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Colour photo album containing an extensive collection of more than 260 one of a kind photos, drawings and charts of the Merkava Siman 2 MBT in IDF service. The tank is described and photographed in many of its recent in-action and training roles.
Price: £23.99
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Merkava Siman 2 Merkava Mk 2 in IDF Service Part 1
Lavishly illustrated, this book contains a 10 page summary of the origins of the Sturmpanzer IV with various data tables and continues with a plethora of photos, illustrations and colour visuals.
Price: £16.99
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Kagero Photosniper 18 Sturmpanzer IV Brumbar
The story of the largest and statistically most successful tank destroyer of WWII, this book draws on original archival material from within Germany, private collections and contains previously unpublished photos. Chapters include; New Weapons: Birth of a Regiment: Kursk - PzJgRgt 656 on the Attack: From Kursk to Nikopol: Reconditioning in the Reich: Combat in Italy: Back in Russia: Decline
Price: £25.00
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Ferdinand and Elefant Tank Destroyer
This Illustrated history of the Soviet T-34 follows its story through the course of the war from its debut against the Wehrmacht during Operation Barbarossa to the final battle for Berlin. It also includes the T-34 during conflicts of the Cold War. With rare archive photos, photos of surviving examples and colour profiles of the T-34 and SU assault guns based on it.
Price: £14.99
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Images of War Special T-34 The Red Army's Legendary Medium Tank
Re-issued, this book contains many full colour exterior/interior shots and archive black and white photos with extensive photo captions. Highlights technical detail with general views and close-up shots.
Price: £22.99
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Armor Photo Gallery 12R Leopold German Railway Gun 28cm K5 (E)
French Text. Content includes 1:35 scale Dodge M6 & Jeep; Bishop SPG 25 pdr; 1:72 Chevrolet LRDG; 1:48 SdKfz 222
Price: £10.99
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Le Thematique Steel Masters No.29 Afrique du Nord 1941-43
Comprehensive history of the design, development and operational use of the A13 Mk I and Mk II. Content includes history, photo gallery, line drawings and colour profiles.
Price: £24.99
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Armor Photo History #4 British Cruiser Tank A13 Mk.I Mk.II
Features include The Peoples' Fighter - He-162; Big Gun Goes Boom - Waffentrager; For whom the Bell Tolls - Diorama; Der Fuhrer - Figure painting tutorial; Enjoy the War - painting techniques of Jose Luis Lopez Ruiz with an end of war Jagdpanzer; Defending the Reich - late war Bf 109 G-10
Price: £8.99
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The Weathering Magazine 11 1945
A lavishly illustrated and detailed account of the military vehicles of the Bulgarian army, this book provides a detailed history of motor vehicles and armoured fighting vehicles in the Bulgarian Army from 1936, during the last years of peace, until the end of the Second World War in 1945.
Price: £59.95
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The Armoured Forces of the Bulgarian Army 1936-45 Operations, Vehicles, Equipment, Organisation, Camouflage & Markings
This book features the story of the SS-Wiking division during the battles for the Caucasus oilfields in the summer of 1942
Price: £14.99
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The Tartar Road The Wiking Division and the Drive to the Caucasus, 1942
A personal account of one man's experiences during the Vietnam War. When Robert enlisted, he had no idea that 43% of all the aircraft sent to Vietnam were destroyed in combat or accidents which is why, after 24 years and over 5,000 flight hours with four armed services, Major Robert Curtis was so surprised at being alive when he passed his retirement physical!
Price: £19.99
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Surprised at Being Alive An Accidental Helicopter Pilot in Vietnam and Beyond
Richly illustrated, this book details the development, history and technical specifications of each type of Yakovlev aircraft including projects, experimental versions and those new-build replicas currently residing in museums around the world.
Price: £34.95
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Yakovlev Fighters of World War Two
Comprehensive review of the B-24 Liberator which details the number of aircraft produced, different producers, versions and variants, airframe differences, armament, equipment of all the variants, B-24 worldwide users (USAAF, US Navy and RAF) and much more. Lavishly illustrated, the book contains hundreds of black and white photos, colour profiles and numerous tables listing RAF Coastal Commanders, History by serial number, Offensive and Defensive armament, equipment, Camouflage etc, by serial number.
Price: £70.00
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B-24 Liberator in RAF Coastal Command Service with focus on Aircraft of No.311 (Czechoslovak) Squadron RAF
The definitive encyclopedia of model aircraft performed by the world famous modeller Diego Quijano. This first volume looks in depth at cockpits and offers all the processes used to create models of any aircraft of any area. Three cockpit sections cover Simple, Advanced and Wooden cockpits with detail covering cockpit interiors, instrument panels, seats, closed cockpits and canopies plus much more
Price: £21.99
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Encyclopedia of Aircraft Modelling Techniques COCKPITS
Well known modeller and author JM Villalba turns his attention to painting and weathering Luftwaffe WWII Aircraft in this 80 minute DVD. He explains the different techniques for painting and weathering and features mixtures of Tamiya acrylic paints to obtain RLM colours, interior paint, photo etched parts, fabric seat belts, masking methods, filters, fades, washes, metallic paints, chipping paint etc. Available with English, Spanish, German, Czech, Italian and French subtitles.

Available in NTSC format - product code 19508NTS
Price: £14.50
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DVD Painting and Weathering Luftwaffe WWII Aircrafts PAL FORMAT
Detailed insight into owning, flying and maintaining the Short Stirling. With black and white photos, technical drawings, cutaways etc
Price: £25.00
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Haynes Owners' Manual Short Stirling 1939-48 all marks
A comprehensive historical survey of US military training aircraft including technical specifications, drawings, and photographs, of each type of fixed and rotary-wing design used over a 98 year period
Price: £40.95
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American Military Training Aircraft. Fixed and Rotary-Wing Trainers since 1916
The complete guide for aircraft scale modellers - Building; Weathering; Techniques. A thorough guide through the numerous stages involved in aircraft modelling. Chapters include assembly, preparation and materials; Painting Guide; Techniques; Interior (seats, instrument panels, cockpits, pilots, structures); Exterior Details (propellers, wheels and landing gear, landing gear doors, weapons and fuel tanks, exhausts, walkways, engines); Camouflage, Painting and Weathering (WWI, WWII, Jet Age; Special Finishes and Markings; Aircraft Scenes and a Photo Gallery
Price: £47.99
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Aircraft Scale Modelling FAQ
Richly illustrated, this book is a unique reference to the aircraft weapons and sensors designed to protect the sea lanes and hunt Soviet submarines since 1945.
Price: £29.95
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Nimrod's Genesis RAF Maritime Patrol Projects and Weapons since 1945
This issue focuses on aircraft in the theatre of operations in the Med including Beaufighter Mk.VIF; Messerschmitt Bf 109 F-4 trop; Bf 110 E-2 trop, Kittyhawk Mk.I and Spitfire Mk.Vb
Price: £8.99
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Aces High Magazine 4 Theater of Operations The Mediterranean
A one-stop reference guide containing a wealth of historical photos, walkaround pictures, diagrams from original flight manuals, detailed structure of armament and equipment, colour profiles and kit list
Price: £11.95
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The Dornier Do 17Z A Technical Guide
Scratchbuilt 1:1 Jawas! Studio Scale Tie Fighter; Alien Kane Exclusive; Studio Scale Chili Dog TIE Bomber; 1:72 Viper Mk VII and Cyclon Raider plus much more
Price: £14.95
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Sci-Fi & Fantasy Modeller Volume 37
Polish text with black and white photos and pull-out sections of line drawings in 1:350. Colour profiles.
Price: £16.99
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Okrey Wojenne Krazowniki typu KENT
Brief history of the Graf Spee with table of general specifications as at December 1939. Contains an extensive collection of detailed line drawings and 3d graphic illustrations.
Price: £15.99
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Kagero Top Drawings 22 The German Pocket Battleship Admiral Graf Spee

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