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The authors focus on Panther tanks in Czechoslovakia and have meticulously documented and identified the various versions, assembly plants and the combat units in which they eventually served. Detailed captions accompany the photos, many of them previously unpublished, and several of which are also recreated as colour profiles


Price: £29.99
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AFV Photo Album Volume 3  Panther Tanks and Variants on Czechoslovakian Territory
This book contains photos and illustrations on the Dutch version of the self-propelled anti-aircraft gun (SPAAG) system Gepard called the PRTL and PRTL-GWI Cheetah. It includes in the field shots as well as a brief walk-around section
Price: £17.99
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Foto File 3 PRTL & PRTL-GWI Cheetah

This third volume completes the set on the history of the Tiger I tank and the units in which it served. It includes the histories of the following units: s.13./Pz.Rgt.  GD, III Tiger Abt./Pz.Rgt. GD, s.8./SS-Pz.Rgt., s.9./3. SS-Pz..Rgt., s.Pz. Abt. (Fkl.) 301, Tiger Kp. Meyer, Pz.Kp. Hummel, Tiger Gruppe Fehrmann, Panzerkompanie Paderborn, Panzerkompanie Panther, Panzerabteilung Kummersdorf / Munchenberg. Additional photos have been included for the following Panzer Abteilungen: 501, 502, 503, 504, 505, 508, 509, and 424.

Price: £89.99
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Tiger 1942-1945 Vol.3 Technical and Operational History
This is the first English translation of a detailed account of the battles around Vitebsk on the Eastern Front 1943-44, which resulted in the destruction of a large element of 3rd Panzer Army. The author Otto Heikämper was a high-ranking, experienced commander
Price: £25.00
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Vitebsk The Fight and Destruction of the 3rd Panzer Army
This issue focuses on beasts of the trenches. Features include Trainspotting; City of the Fallen; Fall Blau; M48A3 Patton- Vietnam Jungle Beast; Stuh 42G; Beginners' Guide; School of Techniques; Gallery of Beasts; Questions for the Workbench
Price: £8.99
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Tanker Techniques Magazine (9) Beasts of War
Contains a plethora of colour photos of the T-62 and Tiran 6 Main Battle Tank. With in action views, interior and exterior close-up photos plus much more.
Price: £27.99
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WWP T-62 in Detail (G52) T-62 Tiran & Tiran  Main BattleTanks

With dual language captions (Hungarian/English) this photo album contains rare large format photos of most if not all Ausfuhrungs of this well-known Panzer; from short to long-gunned.

Price: £25.99
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Panzer IV on the Battlefield 2. World War Two Photobook Series 16
From archive material and personal interviews, the author describes the 761st Tank Battalion's training, deployment and combat as well individuals, such as future baseball star Jackie Robinson, who served briefly with the unit stateside, their commander, Maj. Paul Bates, a white officer who fought against institutionalized racism while struggling with his own demons, and Sgt. Ruben Rivers, who gave his life to protect his fellow soldiers, one of only seven African American men awarded the Medal of Honour for World War II heroism.
Price: £19.99
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The Black Panthers The 761st Tank Battalion in World War II
A translated account and analysis of the actions of 3rd Panzer Group in Operation Barbarossa, written by the officer commanding, Hermann Hoth.
Price: £14.99
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Panzer Operations Germany's Panzer Group 3 during the Invasion of Russia 1941
Nearly 1,500 Tupolev Tu-16s were built for the Soviet Air Force and the Soviet Navy, and it showed remarkable longevity, the final examples being retired in 1993. The type saw combat from the Six-Days War of 1967 to the Afghan War and is still used in Chinese service today. The book covers the Tu-16's operational career and all known versions and contains previously unseen photos.
Price: £68.99
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Tupolev Tu-16 Versatile Cold War Bomber
This book chronicles the exploits of both famous and little-known pilots detailing how they pushed their P-47s, P-51s, Spitfires and Tempests to the limits of their performance in order to down the Luftwaffe's `wonder weapons'
Price: £13.99
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ACES 136 Allied Jet Killers of World War 2
An insight into the design, construction and operation of the legendary US Post-war single-seat attack aircraft that found fame in the skies over Korea and Vietnam..
Price: £25.00
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Haynes Owners Workshop Manual Douglas A-1 Skyraider 1945-85 (All Marks And Variants)
This book brings to light over 250 recently recovered Vietnam War photographs from Army aviation veterans many of which have never before been published.  Each photo is accompanied by a caption containing data particular for each featured image: helicopter name, unit, serial number, photo date, photo location, crew names, artist name, photo contributor, and anecdotal information.
Price: £25.95
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Vietnam War Army Helicopter Nose Art
This book describes the Ju87's design history and career including coverage of the various sub-types, from Anton to Gustav and their operational use from the Spanish Civil War to the end of World War Two. Includes a review of available kits, colour and black and white photos and colour profiles.
Price: £16.99
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Flightcraft 12 Junkers Ju87 Stuka
This book describes and illustrates all DFW aircraft of WWI including the little-known DFW C.I, C.II, and C.IV are shown in unit service for the first time
Price: £52.99
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DFW Aircraft of WWI
Second volume follows on from the in-depth study of 109 early versions (a&m5). Contains 40+ pages of technical information; 20+ pages of walk-around images and technical diagrams; 5+ pages of camouflage and markings; 25+ pages of model builds and modelling information; 200+ photographs including wartime images; Colour side views and four-views; 3D isometric views; 1/48th scale fold-out plans and specially commissioned kit builds.
Price: £18.95
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Airframe & Miniature 11 The Messerschmitt Bf 109 Late Series (F-K including the Z Series) -A Complete Guide To The Luftwaffe’s Famous Fighter
The author has assembled a huge volume of information related to the delivery of aviation equipment from UK and USA. Based on documents from Russian and foreign archives, museums, and veterans' recollections he has made an appraisal of the influence of these deliveries upon the Soviet war effort and airpower during the conflict. The book details the routes of the aircraft deliveries to Russia, the modifications which were done in order to suit the demands of the Russian climate and specifics of their front-line use, as well as the process of the new aircraft being mastered by the units of the Red Army Air Force. A separate chapter provides information about the aircraft which were not officially delivered but appeared in the Soviet Union accidentally.
Price: £37.50
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Lend-Lease and Soviet Aviation in the Second World War

The story of the Luftwaffe fighter pilots who battled to defend the skies of Germany.

Price: £13.99
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ACES 134 Jagdgeschwader 1 `Oesau' Aces 1939-45
Drawing on 25 years of research, this book opens the hangar door on logistics,  this highly important discipline, which has been at the forefront of supporting British air power since 1918
Price: £40.00
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Sustaining Air Power : Royal Air Force Logistics since 1918
First in a new series of books featuring 20 new build projects including the F-4 Phantom, F-8 Crusader, B-57 Canberra, MiG-21 and F-100 Super Sabre. Shows you how to apply camouflage and detail to the airframes and looks at cockpits, weathering, applying decals and painting ordnance.
Price: £10.00
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Airkraft Modelling Guide Fighters & Attack Aircraft of the Vietnam War
This book covers the story of both the operations along the Brazilian coasts and on Italy and contains a large volume of information never previously published in English
Price: £19.95
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Latin America at War 4 Brazilians at War, Brazilian Aviation In the Second World War

The first detailed operational history of the German Air Service during the Great War (1914–1918), the first war in the air. This volume looks at the creation, organisation, and operational history of the Fliegertruppe over the Western Front in 1914 and includes a unique narrative that explains the relationship between German air and ground forces and the Fliegertruppe’s dramatic impact on the epic battles of the Western Front in 1914.

Price: £59.99
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The Great War's Finest.  An Operational History of the German Air Service Volume 1 Western Front 1914
This book investigates the implications of the Washington Treaty of 1922 which effectively banned the construction of ever-larger and costlier capital ships. It looks at the implications of these treaties on technical developments, contrasting the post-war generation of ships that were never completed – or never even ordered – with the new designs of the 1930s, revealing just how much progress had been made in areas like fire control and armour despite the hiatus
Price: £35.00
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The Battleship Holiday The Naval Treaties and Capital Ship Design
FRENCH TEXT.  Lavishly illustrated magazine. This issue looks: Les deux batailles de Narvik; Less Hollandais volants; Les vedettes Lance-Torpilles Allemandes, Les Armes des Geants; L'artillererie principale de la Kriegsmarine
Price: £6.99
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LOS! 35 Le Magazine de la Guerre Navale, Aeronavale et sous Marine
.This lavishly illustrated book  tells the captivating full story, moment by moment, from the birth of the key players to the latest expeditions, recovery and exhibition of artefacts. It includes the latest scientific information from the wreck site and a fascinating exploration of the effect this ill-fated vessel has had on popular culture and the media since its sinking. It is fully updated with recent developments in Titanic's ongoing story.
Price: £30.00
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Titanic: A Journey Through Time
Superbly illustrated, French Text, this book covers vessels of the Yamato Class. Split into three main sectors, the author covers the design and technical characteristics, the career of the units in this class and considers their assets and weaknesses.  Annex includes Orders of Battle and plans.
Price: £49.00
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La classe Yamato Yamato Musashi & Shinano

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