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FRENCH TEXT. Lavishly illustrated, this is the history of the Ariete division, probably the most famous unit of the Italian Royal Army, during WWII. Chapters include genesis; combat in El Mechili- Tobrouk; Halfaya; Operation Crusader; Re-organisation; towards Suez, unnecessary sacrifice plus more..
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Collections Archives de Guerre (4) 123a Division Corazzata Ariete
Lavishly illustrated, this book describes the development, technical details and combat history of the Konigstiger Heavy Tank. In addition to the very detailed description of the tank's construction, the book contains many technical drawings showing detail of its equipment in addition to all built and planned versions. Includes the tank's combat history in the numerous units:
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Tiger Ausf.B Konigstiger Technical and Operational History
Step by step guide to painting miniature figures. Includes modifications, contextualisation, tools and materials, illumination, the colour, surface relief features, painting, shading and non-shading, flesh, texture plus much more.
Price: £19.99
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Static Model Manual Step by Step Figurevolution Building and Painting
Colour photo album containing walkaround photos of the M108, M109, M109A2 and Dutch M109A2-90 US Self-Propelled Howitzers
Price: £22.99
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WWP M108/109 SPH in detail (G40)
FRENCH TEXT. This lavishly illustrated magazine covers the history of the T-34 tank and its variants. Content includes T-34-76 and T-34-85; T-44, T-54, Variants, Projects and camouflage schemes
Price: £14.99
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Trucks & Tanks Hors Serie 18 T-34 & Variantes
This book include modelling techniques, how to guides, step by step photos, camouflage schemes, stories, specifications and references.
Price: £22.99
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Modelling the Abrams Vol.1
Volume Two. This book traces the history and relationship between the French army and this iconic military vehicle of WWII. Includes the Jeep in Algeria, Suez, Germany, Chad, Libya plus much more between 1954 and 2003
Price: £21.95
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La Jeep dans l'Armee Francaise Tome II De 1954 a 2003
This book details the history and training of both Ethiopian and Somali air forces, their equipment and training, tactics used and kills claimed, against the backdrop of the flow of the Ogaden war. It explains in detail the Ethiopian Air Force won the decisive victory in the air by expertly deploying the F-5Es  to practically destroy the Somali Air Force and its MiG-17s and MiG-21s.
Price: £16.95
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Africa@War Volume 18 Wings Over Ogaden The Ethiopian-Somali War 1978-79
This issue includes E-100 Ausf.C diorama Das Letzte Gecicht; The Enemy at Home France 1943; Practice Gvozdika Trumpeter Russian 2SQ; Honda CR250R by Tamiya;  Red Oxide Finishes
Price: £7.99
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Art of Modelling 07 Jan/Feb 2015
This book, set out on a month by month basis,  illustrates the battles by the western Allies to liberate western Europe beginning with D-Day in Normandy until signatures on a document in Berlin eleven months later denoted the final defeat of Nazi Germany. the measured text of the official communiques hundreds of photographs - many complete with censor deletions - taken by war photographers in France, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg and Germany, are reproduced alongside 'then and now' comparison photos
Price: £44.95
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The Defeat of Germany
FRENCH TEXT. This lavishly illustrated monograph was designed to help readers identify the different variants of this famous fighter aircraft. Chapters include: Genesis; Bf 109 A to D; Bf 109 E and T; Bf 109 F; Bf 109 G and K; Special versions; Lengthy annex
Price: £37.99
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Messerschmitt Bf 109
This is the story of military aviation in Rhodesia from the romantic days of 'bush' flying in the 1920s and '30s-when aircraft were refuelled from jerrycans and landing grounds were often the local golf course-to the disbandment of the Rhodesian Air Force (RhAF) on Zimbabwean independence in 1980
Price: £45.00
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Pride Of Eagles A History of the Rhodesian Air Force
The de Havilland Aircraft Co opened an aerodrome in 1930 on farmland that it acquired outside Hatfield. The company's School of Flying was the first operation to take up residence. Flying clubs moved in and recreational facilities were developed in addition to the hosting of garden parties, aerobatic displays and national air races. This is the history of the de Havilland factory
Price: £16.99
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De Havilland and Hatfield : 1910-1935
French Text. Lavishly illustrated guide covering the history and development of the Alpha Jet from the flight of the first prototype in October 1973 through to its use around the world today. Lavishly illustrated.
Price: £50.00
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Alpha Jet 40 ans, 1973-2013
This book chronicles the history of two VF-2 fighter pilots who flew both F4F Wildcats and F6F-3 Hellcats
Price: £13.99
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ACES 125 F4F Wildcat and F6F Hellcat Aces of VF-2
An illustrated history of the legendary McDonnell Douglas F-4C and RF-4C Phantom II. Covered are its technical developments, markings, and use by the US and other Air forces
Price: £12.50
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McDonnell-Douglas F-4C/RF-4C Phantom II
FRENCH TEXT. Features the Mirage F1C, F1CR, F1CT, F1B and export versions from 1973-2014 bringing the reader, a revised and updated version of the original volume first published in 2007.
Price: £15.99
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Aircraft Pictorial 7 F4U-1 Corsair Vol.1
A reprint of the first datafile that recorded the history of a flying boat - the Felixstowe F.2A was strongly constructed, capable of lengthy patrols and well armed despite its size and weight.
Price: £20.00
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Windsock Datafile 82 Felixstowe F.2A
This book tells the story of two between-the-wars French aircraft - the Breguet 19 and the F68 Farman Goliath - in Polish service. Short chapter looks at the SECM Amiot 123
Price: £15.00
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Polish Wings 18 Breguet 19, Farman F.68 Goliath, Amiot 123
Beautifully illustrated this book tells the story of this famed US fighter in the Brazilian Air Force. Used between 1942-54, the P-40 Warhawk was the first aircraft to serve in the FAB that was able to carry out fighter and air defence missions in Brazil during WWII. Full Portuguese and English text.
Price: £35.00
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Curtiss P-40 in Brazil
Czech text. Lavishly illustrated magazine focusing on the development, service, technical description and camouflage schemes of the Consolidated Liberator (Mks. III, V and VI)
Price: £7.99
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Aero Magazine 4 Consolidated Liberator Mk.III, Mk.V and Mk.VI
An insight into the design, construction and operation of this most famous and feared battleship. Content includes the Bismarck story, the Bismarck at War, the anatomy of the Bismarck; Life on Board; Combat potential and the wreck of the Bismarck
Price: £25.00
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Haynes Owner's Workshop Manual Battleship Bismarck 1936-41
New guide to the ships and aircraft of the fleet of the United States Navy. Covers US Navy, Military Sealift Command, USN & USMC Aircraft, US Coast Guard
Price: £12.99
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US Navy Warships & Auxiliaries including US Coast Guard
A historical overview containing photos, maps, drawings, and operational detail, including all air-wing deployments. It covers all of the "Forrestal" class super carriers and the follow-on ships and is illustrated with over one hundred illustrations and maps covering the Western Pacific, Vietnam, Mediterranean, Middle East, Indian Ocean, and Caribbean
Price: £34.95
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The Supercarriers The Forrestal and Kitty Hawk Classes
Pictorial history of the round bridge Fletcher incorporating dozens of official Navy Department photos and also includes technical drawings.  Contains pages of refits, camouflage and repairs
Price: £15.99
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Warship Pictorial 42 Round Bridge Fletcher
This book takes selections of the best models to tell the story of specific ship types - in this case, the evolution of the ship of the line, the capital ship of its day, and the epitome of British seapower during its heyday from 1650-1850. Chapters cover Wars with the Dutch 1652-74; French Wars in Europe 1674-1714; Stagnation 1714-1739; World Wars 1739-82; Revolutionary Wars and finally, The Long Peace
Price: £25.00
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The Ship of the Line : A History in Ship Models

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