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Colour photo album containing an extensive collection of previously unpublished photographs of the Magach 7 & 7C in Israeli Defence Force Service. Includes many mini-chapters describing the development and different systems
Price: £22.99
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Magach 7 IDF Patton M60 Magach 7 & 7 Gimel in IDF Service Part 1
All you need to know to build outstanding vignettes and dioramas step by step through over 380 questions and answers and more than 1300 high quality photos.
Price: £49.95
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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions for Constructing & Painting Dioramas
Revised edition of the Modeller's Guide to building Tamiya's Steel Wheeled Tiger I which includes Building the basic model; Weathering; Techniques to achieve realistic zimmerit; Details of production variations and SIX detailed versions of the Steel Wheeled Tiger I and two detailed versions of the Sturmtiger. Includes a bibliography and list of useful reference books.
Price: £13.95
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How to Build the Steel Wheeled Tiger I REVISED EDITION
This book focuses on the German offensive in the south of the Kursk salient that was the high point of the Battle of Kursk. It addresses all units that fought in the battle, not just the Panther and Tiger tanks, not just the SS, not just the tank busting Stukas.

The book includes 29 fold-out maps, 94 maps in the text, 41 charts, graphs and diagrams, 166 tables, 194 statistical sheets covering each engagement, 100 separate sidebars of discussion, 66 German and Soviet commander biographies, and four photo sections with 289 photos. They are drawn from both German and Soviet sources
Price: £160.00
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Kursk Battle of Prokhorovka
A collection of images traces the factors that brought the M1 Abrams tank series from the drawing board to the front line
Price: £16.99
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Images of War M1 Abrams Tank
Renowned modeller Adam Wilder's modelling guide to the construction and painting of armour models. Volume 1 looks at Construction and includes chapters that look at Armour Modelling, Gallery of models, Choosing a subject and starting assembly, working with resin parts, removing segments of plastic from kits, cladding large open areas, applying weld detail, Zimmerit, creating impacts and working with photo etch and other metallic parts.
Price: £29.95
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Adam's Armour Modelling Guide 1 Construction
Overview of the history of armoured vehicles with a short description, images, colour profiles and table of technical data
Price: £12.99
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Fact File German Half-Tracks & Wheeled Vehicles 1939-1945
This publication describes the complicated development history, the technology and all variants of the Saxon in great detail. An additional chapter covers the export versions.
Price: £13.99
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Tankograd British Special 9024 AT105 Saxon Wheeled Armoured Personnel Carrier of the British Army 1977 to Today
This publication covers the introduction and the many technical improvements of the new 2A7-variant of the Leopard family in great detail.
Price: £14.95
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Tankograd Militarfahrzeug Special 5058 Kampfpanzer LEOPARD 2A7
French text. Lavishly illustrated, this detailed reference work spans two volumes covering the air forces of North Africa ( Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia). This volume features Renaissance de l'armee de l'Air, Ecoles, Centres d'entrainement, Liasons aeriennes, Escadres de chasse
Price: £31.85
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L'Armée de l'Air en Afrique du Nord 1940-1967 Tome 1
A second volume of fighter and bomber prototypes looking at aircraft from Britain, France, Italy, Switzerland and the former Yugoslavia. It includes un-built aircraft and NATO attack aircraft in addition to the British aircraft Hawker P.1052 and Short Sperrin
Price: £34.95
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X-Planes of Europe II Military Prototype Aircraft  from the Golden Age 1945-1974
The book describes the MiG-31's developmental history, including upgrade programmes, and features a full and comprehensive survey of the various MiG-31 model-making kits currently available on the market.
Price: £14.99
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Flightcraft 8 Mikoyan MiG-31 Interceptor
From the armed and deadly MQ-9 Reaper, the long endurance RQ-4 Global Hawk to the small hand-launched Cropcam and the Remus autonomous underwater vehicle, this book tells the story of the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in both civil and military applications.
Price: £19.99
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Drones. An Illustrated Guide to the Unmanned Aircraft That are Filling Our Skies
North American Aviation, Inc. (NAA) was a key player in the production of America's WWII war needs. From 1938 to 1944, NAA built over 40,000 aircraft, more than any other company in the United States most notably the  P-51 Mustang, B-25 Mitchell and AT-6 Texan. This is the story of the factory that built them
Price: £25.00
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Warbird Factory North American Aviation in World War II
This is the definitive account of the Avro Manchester based upon detailed research by the author in this now expanded version of the original 1995 edition. With 30% more text than the first edition, this account draws out, chronologically, the airframe and engine development intermixed with personal experiences from pilots and other personnel. Through the narrative several threads reveal the ultimate wisdom of persisting with a type which ultimately blossomed into the 'war-winning' Lancaster.
Price: £50.00
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The Avro Manchester : The Legend Behind the Lancaster
Colour reference yearbook with content which includes Fighter Force, Transport Force, Attack Helicopter Force, Assault Helicopter Force, Special Missions, Special Units, Air Defense Command, UAV Force, Training and Maintenance.
Price: £15.99
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Israeli Air Force Yearbook 2015-2016
In depth details and coverage of the Hellcat with chapters covering the Birth of an Icon; F6F-3, F6F-5, Hellcat Night Fighters and other variants; Hellcat in Combat with the US Navy and in Foreign Service; Colour profiles, modelling the Hellcat in various scale, walkaround photo section and technical diagrams
Price: £19.99
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Modellers Datafile 25 The Grumman F6F Hellcat A Comprehensive Guide
Lavishly illustrated history of Canadian Starfighters looks at Development, the Canadian Requirement, Canadair Production, Cold Lake, Europe 1 Air Division; 1 CAG, Finish and Markings and Weapons. Appendices look at bases and wings, CF-104 Units, Individual Aircraft histories; Canadair F-104G production; Starfighter colour profiles plus much more.
Price: £30.00
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Canadian Starfighters The CF-104 and CF-104D in Canadian Service 1961-1986
Detailed guide which includes a wealth of historical and modern photographs and a detailed study of the structure, equipment and armament used.  Contains pages of isometric views of all prototype and production airframes in addition to colour profiles by Richard Caruana. Final section lists of all  Hornet/Sea Hornet kits, accessories and decals produced in all scales. With Kit builds of the Special Hobby 1/72nd Sea Hornet NF Mk 21 by Libor Jekl and the Trumpeter 1/48th Hornet F Mk 1 by Steve Evans
Price: £17.95
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Airframe Album 8 The De Havilland Hornet & Sea Hornet- A Detailed Guide To The RAF And FAA’s Last Piston-engine Fighter by Richard A. Franks
Lavishly illustrated, this book examines Sir Sidney Camm's work to develop a successor to the Hawker Hunter firstly with the P.110 interceptor to meet the RAF Specification F.155T and the later attempts to produce a multirole aircraft in the shape of the P.1121. This book examines the airframe, engines, weapons, radar and avionics with their influence on the development of the aircraft themselves. The book draws on archive sources and interviews with the personnel involved.
Price: £12.99
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Hawker P.1103 & P.1121 Camm's Last Fighter Projects
This book covers the development of Royal Navy capital ships, including battlecruisers, from the pre-history of the revolutionary Dreadnought of 1906 to the last of the line, HMS Vanguard in 1946. The book contains sets of specially commissioned plans of the important classes by John Roberts and A D Baker III plus,  colour section featuring the original Admiralty draughts, including a double gatefold
Price: £45.00
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The British Battleship. 1906 - 1946
From the smallest of motor launches through steam yachts and converted ocean liners, Campbell McCutcheon tells the story of the First World War hospital ships. Many succumbed to accidents, mines or German submarines but many also faithfully provided a vital service without loss of life or accident but the biggest loss of both world wars was the hospital ship Britannic.
Price: £19.99
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Hospital Ships & Troop Transports of the First World War
This first volume (of a four volume series) on the German U-boats at Lorient, France, covers the period from June 1940 to June 1941, and reveals the evacuation of the port by the French navy and the subsequent takeover by the Kriegsmarine. Details the installation of the German navy at Lorient and the first year of the presence of the U-Boot arm in this port, as well as the major stages in the Battle of the Atlantic in which they participated. Tables list U-Boats that were docked at the Lorient by type, flotilla, commander and date of commissioning.
Price: £37.50
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The German u-Boat Base at Lorient, France : June 1940-June 1941 Volume 1
This book looks at the six Abdiel-class fast minelayers, the fastest and most versatile ships to serve in the Royal Navy in the Second World War told through first-hand accounts, official sources, and specially- commissioned drawings and photographs.
Price: £30.00
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Very Special Ships Abdiel Class Fast Minelayers of World War Two

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