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Full colour large format photo album with lengthy captions, inside and outside walkaround photos and  data table. Chapters cover the M1038; M1025; M1044; Avenger; M997; M1151A1; M1165A1; M1152A1with B2 SECM
Price: £19.99
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High Mobility A Visual History of the US Army's Modern High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle Part 1
This is the first regimental history of the SS-Panzerregiment 12, which offers an insight into the regiment from its training in summer 1943, till the end of the fighting in Normandy in August 1944. This book is lavishly illustrated with hundreds of wartime photos of personnel, tanks, aerial views, maps, memorabilia, etc. FRENCH TEXT
Price: £50.00
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Sur le Front de Normandie Panzerdivision Hitlerjugend Panzer Regiment 12 Normandie 1944 (2)
The author breaks down WWII into eight periods and evaluates the tanks that fought in each. Criteria focus on design, armour, firepower, mobility, crew training, tactics, affordability and dependability. A product of more than forty years of research, this book relies on extensive documentation from archives, government studies, and published sources much of which has not been previously published in English language
Price: £24.99
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Armored Champion The top Tanks of World War II
A complete guide for basic to advanced figure painters, this book teaches the reader how to use acrylic paints, the theory of colours, paintbrush techniques, special techniques, Painting silver thread and painting effects with blemishes and reflected light. Fully illustrated with more than 200 full colour photos
Price: £13.50
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How to paint Figures with Acrylics

This publication contains in action photographs and a detailed walk-around of this German Mine-Clearing Tank. With 94 colour photos

Price: £10.99
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Tankograd in Detail Fast Track 15 Keiler
WWI Special Features include CA-1 Schneider; Saint Chamond; A7V; Mark IV Male
Price: £9.50
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Panzer Aces No.49
Describes the colours and markings applied to the T-34-85 in service with all major users including unit and tactical markings, individual names and insignia and air recognition features.
Price: £20.00
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Mushroom Green Series T-34-85 Camouflage & Markings 1944-1945
detailed study of the Musketeer regiments of the period, this book  provides a regiment by Regiment analysis, detailing the lace patterns throughout and showing both flags. Includes mostly new artwork plus contemporary illustrations from the 1740-1770 period
Price: £40.00
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Prussian Musketeers of the War of Austrian Succession and the Seven Years War  Uniforms, Organisation and Equipment
Volume two completes this in-depth history of the colours and markings of Finnish Fighter aircraft deployed during WWII. Describes the colours and markings of fighters obtained from France, the USA, Germany, the USA and the USSR. Features many previously unpublished photos.
Price: £35.00
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Finnish Fighter colours 1939-1945 Vol.2
A one-stop reference guide containing a wealth of historical photos, walkaround pictures, diagrams from original flight manuals, detailed structure of armament and equipment, colour profiles and kit list
Price: £12.95
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The Macchi MC.202 Folgore A Technical Guide
This book delves into the details of individual Israeli F-4 Phantom/Kurnass crew missions and their day-to-day operations during the war starting on Day 1, 6th October and ending on Day 19, 24 October 1973
Price: £49.99
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Ghosts of Atonement : Israeli F-4 Phantom Operations During the Yom Kippur War
Colonel Miodrag P. Tomic finished the Great War as the most experienced Serbian pilot with three aerial victories and remained in the service of the Air Force of Jugoslavia until the April war of 1941. He kept notes of events from the development of the Serbian Air Force which have been preserved and translated into this comprehensive, lavishly illustrated history. Bi-lingual text Serbian/English.
Price: £35.00
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Miodrag P Tomic Serbian Air Force Memorial
This book charts the story surrounding the advanced German aeronautical technology of the Second World War, through current-day innovations and beyond, into the all-wing future of tomorrow.
Price: £25.00
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Secret Wings of WW II : Nazi Technology and the Allied Arms Race
This book describes the development and service history of the Sukhoi-Su-15 and includes colour reference schemes, review of available kits and line drawings.
Price: £16.99
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Flightcraft 5 Sukhoi Su-15 The Boeing Killer
A highly detailed account of the history of the 56th Fighter Group which includes a large number of photos never previously seen. Includes photos from the 56th FG Halesworth and from the personal archives of the author and 56th veterans.
Price: £20.99
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Fighting Units in Color 5 56th Fighter Group Part 1 Kings Cliffe Kindergarten - Halesworth Heyday
Profusely illustrated with technical drawings and fascinating data and information on the Luftwaffe's most radical fighter and bomber projects, this book chronicles the revolutionary designs of the secret flying wings construction of which commenced at the start of 1945
Price: £25.00
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The Ultimate Flying Wings of the Luftwaffe
Contains more than 600 high quality photos of the Draken in service with the air arms of Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Austria, Informative texts covers technical and operation history of the Draken and a serial list includes data on delivery, wing codes, retirement and fate for all Drakens. A brief unit histories include badges for all Draken users
Price: £43.00
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Nordic Airpower 6 Saab 35 Draken The Ultimate Portfolio
Volume Seven covers from the 1st January 1941 – 16th April 1941.  This period covers the dark winter days of the Blitz where German bombers were roaming over the length and breadth of the UK.
Price: £25.00
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Luftwaffe Crash Archive Volume 7 1st January 1941 to 16th April 1941
The author, a historian and artist travelled around the English countryside talking to eye-witnesses recording what happened in the dramatic summer of 1940. His notes, sketches and maps are gathered together alongside his photographic collection to give a unique insight into the Battle of Britain by the people who saw it happen
Price: £25.00
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Battle of Britain Sketchbook
FRENCH TEXT.  Lavishly illustrated magazine. This issue looks at Type XXIII U Boats; HMS Glorious vs Scharnhorst & Gneisenau; La bataille navale de Guadalcanal; Trois jours du Keith Destroyer, Dunkerque, Dynamo; Wilhalm Gustloff La Tragedie; Le Retour du Monitor
Price: £6.99
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LOS! 20 Le Magazine de la Guerre Navale, Aeronavale et sous-marine TYP XXIII Les Combattants de la Derniere Heure
First in a new series which aims to concentrate in-depth on a specific ship. Contains walkaround views, list of available kits and a step by step guide on how to produce a masterpiece
Price: £15.99
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Modelships Monographic Series Modelling Full Ahead 1 Knox & Baleares Class 1:700 1:350
Photo reference containing some of the most iconic and important merchant ships of the latter years of WWII which includes shots of the men who sailed and worked on them
Price: £14.99
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Images of War Merchant Sailors at War 1943 - 1945 - Beating the U-Boat
Contains the usual diverse range of articles devoted to the design, development and service history of the world's combat ships. Combines original research, new book reviews, warship notes, an image gallery and features articles such as The Battleships of the Patrie Class; Post-war Weapons in the Royal Navy; The Tragedy of the Submarine Mariotte, Known as the 'Toothbrush'; and Developments in Modern Carrier Aviation
Price: £40.00
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Warship 2015 37th Volume
Submarine history for the enthusiast, a plethora of archive black and white previously unpublished photos, from archives, private collectors and well known experts in the field. This edition includes U-18 1943; U-223 1943; U-52 1941/42; U-382 1943/44; U-68 1941; U-2524, U-3514, U-2502 1945; U-622, U-221 plus much more
Price: £17.99
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U-Boot im Focus Edition No.12

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