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Colour photo album containing an extensive collection of more than 260 one of a kind photos, drawings and charts of the Merkava Siman 2 MBT in IDF service. The tank is described and photographed in many of its recent in-action and training roles.
Price: £23.99
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Merkava Siman 2 Merkava Mk 2 in IDF Service Part 1
Content includes: Winterfell Leopard 1A5NO2; T-80 Vanilla; Remote thermal sight; Turret Basket; Three Axled MRAP; Type 99 ; Combined Resolve II with Ralph Zwilling
Price: £9.99
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Abrams Squad The Modern Modelling Magazine 9
Contains a plethora of colour photos featuring Stryker Modernisations between 2008-2014
Price: £23.99
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WWP Stryker Family Upgrades in Detail
Starting with a brief history of the Magyars, the book then describes the political situation in Hungary before and during WWII, the building of the armed forces, the growth of domestic arms manufacturers, the organization of the armed forces units and how they changed during the war. It describes in detail the various campaigns of the war. The authors drew on official Hungarian and German archives and a number of private sources inside and outside of Hungary
Price: £50.00
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Magyar Warriors : The History of the Royal Hungarian Armed Forces 1919-1945 Volume 1
Second in this new series covering a theatre of conflict from the Great War to the present day. This volume focuses on the British and Canadian forces during the Normandy Campaign
Price: £16.00
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Camouflage & Markings Armour in Theatre Normandy Campaign Part I. British and Canadian forces Volume 2
This publication shows the introduction and early service years of the M1 and IPM1 main battle tanks in exercise shots taken with the USAREUR in Germany 1982-88. Includes reports of personal experiences, background information on the exercises involving the new MBT, information on the camouflage schemes and a chapter on the markings of the M1 equipped US units.
Price: £13.99
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Tankograd American 3023 Cold War Warrior M1/IPM1 Abrams The M1/IPM1 Abrams Main Battle Tank during the Cold War 1982-88
Comprehensive history of the design, development and operational use of the A13 Mk I and Mk II. Content includes history, photo gallery, line drawings and colour profiles.
Price: £24.99
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Armor Photo History #4 British Cruiser Tank A13 Mk.I Mk.II
French Text. New Series, covering the French Army 1914-1940. This issue covers the Cavalerie Mecanique. Content includes Chars et automitrailleuses RDP, GRCA et GRDI; Voitures tous terrains; Motos side-cars de dragons portes
Price: £11.99
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Histoire de Guerre Blindes & Materiel HS2 Cavalerie Moto-Mecanique.
A lavishly illustrated and detailed account of the military vehicles of the Bulgarian army, this book provides a detailed history of motor vehicles and armoured fighting vehicles in the Bulgarian Army from 1936, during the last years of peace, until the end of the Second World War in 1945.
Price: £59.95
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The Armoured Forces of the Bulgarian Army 1936-45 Operations, Vehicles, Equipment, Organisation, Camouflage & Markings
This book features the story of the SS-Wiking division during the battles for the Caucasus oilfields in the summer of 1942
Price: £14.99
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The Tartar Road The Wiking Division and the Drive to the Caucasus, 1942
FRENCH TEXT. This lavishly illustrated monograph was designed to help readers identify the different variants of this famous fighter aircraft. Chapters include: Genesis; Bf 109 A to D; Bf 109 E and T; Bf 109 F; Bf 109 G and K; Special versions; Lengthy annex
Price: £37.99
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Messerschmitt Bf 109
Contains brief historical introduction with technical description and upgrade programmes, Pegasus engine, Flight profiles, Martin Baker ejection seat, serials, build numbers etc followed by a plethora of coloured photos including detailed walk-around shots, colour profiles and drawings
Price: £35.00
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Aircraft References for Enthusiasts and  Modelers 2 BAE Systems Harrier II  The Harrier GR.9 and T.12 in the 21st Century
Comprehensive review of the B-24 Liberator which details the number of aircraft produced, different producers, versions and variants, airframe differences, armament, equipment of all the variants, B-24 worldwide users (USAAF, US Navy and RAF) and much more. Lavishly illustrated, the book contains hundreds of black and white photos, colour profiles and numerous tables listing RAF Coastal Commanders, History by serial number, Offensive and Defensive armament, equipment, Camouflage etc, by serial number.
Price: £79.99
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B-24 Liberator in RAF Coastal Command Service with focus on Aircraft of No.311 (Czechoslovak) Squadron RAF
This is the story of a Dakota told from the plane’s perspective. This plane was involved in a terrible accident whilst being transported on the road in the Netherlands on 13th August 2010. The plane was originally used for military purposes during the second world war and was then used for a variety of functions including flying airmail, day-old chicks, on display at memorial museums etc. Contains dozens of photos and colour illustrations.  Includes 52 min DVD in English, French and Dutch which won Best Documentary Award at the Docfeed film festival  Eindhoven
Price: £42.00
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Broken Dreams The Story of a Unique Dakota told by the Old Lady Herself inc DVD
Well known modeller and author JM Villalba turns his attention to painting and weathering Luftwaffe WWII Aircraft in this 80 minute DVD. He explains the different techniques for painting and weathering and features mixtures of Tamiya acrylic paints to obtain RLM colours, interior paint, photo etched parts, fabric seat belts, masking methods, filters, fades, washes, metallic paints, chipping paint etc. Available with English, Spanish, German, Czech, Italian and French subtitles.

Available in NTSC format - product code 19508NTS
Price: £14.50
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DVD Painting and Weathering Luftwaffe WWII Aircrafts PAL FORMAT
Reference album documenting this legendary fighter in its first year of operational service - from the combat debut over Marcus Island and the Solomons in August 1943 until the end of the Marianas operation in late summer 1944.
Price: £15.99
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SMI Library 19009 Grumman F6F Hellcat Vol.1
Describes and illustrates the development of German G-type bombers in WWI with photos, colour profiles, production quantities and serial numbers of aircraft, aircraft dimensions and performance specifications. Includes 1:72 drawings of the Albatros G.III and Rumpler G.I, G.II and G.III.
Price: £34.99
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German G-Type Bombers of WWI
The real story of the German airmen awarded the Pour le Mérite, covering the men in context with the war’s chronology of events. For each recipient a comprehensive, well- illustrated biography of the man is given, together with photos of the aircraft he flew, followed by details of his service, including other awards won. This volume looks at Manfred von Richtofen, the famous Red Baron, the highest scoring and most famous ace of the Great War and one of the earliest recipients of the Pour le Merite.
Price: £25.00
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The Blue Max Airmen German Airmen Volume 5 Manfred von Richthofen
Dutch/English language – this book looks at the history and use of the North American B-25C/D/J in the Royal Netherlands  East indies Army Air Force. Includes archive black and white photos, colour emblems, illustrations and photos.
Price: £14.99
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Dutch Profile B-25C/D/J Mitchell ML-KNIL/RNEIAAF 1942-1945
The history of 14 Squadron which has operated a wide array of aircraft types I the seven decades since WWII. For much of the time it was based in Germany and participated in the Gulf War in 1991, operations over Iraq 1991-2009, in the Kosovo conflict in 2000 and latterly during the war in Afghanistan war.
Price: £25.00
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Blue Diamonds The Exploits of 14 Squadron RAF 1945-2015
A one-stop reference guide containing a wealth of historical photos, walkaround pictures, diagrams from original flight manuals, detailed structure of armament and equipment, colour profiles and kit list
Price: £11.95
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The Dornier Do 17Z A Technical Guide
This book is a compilation of material originally published in the specialist hobby magazine Model Boats in which the master modeller has passed on many gems of experience to would-be builders of ship models, including anchors, gun barrels, portholes, decking, rudders, propellors, fittings; turrets; basic hulls; close-up on life saving gear; cowl ventilators; computers and modelling, photographing your models and working to dimensions.
Price: £9.99
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Ship Modelling Solutions
Submarine history for the enthusiast, a plethora of archive black and white previously unpublished photos, from archives, private collectors and well known experts in the field. This edition includes U-9, 1944; Type VII C Boote U-69, 1941; U0415, 1944; Typ IX C Boote U-507, 1942; U503; U-264, 1943;  U-339, 1941; U-968, 1944; U-438 plus much more.
Price: £17.99
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U-Boot im Focus Edition No.11
A historical overview containing photos, maps, drawings, and operational detail, including all air-wing deployments. It covers all of the "Forrestal" class super carriers and the follow-on ships and is illustrated with over one hundred illustrations and maps covering the Western Pacific, Vietnam, Mediterranean, Middle East, Indian Ocean, and Caribbean
Price: £34.95
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The Supercarriers The Forrestal and Kitty Hawk Classes

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