913-1931
This first volume describes and illustrates the history of Brandenburg Landplanes with chapters detailing Reconnaissance Types, Two-Seat Fighters, Single-Seat Fighters, and Bombers. Scale drawings feature the Brandenburg Type D, DD, L15, L14, L16 and G.I.
Price: £41.00
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Hans-Brandenburg Aircraft of WWI
Lavishly illustrated history of the Lavochkin fighter aircraft. Chapters include genesis, the LaGG-3; La-5; La-5F & La-5FN; La-7 and Tandem versions. French text only.
Price: £14.99
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Aero Journal Hors Serie (20) Les Chasseurs Lavotchkine 1939-1945
The definitive guide to building the much anticipated Tamiya 1:32 Mosquito FB.VI this step by step guide shows you how to build and paint the model, Mosquito restoration close-up, Historical summary with wartime reference photos; other Tamiya Mosquitos in 1/72 and 1/48 scales and aftermarket decal and accessory summary
Price: £13.95
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How to Build Tamiya's 1:32 Mosquito FB.VI
This book presents the story of Britain's aircraft industry and pays tribute to the test pilots who pushed the envelope to ensure Britain remained and remains at the forefront of aviation endeavour. Beginning with Dizzy Addicott this volume ends with Raymond Huxley. Volume 2 will feature the remaining test pilots.
Price: £24.95
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Testing to the Limits 1 British Test Pilots since 1910 Addicott to Huxley
Magazine covering the aviation history of Japan. This issue covers Japanese Staggerwings; Human bomb ohka pilots ready for take off; Kumakawa Ryotaro's Stinson Reliant & Messerschmitt Bf108 taifun; 6-Shi - The experimental fighter that wasn't good enaf; Tachikawa Ki-36 accident report; Experimental 11-Shi special reconnaissance seaplane (E11K1)
Price: £12.99
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Arawasi International Spring 2015 Issue 12
Brief history of the Tegetthoff Class and Viribus Unitis  in addition to a table of SMS Viribus Unitis general characteristics. With dozens of 3d close up views
Price: £18.99
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Super Drawings in 3D SMS Viribus Unitis Austro-Hungarian Battleship
In 1940, Schnee successively commanded three Type II U-boats a U-6, U-60 and U-121a in which he registered his first successes in the Atlantic. From the beginning of 1941, he was appointed commander of U-201, the first Type VIIC U-boat allotted to I Flotilla. With the aid of logbooks and the recent discovery of a considerable collection of images from a war correspondent on one of U-201's missions, the author examines Schnee's combat career
Price: £24.99
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German U-Boat Ace Adalbert Schnee The Patrols of U-201 in World War II
German naval officer Rolf Mutzelburg was one of the outstanding figures of the WWII German U-boat arm who received the highest decorations of the period and became one of the top U-boat aces. The discovery of a photo album from a U-203 crew member, complemented by images sourced at the U-Boat Archive at Cuxhaven enabled the author to illustrate the history of this u-boat
Price: £24.99
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German U-Boat Ace Rolf Mutzelburg. The Patrols of U-203 in World War II
Soryu was an aircraft carrier built for the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN) during the mid-1930s. A sister ship, Hiryu, was intended to follow Soryu, but her design was heavily modified and she is often considered to be a separate class. This book looks at the original concept and design changes, the Aircraft Carrier Hiryu, hull characteristics, Armamen and Operational Service of both aircraft carriers.
Price: £25.99
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The Japanese Aircraft Carriers Soryu and Hiryu

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