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Illustrated book contains a brief history covering the LVTP5 and its variants. With dozens of previously unpublished photos covering the construction of and building of the LVTP5 by the St Louis Car Company Records. Photos show the LVTP5 in combat during the Vietnam War and include some revised colour photos from private collections.
Price: £60.00
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LVTP5 Landing Tracked Vehicle Personnel  and its variants
Portrays the combat history of the Tigers of 4. (s) Pz.Kp and 13(s) Pz.Kp of SS-Panzer Grenadier Division Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler and from 22.10.1943 of 1.SS-Pz.Div Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler which were later used to establish the s.SS-Pz.Abt 101 and 501. Lavishly illustrated with just 36 pages of text and many colour drawings of Tigers dn Konigstiger from 1943-45 in addition to many photos and organigrams showing the composition of the two companies and two Abteilung
Price: £49.00
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Tigers and Konigstiger of the LSSAH and s.SS-Pz.Abt 101/501
A comprehensive study of the Panther tank, this book includes detailed explanations of factory-specific details such as Zimmerit application and camouflage patterns reproduced in colour. Detailed perspective drawings are used throughout to describe the production timeline of this vehicle along with hundreds of photos, many published for the first time.
Price: £65.00
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Panther External Appearance & Design Changes
Colour photo album containing walkaround photos of the Kenworth W900A Vintage US TRuck Tractor of the Jaroslav Votik Collection.
Price: £18.99
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WWP Kenworth W900 In Detail (R80)
Photo album containing large format, colour walk-around captioned photos of  the Leopard 1 Bridgelayer.
Price: £16.50
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Biber Leopard 1 Bridgelayer
Colour photo album which looks at the history, development and operations of the United States Army's missile-firing main battle tank.
Price: £31.99
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M60A2 Main Battle Tank Volume 1
Colour photo album containing an extensive collection of previously unpublished in-action and training-role photographs of the Hummer in Israeli Defence Force Service.
Price: £24.99
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HMMWV Hummer HMMWV (Hummer) in IDF Service
A Visual History of the German Army's Multi-Purpose Vehicles, this title combines archival images with examples of restored vehicles and include a rare 1945 model.
Price: £21.99
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Kubelwagen and Schwimmwagen
Detailed guide containing a history of the Bomber and Photo-Reconnaissance Mosquitos. With pages of technical information, walkaround images and technical diagrams, camouflage and markings schemes, model builds and  modelling information, archive photos, four-views, 3d isometric views and fold-out 1:48 scale plans.
Price: £18.95
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Airframe & Miniature No.8 The de Havilland Mosquito Part 1 Bomber & Photo-Reconnaissance
Comprehensive history of the Mig-17s development history which charts the Mig-17s combat operations in major wars and local conflicts. Compares it to its foreign counterparts and details Mig-17 fleets and operators worldwide
Price: £39.95
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Famous Russian Aircraft Mikoyan MiG-17
The third volume in this series returns to November 1942 to explain the background to the first major Anglo-American venture Operation Torch, the invasion of French North Africa. Air-sea activities, the reconnaissance flights and the growing day and night bomber offensives form a major part of this volume.
Price: £50.00
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A History of the Mediterannean War 1940-1945 Volume Three Tunisia and the End in Africa November 1942-May 1943
This book describes in detail the camouflage and markings of the day fighters used by the Polish Air Force from 1939 to 1947. Aircraft of Polish, French, British, American, Soviet and German origin are shown. Includes many historical photographs and colour profiles showing the colours and markings carried by the aircraft
Price: £40.00
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Polish Fighter Colours 1939-1947 Vol.1
The book contains a plethora of Airshow photography from the annual Experimental Aircraft Association  AirVenture. The book features Warbirds, Vintage aircraft, Home-built aircraft, Seaplanes  and Ultralights and some EAA firsts such as the SR-71 and F-35)
Price: £16.99
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EAA Oshkosh The Best Airventure Photography
Detailed history of the Martin Mariner and Marlin which includes history and development, camouflage schemes, line drawings, in detail and a list of available kits.
Price: £15.50
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Warpaint 108 Martin Mariner & Marlin
In depth detail and photographic coverage looks at the Genesis of the AD, Skyraiders into service; Proving Grounds; Skyraider at War in Southeast Asia; French Air Force; Royal Navy Skyraiders; Other operators; Modelling the Skyraider; Technical diagrams and walkarounds. Includes 5 appendices
Price: £19.99
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Modellers Datafile 26 The Douglas A-1 Skyraider A Comprehensive Guide
This third part closes the Libyan Air Wars mini-series with a detailed insight into the final US-Libyan confrontation, which took place in early 1989, and culminated in another high-profile air combat between the most modern jet fighters of the Libyan Arab Air Force, and the US Navy
Price: £16.95
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Africa@War 22 Libyan Air Wars Part 3: 1986-1989
BEA and the trident saga; 125 Shootdown in Angola; New York Airways; Norway's wartime transport service; Silver city in Libya; German-Japanese technological co-operation; Leef Robinson VC; Custer and the channel wing.
Price: £13.50
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The Aviation Historian Issue 16
This issue focuses on chipping effects and techniques using especially designed chipping products, liquid masking, or salt grains, among other methods.
Price: £8.99
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The Weathering Aircraft. Chipping
Brief introduction to history and specification of the Shinano followed by a plethora of 3d graphic walkaround images and a large pull out sheet of 1:400 line drawings.
Price: £21.99
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Kagero Super Drawings in 3D 16046 The Japanese Aircraft Carrier Shinano
Submarine history for the enthusiast, a plethora of archive black and white previously unpublished photos, from archives, private collectors and well known experts in the field. This edition includes U-2519, U119, U-60, U-72(VIIC), U-141, 1940, plus much more.
Price: £19.99
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U-Boot Im Focus Edition No.13
Heavy illustrated, this new edition tells the story of the carrier that contributed more than any other warship to the naval victory in the Pacific. The author answers such questions as What was it like to be inside the cockpit of a Dauntless dive bomber as it bored in on its target or what kind effort was required to unstick the ship's huge rudder when it was damaged by a bomb
Price: £72.50
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The Big E  The Story of the USS Enterprise
French text. Biographies of 7 German U-Boat 'aces' including Gunther Prien; Reinhard Hardegen; Viktor Schutze; Fritz-Julias Lemp; Heinrich Lehamann-Willenbrock; Werner Hartmann and Herbert Schultze.
Price: £14.50
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LOS! Hors Series 12 As des U-Boote

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