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New publication offering the reader a comprehensive profile of an enclosed kit. The magazine looks at the history, development, service and use of the vehicle and continues with build instructions for the kit itself. This issue includes the Sturmgeschutz III O-serie

Price: £9.49
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The World at War Sturmgeschutz III O-Serie

Colour photo album with previously unpublished photos with historical background and in-action shots. Includes Nochri Degem Gimel on Merkava Mk. 1 – special large chapter and close-ups plus much more.

Price: £29.50
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Merkava Mk. 1 in IDF Service part 2

The second volume in this detailed step-by-step coverage of the restoration of  Panther Ausf.A, Fgst.Nr. 158134 at the Wheatcroft collection. Covers the documented restoration from 2007 to 2018 during which time the authors gained unrestricted access to the workshop resulting in a plethora of colour photos and illustrations.

Price: £33.00
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Research Squad Panther Project Volume Two Engine and Turret

Commander's display unit; Diorama T-55; M1A1; EBR-11; plus more.

Price: £9.99
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Abrams Squad The Modelling Magazine 25

This magazine showcases the vehicles present at Russian Federation MOD international military technical forum. Featured vehicles include T-72 B3; T-80U: Bumerang: AA Systems: Tunguska: BMR-3MA plus many others

Price: £14.99
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Abram Squad References 2 - Army Russian Vehicles Forum Army 2017.

This publication looks at weathered and worn effects in a variety of models and features Creeping Death; Lady Liberty Down; Shrike Type 1 Border Break; Viriato, Terror Romanorum and Crime Scene

Price: £4.99
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Damaged Weathering & Worn Models Magazine (4)

This issue focuses on pre-assembled Die-Cast and plastic models available for painting and weathering. Includes most appropriate techniques for weathering the unique features of a workable H0 locomotive, a caterpillar tractor, or a collectible Star Wars figure; how to bring a rally car or a die-cast excavator to life and how to change a small toy bus into a realistic miniature

Price: £8.99
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The Weathering Magazine 23 Die Cast from Toy to Model

Black and white photo album with English text, this book contains 127 rare photos from the US National Archives and Records Administration and covers two more SS divisions with muslim soldiers in the Balkans the Skenderbert 21st SS Mountain Division. Kama 23rd SS Mountain Division

Price: £33.99
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Handschar 13th SS Mountain Division

This book focuses on the systems used by the Axis powers for the governance of the countries that they occupied during the Second World War. Covers the occupation of Czechoslovakia, Memel, Albania, Danzig, Poland, Denmark, Norway, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Monaco, the Channel Islands, Greece, Yugoslavia, the Baltic states, the Soviet Union, Romania, Italy and Hungary. Individual chapters also cover the most serious crimes committed by the occupier: the destruction of whole villages in Czechoslovakia, France, the Netherlands and Greece, and the genocidal acts carried out in Italy, Greece and Belgium

Price: £39.95
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The Axis Occupation of Europe Then and Now

In this book, the author presents the first airlines formed in the period up to 1922 and shows the development of commercial aviation in Norway.

Price: £42.00
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The Beginnings Of Norway's Airlines Prt 1: 1918-22

This book contains the history and details of this iconic aircraft through carefully researched photos, many of which have never before been published before

Price: £17.50
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Legends Of Warfare Corsair : Vought's F4U in World War II and Korea

This book tells the story of every jetliner produced by the Soviet Union, including the Tupolev Tu-104 (the world's first successful passenger jet), the Ilyushin Il-62 (Aeroflot's flagship) and the supersonic rival to Concorde, the Tu-144. Other chapters cover the Tu-154 workhorse, the Il-86/-96 jumbo jet and the world's first regional jet, the Yak-40 (and -42).

Price: £30.00
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Jetliners of the Red Star

50 Airliners that Changed Flying presents the exciting airliners which can genuinely claim to have changed air travel, from the early mail planes and piston liners through the emergence of the jet age, to the sleek and ultra-modern airliners of today.

Price: £12.99
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50 Airliners that Changed Flying

The author discusses and illustrates the world’s first all-metal airplanes,

including the development of their all-metal structural technology as well as the aircraft themselves. Numerous photographs and contemporary drawings are included, and each volume includes scale drawings of three aircraft types. This volume contains 229 photographs, including 30 in colour, and colour profiles of 14 aircraft. It also includes 7 colour images illustrating factory colours and markings.

Price: £44.99
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Junkers Aircraft of WW1-Vol 2 Junkers J.5-J.11

Step by step guide to painting WWII fighter aircraft from wooden to metallic propellers, new aircraft and old. Italian/English text

Price: £19.99
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Static Model Manual Step by Step (14) Fighter Propeller WWII One Hundred and one Tips
Compressiblity & the P-38; RAF Centenary; Fairey Rotodyne; Ernle Clarke; Jaguars in Nigeria; Garuda's convari 990s plus much more
Price: £13.50
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The Aviation Historian Issue 23

The Sahara Desert, February 1962: the wreckage of a plane emerges from the sands revealing, too, the body of the plane's long-dead pilot. But who was he? And what had happened to him? This is the true story of Jessie Miller and Bill Lancaster who flew from London to Melbourne, the Wall Street Crash, a shocking crime and the trial that followed

Price: £20.00
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The Lost Pilots : The Spectacular Rise and Scandalous Fall of Aviation's Golden Couple

French Text.  1st part covering the Luftwaffe over Malta contains a plethora of photos and colour profiles.

Price: £12.50
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Batailles Aeriennes 84 La Luftwaffe sur Malte (1er partie)

Content includes  Radetzky-Class Forgotten Battleships of the Royal Navy. Three Embodiments of the Sedlitz. U-481 in the Gulf of Finland. Italian Battleships in Drawings. Lemoore Prepares for Lightning Strike. Polish Destroyer ORP Grom. The Escort Carrier Casablanca. The German Destroyer Z37

Price: £14.99
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Naval Archives Vol.9 (92009)

The Royal National Lifeboat Institution was established in 1824 and has a long and proud tradition of saving life at sea and it currently runs 16 lifeboat stations along the north-east coast of England. This comprehensive book has details of every one, and covers their histories and the current operations and it also looks at old stations that have been closed

Price: £17.99
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The Lifeboat Service in England: The North East Coast : Station by Station

Brief history covering the technical design work followed by a plethora of graphical illustrations including captioned walk-around 3d graphic illustrations

Price: £26.95
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Kagero Super Drawings in 3D 16057  The Japanese Destroyer Shimakaze

Brief history covering the technical design work followed by a plethora of graphical illustrations including captioned walk-around 3d graphic illustrations.

Price: £26.95
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Kagero Super Drawings in 3D. 16058 The Japanese Cruiser Maya

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