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This book tells the story of the M4 Sherman tank in the Pacific theatre of operations during World War II including its first disastrous engagement on "Bloody Atoll" Tarawa, in the island of Okinawa
Price: £34.95
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Sherman in the Pacific : 1943-1945
Colour photo album containing walkaround photos of the Saladin in Belgian Royal Army and Military History Museum and in British Private collections.
Price: £17.99
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WWP Saladin Mk.2 in Detail (R78)
Guide featuring award winning military dioramas with step by step instructions. Dioramas include Elephant Down! Zama 202BC; Teutoburg Forest 9AD; Reply of the Zaporozhian Cossacks to Sultan Mehmet IV of the Ottoman Emipre; Landsknechte Players; Stalingrad A Fight to the Last; Resting at Karachev; The Grim Reality of War Poland 1939
Price: £28.99
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Scale Model Handbook Diorama Modelling 2
Black and white photos album focusing on the service and combat history of the Pz.Kpfw 38(t) and its variants in the 12th, 19th, 20th and 22nd Panzer Division
Price: £19.99
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Panzerkampfwagen Pz.Kpfw 38(t) in Wehrmacht 12th, 19th, 20th and 22th Panzer Division photo album
A thorough analysis of the Serbian Army of the period, its organization, its participation in military operations, its weapons, equipment, uniforms, and the system of orders and medals that was. It is a synthesis of all available literature and contains extensive visual material and photographs, including colour uniform plates, contemporary paintings, portraits and photographs and many colour photographs of preserved artifacts and documents.
Price: £35.00
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The Serbian Army in the Wars for Independence Against Turkey 1876-1878
WWI Special Features include CA-1 Schneider; Saint Chamond; A7V; Mark IV Male
Price: £14.99
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SS12056 M2/M3 Bradley in Action
This issue looks at colour modulation, black and white, J-style and spotligh and includes Imperial Army Type 5 Chi-Ri; Messerschmitt 262; Greek F-16; Sherman Exercise plus more..
Price: £8.99
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The Weathering Magazine 12 Styles
This book covers all aspects of the Australian Leopard family with a thorough look at the initial trials, the tank’s introduction into service, technical problems, training exercises, maintenance and modifications. Each of the different variants and their capabilities are examined, as well as camouflage and markings, ammunition, crew dress, training equipment and the Leopard’s tactical and strategic mobility
Price: £47.50
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Leopard AS1 - Leopard in Australian Service [Hardback]
Photo album containing large format, colour walk-around captioned photos..
Price: £18.50
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Canadian Leopard 2A6M CAN in Afghanistan
Volume 2 describes the late war variants of the T-34 tank and includes a plethora of illustrations including period photos, 1/:35 scale drawings, 30 colour profiles. Czech Text
Price: £32.00
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Sovietsky Stredni Tank T-34/85
French Text only.  Printed on high quality paper, this book provides a lavishly illustrated history of the KG100 Wiking bomber unit.
Price: £36.00
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KG100 Wiking Le Kampfgeschwader 100 L'escadre au Drakkar (1938-1944)
The definitive encyclopedia of model aircraft performed by the world famous modeller Diego Quijano. This second volume looks in-depth at Interiors and External Assembly in particular, landing gear, piston and jet engines, fuselage and wing assembly, detailing and masking
Price: £28.99
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Encyclopedia of Aircraft Modelling Techniques 2 INTERIORS AND ASSEMBLY
Insight into owning, restoring, servicing and flying Britain's legendary Cold War Bomber. This book enables the reader to take a close up look at the Vulcan's complex construction.
Price: £22.99
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Haynes Owners Workshop Manual Avro Vulcan 1952 onwards (B2 model)
Lavishly illustrated, this book provides the history of the EC 145 & UH-72 helicopter family and looks at their use worldwide for the Emergency Medical Services, transport and rescue services. Full French and English text
Price: £27.99
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EC 145 & UH-72
History and development of the Firefly, Its use in the Fleet Air Arm Service, Export Versions, the Firefly in combat, Colour profiles, Modelling the Firefly in various scales plus two appendices with walkarounds, list of kits, decals and accessories.
Price: £9.99
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MDF Scaled Down 3 The Fairey Firefly F.MK1 to U.Mk.9
A Detailed Guide To Building & Finishing 1/72 Scale Aircraft. This series is aimed at the modeller as a practical working tool for their workstations. Step by step instruction takes the modeller through each stage of the build process including rigging techniques, rivet detail, white distemper, natural metal finish plus lots more.
Price: £13.95
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Airframe Workbench Guide Aircraft Modelling.
Updated and expanded, this book has been supplemented with new pictures and includes a number of 3d graphic images. Each variant is specified and described, including few which never progressed beyond the drawing board.
Price: £19.99
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Kagero Monograph 61 Arado Ar234 Blitz Vol.1
A photographic tribute to the British Phantom - the author has brought together a collection of colour photos that cover the entire history of the UK Phantom from 1968-1992.
Price: £42.00
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F4UK Phantom 1968-1992
This book is a photographic record with behind the scenes views, newly discovered nose art, social events, maintenance and repairs all with detailed captions.
Price: £29.95
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Zemke's Wolfpack A Photographic Odyssey of the 56th Fighter Group during the Second World War
Divided into two sections, part 1 covers the design of each of the classes built after 1922 and in addition to text, includes detailed data tables, specially-drawn plans and schemes based on official documents, and carefully-selected photographs from French naval sources and from private collections. Coverage runs down to the Le Hardi class, the last pre-war design. Part 2 deals with the historical side, covering the eventful careers of these ships before, during and after the war
Price: £40.00
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French Destroyers Torpilleurs d'Escadre & Contre-Torpilleurs 1922-1956
Photographic archive containing images of battleships of the Imperial Japanese Navy, many unfamiliar and some very rare. The period covered is from the launch of Japan's first real contemporary battleship, Yashima, built by Armstrong's on the Tyne, up the final destruction of her fleet in the Pacific in 1945.
Price: £25.00
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Japanese Battleships 1897-1945 : A Photographic Archive
Brief history of the Battlecruiser Hood with a table of specification as at May 1941. Contains an extensive collection of detailed line drawings and 3d graphic illustrations.
Price: £15.99
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Kagero Top Drawings 24 The Battlecruiser HMS Hood
Brief history of this Japanese Cruiser which includes Technical description, fire control equipment, modernisations and specifications which contains an extensive collection of 3d graphic illustrations and a pull out section of line drawings
Price: £18.99
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Super Drawings in 3D The Japanese Cruiser Chikuma
This book compares the development of British, French, Italian, Japanese and US navies after the Washington Naval Treaty of 1922.
Price: £16.99
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Warships After Washington : The Development of the Five Major Fleets 1922 - 1930

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